The largest raptor is a dinosaur of the bloodthirsty family of dromaeosaurids

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The largest raptor is a dinosaur of the bloodthirsty family of dromaeosaurids
The largest raptor is a dinosaur of the bloodthirsty family of dromaeosaurids

Raptor is a dinosaur that scientists officially call velociraptor, microraptor, etc. Utahraptor is perhaps the largest of all. This bloodthirsty predator had simply terrifyingly huge claws on its feet. This raptor (dinosaur) lived during the early Cretaceous period. The first specimens of Utahraptors were discovered in 1975 by Jim Jensen in east-central Utah, near the city of Moab, but they were not given much attention. Later, a large claw from the foot was found by Karl Limoni. Radiometric dating has shown nearby fossils to be about 124 million years old.


One of the largest predators in the world

Raptor is a dinosaur that truly is the king of predators. The largest of them is considered to be the Utahraptor from the genus of therapods, which included the largest known representatives of the family of dromaeosaurids. According to some estimates, the growth of the predator reached 7 meters in length, and the weight was no more than 500 kilograms. The animal had large curved claws, which confirmsfound surviving specimen 22 centimeters long.


There is strong phylogenetic evidence that all members of the family were feathered. Large prey were hunted in packs. The raptor is a dinosaur that was very agile and could probably outrun most other dinosaurs. This nimble heavyweight could run fast, he had short but powerful legs, thanks to which he could jump out of an ambush in order to have time to cling to the victim's body with his powerful claws.


The research team found the skeleton of a dinosaur, which was given the name Dakotaraptor. The remains date back to 66 million years ago, that is, the late Cretaceous period. These predators are known for being small, fast and agile dinosaurs. They had stiff tails and sharp claws that aided in hunting. Their height fluctuated within 5 meters, Dakotaraptor was among the largest and most dangerous predators. There is no evidence of the fact of hunting in packs, the question remains open, and disputes continue on it.


Studies have proven that some members of the family had feathers that at least partially covered the body. The plumage of large species remains a topic of debate. Dakotaraptors do not possess the so-called feather pen on the surface of the forearm. These elements point to the place where feathers are attached to the bones of modern birds.

Paleontologists suggest that the presence of plumage took place, but it did not serve to fly, these specieslost this ability in the course of evolution. Before this discovery, it was believed that the tyrannosaurus rex was the most formidable predator, but the young Rex may well compete with the young Rex and be a formidable opponent.


Dinosaur raptor: appearance description

He was about 2 meters tall, 6 meters long. Its skeletal structure resembles that of a modern turkey or chicken. The bones were hollow but strong. The head was rectangular in shape with powerful jaws with razor-sharp teeth. Utahraptor had long and relatively thin upper limbs ending in three clawed fingers, of which the middle one was the longest. The long tail was used as a tool to maintain balance. The legs were short and sturdy, with four toes on each foot.

The first toe was not used anywhere, the second had a retractable claw that could grow up to 24 cm in length and was covered with a layer of keratin for protection. The third and fourth fingers were used for balance. Perhaps the dinosaur had binocular vision, like an eagle. His hearing was also excellent. Scientists recently discovered that predators can hear low-frequency sounds better than herbivores. They are able to smell prey from a kilometer away. Arms, legs, tail were covered with feathers, and the rest of the body was covered with dense fluff.


Raptor Weapon

The largest raptor is a dinosaur, which, in addition to size, had many extremely dangerous weapons. His first weapon was the brain. Utahraptor was a true master strategist.His second weapon is his claws, which he used to grab and rip his prey as well as get the best cut of meat. The third combat weapon was his second finger with a deadly claw, which he used to stab his victim, hitting the jugular vein or the spine, causing paralysis or instant death.


The sharp teeth in its jaw were a weapon used to rip and eat prey. The decisive role in the process of hunting belonged to the tail, used for balance during the pursuit of prey. The predator menu was not complicated, as a rule, they hunted everything that was available to them. Due to the fact that their habitats were characterized by an arid climate, the animals had to drink large amounts of fresh water.


Raptor Varieties

What are the types of raptors - dinosaurs belonging to the family of dromaeosaurids?

Deinonychus, whose name translates as "terrible claws". Fossils of this predator were found in America, according to approximate data, their age is 110 million years. This is a medium-sized animal, whose growth did not exceed 3 meters.

Velociraptor ("quick thief"). These predators were very small in size, the size of a modern turkey.

Also stand out: utahraptor ("thief from Utah"), microraptor ("little thief"), pyroraptor ("fire thief"), dromaeosaurus ("running lizard"). Austroraptor ("southern thief") was similar in size to Utahraptor.

Sinornithosaurus (Chinese bird lizard) and rachonavistheir appearance resembled birds rather than dinosaurs.

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