Mark Podrabinek: biography of a TV journalist and traveler

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Mark Podrabinek: biography of a TV journalist and traveler
Mark Podrabinek: biography of a TV journalist and traveler

Mark Podrabinek is a TV journalist, photographer and traveler, presenter on the My Planet channel. He is envied by many, because the man managed to combine work with pleasure.

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Mark comes from the mountain village of Ust-Nera in Yakutia, famous for its extremely low temperatures. His father Alexander, a former Soviet dissident, was exiled there.

The boy was born in 1979. His parents recall that at that time it was terribly cold: -63 degrees Celsius. Already becoming an adult, Mark often jokes about this topic: they say, before leaving Yakutia, his body was covered with thick fur. And he believes that the "small motherland" left a noticeable imprint on the development of the individual. However, given the conditions of the area, it is impossible not to agree with him.


This event took place in 1991. At the age of 12, Mark Podrabinek left for Moscow, where he graduated from high school. Then the young man entered Moscow State University to study as a journalist, but never received a diploma: he simply stopped attending classes, heading to the North Caucasus.

But this was not a particularly surprising event, because even after a year of business trips, in2001, student performance dropped significantly. And it was already impossible to forget the taste of travel.

Passion for photography

The first large-scale trip that Mark Podrabinek made took him to Chechnya. The gloomy atmosphere of the country forced the young man to take his first pictures with a 2-megapixel camera. He really wanted to capture what was happening for himself, so the quality of the photos mattered little.

However, without the professional activities of a television journalist, this hobby might not have appeared. Actually, after the failure with higher education, Mark did not give up. The absence of a document did not prevent him from developing in his chosen field.

Job you love

Mark Podrabinek, whose biography is full of interesting facts, started out as a news correspondent and eventually grew to a presenter. In addition, at the moment, the journalist independently shoots documentaries for the My Planet channel. For 17 years now, the man has been exclusively engaged in television and photography.

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Now he fully confirms the well-known dictum of Confucius about choosing a job to your liking. He managed to combine earnings and enjoyment of his own activities. This was again helped by the My Planet channel, which organized the Behind the Scenes project, hosted by Mark Podrabinek. It contains both passions of a journalist: photography and exploration of the world around.

Also produced a TV show filming the longest motor rally in Russia, totaling11 thousand kilometers.


As Mark himself says, out of principle he does not count the number of countries he has visited, therefore he never lists them in an interview. The passion for travel does not fade away in him, despite the difficulties and phobias that one has to face in the process. Moreover, a man tries to fight his fears, overcoming everything that frightens him. It doesn't help much yet, but the photographer does not despair.

mark podrabinek

Believes that the atmosphere that reigns in the air rivets the country. It is for her that Podrabinek loves the Himalayas, Southeast Asia and Tel Aviv. And, of course, he dreams of traveling half the world more, since there are much more places that the photographer has not visited.


Mark Podrabinek with his wife and daughter Sonya rents a living space, which is absolutely satisfied, and so far he does not intend to change it. His long trips are perceived calmly by his beloved women, although they make him miss the head of the family. However, the second half of Mark fully shares his hobbies and is not at all against traveling, however, while the daughter is not yet mature enough, not all plans are feasible.

Just a year ago, Mark, together with his wife and daughter, visited Africa as part of his photography school courses. Sophia was satisfied and showed her best side on this trip: she was not capricious, did not interfere with adult students, and participated with pleasure in the search for scenes for shooting. This inspired Podrabinek to take his daughter with him more often, and at the same time organize trial family courses.

Mark Podrabinek with his wife


The man considers photography just a hobby, but this did not stop him from founding a school called "Personnel Department". It enjoys considerable success, despite the abundance of competition in this area. In addition, within its framework, the TV journalist organizes trips to the former filming locations of his program, helping people learn by doing, which is much more fun.

Podrabinek Mark, whose photos are often seen on the Web, plans to organize his own exhibition in the future. True, it will not work to show everything in one fell swoop - he took too many shots. But to see at least something that was not previously shown in the public domain is worth a lot.

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