Precession of the earth's axis and historical epochs in astrology: features and interesting facts

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Precession of the earth's axis and historical epochs in astrology: features and interesting facts
Precession of the earth's axis and historical epochs in astrology: features and interesting facts

Continuous displacement of the earth's axis for astronomers and astrologers is no longer a secret. This knowledge organically fits into their scientific picture of the world. On its basis, various theories are built and corrected. In astrology, historical epochs of the development of the Earth and mankind are distinguished. It is the movement of the planet's axis that determines their cyclicity.

Earth with moon in space

What is the precession of the earth's axis

The phenomenon of precession was discovered by the Greek astronomer Hipparchus back in the 2nd century BC. e. as a result of comparing the coordinates of the stars, determined by him from his own observations, with the coordinates of the same stars, established by the Greek astronomers Aristillus and Timocharis 150 years before him. In astronomy, precession is understood as the slow movement of the Earth's axis of rotation along a circular cone.

In the "Encyclopedic Dictionary of a Young Astronomer", compiled by N.P. Yerpylev, a very simple and illustrative example is given for the perception of a complex astronomical phenomenon. To understand whatsuch a precession of the earth's axis, the Earth is compared to a big top.

Globe like a spinning top

The earth is like a big top

When observing the rotation of the top, you can see that its axis continuously changes its position in space and describes a conical surface. This is explained by the laws of rotational motion under the influence of the forces of gravity.

Similarly, only very slowly, the axis of rotation of the Earth is moving. This happens under the influence of the gravitational forces of the Moon and the Sun on the equatorial excess. The earth is slightly flattened, and therefore there is more matter at the equator than at the poles. The period of precession of the earth's axis is approximately 26,000 years.

Sphinx on the background of space

Zodiac eras

Precession of the earth's axis and historical epochs in astrology are interconnected. A. Kudryavtsev and V. Guzhov in the book "Theory and History of Astrological Epochs" describe such an epoch as a long period during which the projection of the vernal equinox point, which determines the location of the Sun on that day, falls into a certain zodiac constellation.

Due to the precession of the earth's axis, the vernal equinox is constantly moving along the ecliptic at a speed of 50.3 arc seconds per year, which determines at some point its transition from one zodiac constellation to another. The constellations are unequal in length. This explains the different duration of the corresponding epochs, which averages 2160 years.

The change of epochs does not happen instantly. Only on a scalehistory, this looks like a swift and revolutionary process. During the transitional period, the beginning of a new era becomes visibly perceptible, when quantitative changes have already been accumulated in the culture and they begin to transform into a new quality.

space clock

Laws and principles of the era

The movement of the vernal equinox due to the precession of the earth along one of the zodiac constellations determines the influence of the corresponding sign on the Earth and humanity as predominant. For this entire period, the characteristics of the sign are the main ones for all the processes taking place on the planet. This is especially true of social processes, since, first of all, such an influence affects the mentality of a person.

Each region of the Earth corresponds to a certain sign of the zodiac. Territories that are under the influence of the sign that controls the era, more than others, feel its power. Civilizations begin to develop and flourish there, which in all their vast manifestations reflect the inner essence of this sign, whether in mythology, religion, symbolism, culture, science, mode of production or the structure of society.

Zodiac circle and dial

Houses and signs of the zodiac that define the era

For the most complete characterization of the era, according to A. Kudryavtsev and V. Guzhov, it is necessary to take into account the influence of all 12 zodiac signs and 12 symbolic astrological houses responsible for individual spheres. Both together will determine the main trends in the manifestation of humanity as a whole.

Signera will correspond to the symbolic First House, and its operation will be most visible as an outward manifestation of the collective human personality. It will determine the face of the era, its main external features and manifestations.

The value of the opposite sign is also great, that is, corresponding to the point of the autumn equinox. It will correspond to the symbolic Seventh House of the global horoscope. It will show the aspirations of humanity during this era outside and everything that will balance and resist the manifestations of the first sign.

Such an opposition between the "personal", outwardly noticeable features of humanity and its aspirations can sometimes reach a rather serious conflict. Therefore, when considering signs that define epochs, the authors also paid special attention to their relationship with opposing signs.

Mermaid and dolphins

Timeliness and the Age of Pisces

The beginning of the age of Pisces is traditionally associated with the birth and development of the Christian religion, comprehending God through mystical revelations and visions. The sign of Pisces personifies some higher knowledge, but not formalized into a system, meditative and intuitive thinking, which is not tied to specific logic, but is subject to inspirations and revelations.

Pisces is characterized by a wise ethical acceptance of everything and everything, sometimes reaching the indistinguishability of good and evil, which quite often leads Pisces to daydreaming, illusions and self-deception. Neptune, the first ruler, gives the color of fanaticism to the numerous manifestations of Pisces, and Jupiter, the secondthe steward often directs the realization of this fanaticism in the fields of philosophy and religion. At the same time, Jupiter gives Pisces generosity, and Neptune unearthly, transpersonal, unconditional love.

Opposites the sign of Pisces is the materially oriented sign of Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Virgo is characterized by attention to detail, but lacks a vision of the systemic infinity of material phenomena. She has a pronounced desire to disassemble all material phenomena into details, and then describe them in great detail and systematize. But it does not take into account the properties acquired by an object due to its systemic connections.

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Antagonism of the Age of Pisces

The basis of the development and at the same time the tragedy of the Pisces era is the imbalance of its internal contradictions caused by the confrontation between the signs of Pisces and Virgo. Pisces, with their inherent high degree of unformedness in their manifestations, on the external plane is constantly inferior to the extremely formalized sign of Virgo, so that in the end, according to A. Kudryavtsev and V. Guzhov, the period of Pisces is practically overlapped by the influence of Virgo.

Throughout the epoch there was a confrontation between the spirituality, idealism and mysticism of Pisces with the materialism and rationalism of Virgo. Regular outbursts of religious fanaticism followed periods of atheism, a wide spread of hobbies for mysticism - hobbies for scientific research. It was in this era that the human desire to test faith with practice, backing it up with material miracles and signs, clearly manifested itself.

The problem of the era wasconstant opposition of science and religion, regular attempts to use scientific approaches and results to refute religious truths. In parallel with this, the struggle within the religion did not stop, caused by discussions and disputes over religious rules and regulations. The antagonism of the spiritual and the physical is also an expression of this struggle.

The polarization of the Pisces epoch caused a strong polarization in the methods of comprehension of the surrounding reality by individuals. Interhemispheric asymmetry became clearly visible. For some people, the predominance of right hemisphere, figurative thinking is characteristic, for others - left hemisphere, abstract thinking. In the first case, the influence of the Pisces sign is more pronounced, in the second - Virgo. The concepts of science and art are clearly distinguished from each other. Art combines all the knowledge of mankind in the spiritual sphere, completely rejected by science.

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Under the auspices of the Age of Aquarius

Constellations, which account for the projection of the vernal equinox due to the precession of the earth's axis, change non-simultaneously. Virgo is a longer constellation than Pisces, so her influence will continue into the Aquarian age. In its purest form, the new era can manifest itself only when the autumnal equinox passes into the constellation Leo. And it won't be very soon.

The sign of Aquarius is ruled by two planets. Its first ruler is Uranus, the second is Saturn. Because of their constant struggle, Aquarius is an unstable combination of the incompatible. In himunity and opposition of Uranian and Saturnian properties are manifested.

The sign of Aquarius symbolizes sudden, rapidly developing events, unexpected turns, the combination of incompatible things, irrationality and, as a result, the seeming absurdity and illogicality of actions. He also personifies the destruction of established and obsolete phenomena, which predetermines the emergence of new ones, continuing the old at a new level.

What human society will actually become in the Age of Aquarius, one can only guess. According to the authors A. Kudryavtsev and V. Guzhov, the territory of Russia is under the control of Uranus, so the transformation process will be very relevant for its further development.

Thus, humanity is smoothly moving on to a new round of a very large-scale development cycle. And since astrological epochs have a powerful influence on the mentality of mankind, accordingly, strong transformations can be expected primarily in the sphere of consciousness.

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