Pedagogical essay: selection of material, presentation style

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Pedagogical essay: selection of material, presentation style
Pedagogical essay: selection of material, presentation style

An essay is a short essay, a reflection on a topic. When creating a pedagogical essay, the educator is given the freedom within which he can express a reasoned position. The emphasis is not only on the facts, but also on the feelings of the viewer.

What is an essay?

Essay for a teacher of preschool or school education - a portfolio that tells about his experience, plans and training. Despite the freedom to write a pedagogical essay, in every educational institution there is a standard that must be adhered to. You must first read the Federal State Educational Standard and the rules of the educational institution.

The essay reveals the individual position of the author. The teacher shows his feelings and experiences. The portfolio is compiled taking into account the vision of the world and oneself. Often, educators talk about the fight against stereotypes that interfere with quality education. A story about yourself in public makes the author dig deeper and understand some serious problem. A superficial attitude to work will not be able to hook listeners.

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Educator's pedagogical essay must meet modern educational standards. The director, methodologist and senior educator can conduct consultations that will help write an essay, in accordance with the standards and level of the preschool educational institution.

How to prepare for an essay

An essay on a pedagogical topic requires careful preparation. First, you should formulate goals and objectives, find sources of information, draw up a plan, write out the main theses and determine the deadline for completing the work.

The goal of writing a creative work is what needs to be achieved at the end of the activity. From the goal should be repelled when writing. If the author understands what he wants to achieve, then the work will be as clear as possible for the judges. Typically, the goal is to prove one's point or raise an important issue and find solutions.

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The goal should flow into the tasks that the author solves. Modern teachers work in a highly competitive environment. According to the level of their qualifications, the activities of the entire educational institution are evaluated. Educators and teachers are in constant search of new knowledge. A pedagogical essay allows you to evaluate your activities and determine in which direction you should move.

A clear presentation plan reduces the time for further processing of the material. The paragraphs of the essay must follow the sequence and logic, and the goals and objectives must be disclosed.

Selection of material

The essay is based on own thoughtsteacher, but they cannot be abstract. When writing, additional literature will be required. Sources are textbooks, books, articles, Internet resources, reference books.

It is acceptable to use fiction, a personal life story or a story that happened to acquaintances will touch the feelings of the audience. Where to look for the information you need depends on the topic of the essay. Conservative teaching methods are described in textbooks and books, modern methods of education in articles and Internet resources.

While looking through the material, you should write out in the thesis form what you need when writing. You can add concepts, contradictions, quotes, examples, names of authoritative people, events - everything that will help you quickly find information.

Working on a draft

The pedagogical activity of an essay is revealed in a creative approach to writing. To do this, you need to start working with a draft. A draft, unlike a clean draft, allows you to make notes and corrections in the process of rereading the written text.

Working for results right away will not lead to anything good. Typing on a computer allows you to edit the text as many times as you like, controversial points can be highlighted in color to return when re-reading.

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When working on paper, leave margins for corrections. This will correct the text and bring it to a qualitative state.

Essay Writing

When writing a pedagogical essay by a teacher or educator, attention should be paid to the introduction. It shouldHook the judges for a high score essay. The introduction should be lively, clear, structured and original.

From the very beginning, you should say the purpose of the work. You can insert an aphorism, quote, talk about personal experience or draw an analogy from fiction.

After the introduction follows the main part, which obeys the following laws:

  • presentation of material;
  • each part must be connected in series with the previous one;
  • ideas and views of the teacher;
  • contain examples from your own life or literature;
  • include famous educators;
  • tell about any life circumstances;
  • show the teacher's view of the problem;
  • reveal the main idea of ​​the essay.

You can build each part of the speech in a single vein. For example, periodically give a quote or tell an example from life.

An excellent example is the essay "My Pedagogical Creed" by J. Dewey. It highlights the most important points of the teacher's essay, it examines what the school is for. Constant repetitions in the text complement and reinforce what was said.

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In preparation, you should read the essay by J. Korczak "The right of the child to respect." It is based on a change in the relationship between a child and an adult. Korczak calls for respectful attitude towards children, giving them the right to their own opinion. Throughout the essay, the pronoun “we” constantly sounds. Thus, the author contrasts adults with a child. interestinga technique is considered to be the construction of a dialogue and the reconstruction of children's lines.

Essay by N.A. Berdyaev is more like a reflection. Attracting autobiographical facts makes the essay especially valuable for the teacher.

The conclusion of the pedagogical essay should contain results, conclusions based on the statements in the main part. The conclusion should resonate with the introduction and convince the reader that he is right. The finale forms a certain mood and impression from the read.

Psychological types

People who write essays can be roughly divided into 2 types:

  • those who write little but constantly;
  • those who hatch an idea and give out all the information in one evening.

People of the first type spend a long time and painstakingly looking for information, checking it, comparing it with other sources. At the same time, they can adhere to a single style of presentation of each part.

People of the second type read various books, communicate with other people, watch children, conduct social experiments. Based on the accumulated experience, an essay can be born in one day. In the future, only editing awaits him. In any case, the psychotype of the author does not affect the quality of writing an essay.


Despite the free style when writing an essay, a clear logic should be traced in the work. The text should have internal unity, the author's statements should not contradict each other.

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When writing an essay “My Pedagogical Philosophy”, one should not go deep into the research of the greatteachers. The emphasis should be on the internal perception of the profession, achievements and plans, and events from the life and statements of students will make the text come alive.

Arguments must be built in the following sequence:

  • statement;
  • explanation;
  • life example;
  • output;
  • conclusion.

You can't jump from one topic to another, there should be smooth transitions between separate blocks. The author may touch on global issues of education, but the text must be connected to the rest of the speech.

Essay Writing Rules

An essay does not have strict writing rules, but it must have a heading - this is where the rules end.

The internal structure contains the principles of writing texts, but may change. Conclusions, if necessary, are made in the middle of the text. Facts must support the problem that is voiced in the essay.

Pedagogical essay is an appeal to the reader who is interested in the topic, has a certain level of preparation. Thus, the author can focus on revealing the topic, and not introduce the reader to the essence of the profession.

Style of presentation

The presentation of thought should be elegant and understandable to others. Do not use complex sentences. It is best to alternate simple and common sentences, then the text will become dynamic and understandable to the reader.

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When writing an essay, one should observe clarity of thoughts and accuracy of statements. Good writing meanssimplicity, clarity and accuracy.

A good essay is filled with emotions and evokes feelings in the commission and listeners. Skillful use of punctuation has the desired effect on the reader.

When writing, general phrases that do not carry any semantic load should be avoided. Words should be simple and understandable to others. Complex and intricate phrases are appropriate if they refer to a professional audience.

Humor should be used carefully, and sarcasm can irritate the reader - the style of presentation will be too aggressive.

Mistakes when writing an essay

The most common mistakes in essay writing are:

  1. Fear that the author will not be understood, forces to remove some of the information from the text. For this reason, the essay loses its individual style, becomes a cliche, like most.
  2. Low parts. The author's statements are not sufficiently disclosed, few facts and situations from life are given.
  3. Misunderstanding the essence of the stated topic.
  4. Quote without attribution and take someone else's opinion to yourself.
  5. essay presentation

Essay allows you to show the freedom of creativity, it is devoid of rigid framework. The author shares his thoughts, experience, views on the profession. This format allows you to realize the abilities of a creative person, generate interesting ideas.

Essay Check

An essay check should not take place the day before the deadline. Read the entire text and make corrections if necessary. Check that the intro andconclusions are interconnected, and at the end conclusions are drawn, which were mentioned in the introduction.

When writing, it should be understood that an essay is not an essay. Brevity, the author's point of view and life position are valued here. It is important to impress the reader.

Checking should take place the next day after writing, so there are more chances to find your own flaws. Checking by another person will reveal semantic and stylistic errors.

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