University of Water Communications in St. Petersburg

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University of Water Communications in St. Petersburg
University of Water Communications in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg University of Water Communications is one of the oldest institutions of higher education in the city. It trains high-class specialists in the field of shipbuilding, technical support, etc.

About university

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This university is one of the oldest in St. Petersburg. It was opened in 1809 in pursuance of the Manifesto of Emperor Alexander I. Now it includes ten branches in such cities as Arkhangelsk, Ufa, Petrozavodsk, Rybinsk, Veliky Ustyug, Murmansk, Pechora, Voronezh, Moscow, Kotlas. About 20,000 students study at the university under the programs of higher and secondary vocational education. The teaching staff deserves special attention. These are highly qualified specialists, 70% of them have a degree. Of the total, 55% are candidates of science, and 15% are doctors. The university actively cooperates with foreign educational institutions.

The University is located at: st. Dvinskaya, house 5/7.

Educational Programs: Undergraduate

Universityoffers more than 20 areas of training for specialists who receive a bachelor's degree after graduation, including the following:

  • navigation;
  • management;
  • tourism;
  • applied informatics;
  • construction and others.

For admission, the applicant must provide the results of the examination tests. As such, they also recognize the results of the Unified State Examination, handed over by applicants after the end of eleven classes. For admission to the direction of training "Navigation" it is necessary to pass the following examinations: USE in mathematics, Russian language, physics. Every year, a certain passing score is set at the university.

The same list of exams is required for admission to the bachelor's degree program "Shipbuilding". A complete list of entrance examinations that must be passed to apply for admission to the University of Water Communications is presented in the regulatory documents of the educational institution.

Main building of the university

For each entrance test, the university has set a minimum score threshold. Applicants whose USE score is below this level are not allowed to further participate in the competition. The minimum number of points in the Russian language is 36, mathematics - 27, physics - 36.

Fields of Master's Degrees

St. Petersburg University of Water Communications offers applicants 10 master's programs, including the following:

  • power industry andelectrical engineering;
  • construction;
  • environmental management and water use;
  • transport process technology and others.
Sailor students

To enter the master's program at the University of Water Communications, an applicant must successfully pass the entrance test organized by the university. For example, for admission to the program "Construction" it is required to pass an exam in the subject "Waterways and hydraulic structures". The minimum number of points, by typing which the applicant will be allowed to further participate in the competition, is equal to forty. Additional points can be awarded to the applicant for the provision of documents and certificates confirming individual achievements. These include:

  • Higher Diploma (Honours);
  • diploma of the winner or prize-winner of student Olympiads;
  • availability of publications in RSCI journals;
  • presence of patents, etc.

Admission Committee

One of the university buildings

The Admission Committee of the State University of Water Communications in St. Petersburg works at the address: Dvinskaya st., 5/7. For admission to undergraduate programs, as well as other levels of education, an applicant must, within the period specified in the regulatory documents of the university, provide a set of documents, including an application, an applicant's questionnaire, photographs, a copy of an identity document, as well as the results of additional exams.

Passing points

For admission to the training programbachelors "Management of water and multimodal transportation" of the University of Water Communications, the applicant in 2018 needed to score more than 150 points in the sum of three entrance tests (USE). The number of budget places is determined annually, in 2017 there were 65 of them. For admission to paid places, it was required to score a little more than 100 points. Ten places have been allocated this year. Tuition is sixty-seven thousand rubles.

University students

To enter a state-funded place in the speci alty "Operation of ship electrical equipment and facilities" of the University of Water Communications, it was required to score 150 points. For those entering on a paid basis (under a contract), this threshold was significantly lowered. At the same time, 70 state-funded places were allocated, and 30 paid places. The cost of education is about 67,000 rubles.


State University of Water Communications. Makarova provides all non-resident students with the opportunity to stay in one of the student dormitories of the university. There are four in total. All university dormitories are located near its main building.

The first building is located at: st. Alexander Blok, house 10. This is a five-story building, which can be reached from the university by bus number 22. The second hostel is located at Stachek Square, house 5. It can be reached by minibus number 66. The third hostel of the university is located at: street Marine Corps, house 6/2. All of them, to one degree or another, are removed from the university. In close proximity to it isonly the fourth dormitory (Mezhevoy channel, building 6).

The cost of living in a hostel for students studying on a budgetary basis is 670 rubles per month. This is a rather small amount by the standards of the northern capital. For students studying on a paid basis, the cost of living is 1340 rubles. The hostel is also provided to university staff. For them, the cost is slightly higher - just over 2,000 rubles.

Applicants who came to St. Petersburg from other cities can also use the services of a student hostel. The cost of living for them is 600 rubles per day. Applicants must notify the admissions committee in advance of their desire to move into a hostel.

In addition, the university offers students accommodation in hostels and hotels located near the academic building.

Students studying on a budgetary basis receive uniforms for free, as well as three meals a day. Those who study for money (under a contract) do not have such benefits, they have to pay extra for both uniforms and three meals a day (if desired).

Open Day

University students

Annually, the university holds open days. Everyone can visit an educational institution on a certain day and get acquainted with the proposed training programs for specialists at different levels of education. An open day allows applicants to get the necessary information, ask specific questions, communicate with students and facultycomposition.

The University of Water Communications in St. Petersburg is the guarantor of high-quality higher education. A university diploma is highly valued in the Russian labor market. Graduates of an educational institution get the opportunity to quickly find a job after graduating from it, as well as successfully build a career in their chosen field of activity.

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