Golitsyn Dmitry Mikhailovich - the story of the life and formation of a diplomat

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Golitsyn Dmitry Mikhailovich - the story of the life and formation of a diplomat
Golitsyn Dmitry Mikhailovich - the story of the life and formation of a diplomat

In the history of Russia there are many people, not only famous, but also made a great contribution to the development of the country. Among them is also a well-known collector, philanthropist and diplomat - Golitsyn Dmitry Mikhailovich (1721-1793). This man did a lot for his own homeland, he not only set up ties with France, but also opened the first city hospital in Moscow.

From birth to adulthood

Very little is known about the earliest years of this man's life, more attention has been paid to his family. His mother was the daughter of an influential military man, the first ambassador of Russia, a permanent and excellent diplomat. Her name was Kurakina Tatyana Borisovna, but she did not live by the glory of her father, being the obergomeister under two empresses at once - Elizabeth and Anna, she was also awarded the Order of St. Catherine. The boy's father was Golitsyn Mikhail Mikhailovich, a great man of that time, he was a participant in the Northern War and the Azov campaigns, a member of the Supreme Privy Council and became president of the Military Collegium of Russia.

Dmitry Mikhailovich Golitsyn

The philanthropist himself, Golitsyn Dmitry Mikhailovich, 1721birth. His family was one of the most influential in the Russian Empire. Perhaps that is why very little is known about the childhood of a great man. The only thing that is clear and without reliable facts is that he received brilliant home schooling. Some historians suggest that he was assigned to military service from a very young age.

Career and marriage

Prince Golitsyn Dmitry Mikhailovich is rarely mentioned in historical documents. It is known that, while serving in the Life Guards of the Izmailovsky Regiment in 1751, he married Ekaterina Dmitrievna Kantemir. The girl was the daughter of a prince from Moldova - Dmitry Konstantinovich Kantemir and Russian princess Anastasia Trubetskoy. She received an excellent education, led by another famous person - Ivan Betskoy, it was he who later became the personal secretary of Catherine II herself. Ekaterina Dmitrievna Kantemir among the high society was considered one of the most beautiful, intelligent and educated girls. The girl was honored to become the chamber maid of honor of Elizabeth Petrovna.

Ekaterina Dmitrievna

Before her marriage, Ekaterina Dmitrievna lived abroad for several years, but only for family reasons. There is historical information that since childhood she was not in good he alth, she was often ill and she was suspected of infertility, in connection with which she was not at all going to get married. However, the young Prince Golitsyn did not heed her wishes and showed perseverance, which all ladies dream of. As a result, they were married in 1751 on January 28. The wedding was attended by the entire imperialcourt, foreign diplomats, Elizaveta Petrovna herself and military figures. After the ceremony, a grandiose ball was given in honor of the young people, about two hundred people attended it. It was on this day that Ekaterina Dmitrievna became a lady of state.

Father of Ekaterina Dmitrievna

This marriage was a key impetus in the career and further development as a man of Dmitry Golitsyn, so already in 1751, on September 5, he became a chamberlain, and four years later - a chamberlain.

Foreign career

The death of Anastasia Trubetskoy, Ekaterina's mother, became a key turning point in the life of the couple, it was then that they began to think that they could improve their he alth abroad. The climate of Western Europe could help with this. In addition, the stay at the court of foreign monarchs could have a positive effect on the career of Dmitry Mikhailovich Golitsyn.

In 1757, the couple managed to get permission to leave and visit abroad, where they decided to go with Ekaterina Dmitrievna's uncle and, concurrently, with the girl's curator Ivan Betsky. But the couple did not change their habits, very quickly becoming a significant part of the high society of Paris.

The Queen of France received Princess Golitsyna as her own, having met her in her bedroom and introduced her to a narrow circle of trusted persons. This attitude not only had a positive effect on the life of the couple, but also served as the beginning of new friendships, thanks to which the prince became ambassador to France in 1761. And the next year he had to leave. Due to distant kinship with the Austrian family of the emperor and their ownmerit he was transferred to the post of ambassador in Vienna. However, Ekaterina Dmitrievna could not accompany her husband, she became seriously ill, and the prince postponed all trips. Dmitry Mikhailovich could not take office because in 1761, on November 2, his wife died, her death greatly crippled the statesman.


Despite being very busy in public affairs, the prince was constantly involved in charity work. While he lived in Vienna for thirty years, he was able to collect a truly outstanding collection of masterpieces of painting. Dmitry Mikhailovich was a member of three Academies of Arts. Among other things, it was this man who became the founder of the first city clinical hospital in Moscow. Now it is customary to call it the Golitsyn Corps.

Golitsyn Corps

Death of a patron

The famous statesman died in 1793 on September 19 in the capital of Austria, where he lived after his own resignation. He bequeathed his property to his cousins, not only his own money, but also a collection of paintings in 297 paintings. In addition, the will contained an item on the allocation of funds for the construction of the hospital - 920,600 rubles, a huge amount. The Golitsyn building was ready by 1802, and an art gallery was built there, but it did not last very long.

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