How to hold the guitar with your left hand?

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How to hold the guitar with your left hand?
How to hold the guitar with your left hand?

How to hold the guitar correctly, you need to understand the beginning of learning the technique of playing this stringed instrument. This is due to the fact that the wrong position of the hand during the game will eventually lead to serious problems with the he alth of the joints.

Ways of setting the left hand when playing the guitar

There are two sure ways to properly hold a guitar with your left hand. A musician must be proficient in each of them.

how to hold a guitar

Classic production

The first one is called "classic". This method came from the academic sphere. In this setting, only four fingers are used during the game. The remaining large leans on the neck, located opposite the index. The hand is shaped like it is holding an apple. At first, this style will seem unusual, but soon it will become a natural position for the game.

Most often the classical way is used by professionals who have to play difficult solos. Due to the fact that the thumb rests on the bar, good support is created forbrush, and this allows you to quickly and easily move along its entire length.

how to hold a guitar with your left hand

Blues production

This method is most common among beginners who have not received special training in music schools. There was a blues production at the dawn of the popularity of rock music. The musicians who first bought a guitar didn't know how to hold it.

This grip is different in that the fifth "thumb" is on the top of the fretboard and can be used to mute the sixth string. The grip is good for open chords. Despite being "not academic", it is widely used among guitarists. How to hold the guitar correctly, the photo demonstrates quite well and shows how this position differs from the previous one.

how to hold a left handed guitar

Which way is more important

Due to the existence of two methods, the natural question arises as to which one to choose. However, as mentioned earlier, a good guitarist should use both of these grips. This is explained quite simply. In the process of playing, there may be a transition from ordinary chords, which are convenient to clamp using a blues grip, to complex parts containing solos that require a classical style. Professional musicians are able to alternate between these two styles as they play, smoothly transitioning between them depending on the situation.

Game landing

Having figured out how to hold the bar, you shouldanswer the question about how to hold the guitar while sitting. There are also several options here. However, they are quite simple.

Classical seating is used in academic music, which is different in that the instrument is placed on the left leg, which is slightly elevated. In this case, it is customary to use a special footrest that will raise it by 10-15 cm. However, if such a thing is not lying around somewhere in the room, you can first use a simple book or a low box (the main thing is stability).

how to hold a guitar while sitting

This method is most preferable, because the legs will be as relaxed and not tense as possible. Also, the guitar will be balanced solely by its position on the foot and the weight of the arm resting on top of the body. Even if the left hand releases the neck, the instrument itself will remain in place. At the same time, the fit is comfortable for the left hand, because there is no curvature of the wrist, and the fingers easily reach the top string.

The second way will be pop landing. In this version, the guitar is placed on the right leg. This style is common among guitarists, especially on stage. It does not require additional elements, such as a stand, and allows the right hand to move freely, which is especially important when playing "emotionally". The classic landing will not give the right hand freedom to play "battle". However, the instrument does not have sufficient stability, and it will have to be constantly held, which may interfere with the guitarist at first.

How to play onleft-handed guitar

Although right-handers are shown in almost all teaching lessons, for people who are better with the left hand, the guitar is not something impossible. Most stores now offer left-handed guitars. However, if only a standard tool is available, then it can also be adapted. Some changed the strings for this (instead of the first sixth, and so on), and then simply turned it over (the shape of the guitar often does not interfere with this).

The answer to the question of how to properly hold a left-handed guitar is not much different from the instructions for right-handers. Just do the same but with the other hand. It may be hard to get used to at first, but over time it will become normal.

General recommendations

In the points above, attention was paid to proper posture, but it is equally important to play correctly even while standing. For such a performance, of course, you need a strap that will hold the instrument. However, you need to properly adjust its length so that it is comfortable to play the guitar. Many people try to lower the instrument almost to the knees to look "cooler", but in this position it can be difficult to play. First, it is necessary to fix the tool at such a height that the process does not cause difficulties. This height can vary from person to person, but don't sacrifice game quality for "cool" looks.

how to hold a guitar photo

Pay attention to the play of the mediator (if used). When practicing, you can see that hittingon the strings at different angles, you can get a different sound. So, if you want to achieve a "bright" and "cruel" sound, the pick should be used at a right angle. For a quieter sound, you can change the angle of inclination. To understand which option is the most suitable, you need to experiment and listen carefully to the result.

The right hand also plays a significant role. During the performance of the song, it should be as relaxed as possible, but the mediator should not fall out. This is necessary for the performance of dynamic songs that require the active participation of the right upper limb.

It's very easy to figure out how to properly hold the guitar with your left hand. At the same time, at the initial stages of training, special attention should be paid to this aspect, since the wrong technique will lead to the development of joint diseases and can completely make it impossible to play.

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