The duties of a teacher. Education Law: Teacher's Responsibilities

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The duties of a teacher. Education Law: Teacher's Responsibilities
The duties of a teacher. Education Law: Teacher's Responsibilities

So, today the duties of a teacher will be presented to our attention. The teacher himself, and the parents of the students, and the management should know them. Indeed, for violation or non-fulfillment of duties, you can incur trouble. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the law on education, in which the duties of a teacher are clearly spelled out. And therefore in educational institutions very often there are various "showdowns" between teachers, management, students and parents. To avoid this, let's try to understand what rights and obligations teachers have at school.

teacher duties


Let's start, perhaps, with what an employee of an educational institution can count on. Not everyone knows about it. And often the rights and obligations of the teacher are simply violated. It should be noted that, according to the law on education, the entire teaching staff can be protected. It is about professional honor and dignity.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the fact that any teacher has the right to the protection of human honor (do not confuse it with professional) if they tried to slander him. This applies to leaders, students and parents alike.That is, if students regularly and unreasonably complain about you, somehow belittle or insult you, you have the right to protection. The question is different - few people in Russia will deal with such complaints. The rights and obligations of a teacher are prescribed by law, but not all of them are respected.


Each teacher can also participate in the management of the school. And for this it is not necessary to be, say, a director. True, you should not count on the fact that you will be given the floor in solving some school issues.

Why? Participation in the management of the school is regulated by the charter. And each school is different. Somewhere the teacher is given such a right, but somewhere not. Practice shows that school management is often entrusted only to honored teachers and management. The main thing is to prescribe it in the charter. If there is nothing like that, then any teacher can participate in the management of the school.

job responsibilities of a teacher


It is the responsibility of the teacher (as well as his rights) to be able to write a complaint against any member of the teaching staff of the school or student. True, there is an important point here. All information must be provided in writing and in a sensitive manner. Oral reports are not welcome, but are welcome.

In addition, each teacher can make a complaint about the education system used in the school. You should not be afraid of any punishment - this is a normal phenomenon. But, as practice shows, teachers are often intimidated. If they write a "denunciation" against someone, then theythreatened with dismissal. This is a violation of human rights. And you should not be afraid of such behavior.

Total freedom

The functional duties of a teacher include such an item as drawing up a curriculum. And here the teacher has the right to complete freedom of action. That is, everyone can independently develop a work plan for the coming year at their discretion. The main thing is that the developments comply with the standards of education and do not carry any danger to children and society.

Besides this, any teacher has the right to nominate his candidature for participation in pedagogical councils. For different positions. You cannot forbid it. Is it just to hold a vote and not elect where you would like to go.

The teacher has the right to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards in the workplace. Thus, the educational institution is obliged to provide each teacher with a place suitable for teaching children. If you need something to organize the process, you can ask the school management to provide you with this item.

duties of a teacher in a school

The responsibility of the teacher also includes the choice of methods for assessing knowledge. Here he also has the right to complete freedom. It should be noted that the modern teacher also sets the rules of conduct in the classroom. But there is one nuance here - they should not contradict morality, as well as infringe on the rights of students.


The main responsibilities of a teacher are to carry out activities aimed at teaching school-age children, as well as supplying the necessary for developmentchild material in a suitable form. In other words, every teacher must teach children without fail. And convey to them information that would serve as a "push" for their development.

With all this, it should be borne in mind that the material must be submitted in a convenient form, and also not contradict moral principles. Plus, now there are some norms for drawing up a curriculum for the year. And they regulate the main directions and rules of education. Their teaching staff must comply.

Moral education

It's no secret that school is now called the second home. And therefore, the duties of a teacher include such an item as the moral and ethical education of students. This is especially true for primary school teachers. Here this moment is given the most attention.

To tell you the truth, it's not all that difficult. After all, the duties of a teacher according to the Federal State Educational Standard, which include the moral development of the child, as a rule, have a clear list of instructions that will have to be followed. That is, there are norms according to which moral education will take place in a particular period of study.

responsibilities of a primary school teacher


The duties of a primary school teacher (and indeed, any) include such an item as maintaining discipline in an educational institution. In addition, the teacher is obliged to teach children the rules of behavior. In other words, develop discipline.

Special attention is paid to this item inprimary school. Such children can still be explained what to do and what not to do. But in high school, it is extremely difficult to follow this rule. Nevertheless, do not forget - if the child violates discipline, you must stop it. But in a way that your behavior does not infringe on the rights of the student.

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It is the responsibility of the primary school teacher (just like everyone else) to convey the educational material to the students in full. That is, you do not have the right to change an already approved training plan, shorten or "lengthen" the lessons devoted to a particular direction. It is also forbidden to keep silent and conceal important points for the educational process.

Unfortunately, not everyone is doing their duty right now. Teachers quite often violate this clause. But in the class journal for control, everything is written as it should be. Some material may not be covered in the classroom at all, but be given for home reading. It is not right. Parents have every right to complain about you. After all, according to the law, every teacher is obliged to fully convey the educational material to the student.


But these are not all the requirements for the teaching staff. The thing is that the job responsibilities of a modern teacher are that you must instill in children love for the Motherland and patriotism. And this is all taking into account the absence of the imposition of religious views.

rights and obligations of a teacher

To tell the truth, this moment is given a lot of time these days. Love for the teacher's countrytrying to instill since elementary school. And many succeed. Please note that it is impossible to conduct propaganda against the Motherland, as well as to convince that patriotism is bad.

It should also be noted that the duties of a primary school teacher (and others too) include such an item as teaching children tolerance. When you elevate your country and try to instill in your students love for it, you cannot belittle the honor and dignity of other nations. Rather, it will have to be taught tolerance and respect.


The duty of a teacher at school also includes educating children to love the family and family values. Thus, it will be necessary to conduct conversations on this topic from time to time. Explain how important the family is for a modern person. The main thing is not to "go too far" stick. Sometimes children perceive information as a direct signal to unquestioning obedience to parents and older family members.

Physical development

Do not forget about such an item as the physical development of students. This is also the responsibility of the teacher in the school. You need to be able to convey to the guys how to lead a he althy lifestyle, as well as how important it is to go in for sports.

Practice shows that to a greater extent physical education teachers follow the physical development of students. But class teachers and other teaching staff should, in turn, simply explain the benefits of playing sports. Various quizzes, relay races and fun starts can be held to encourage students to exercise.

official duties


The job of a teacher is not just teaching. They also mention the protection of children during school hours. You must ensure their safety. And let them go home only after classes are over.

During the educational process, all responsibility for the life and he alth of students lies on the shoulders of the teacher. And therefore it is important to ensure that there is no danger nearby. If a child is injured during a lesson, parents may complain about you. Of course, you can’t keep track of every child, but you must somehow cope with this. Failure to comply with this obligation will result in pen alties. Until trial and arrest. The only exceptions are those cases where you can prove that the child himself put himself in danger and did it intentionally.

And one more thing. If a child takes time off from a lesson, you have no right to let him go unaccompanied. Only if the student calls the parents with you, and they allow you to do this. This point also applies to security. After all, if something happens to a student on the way home, then it will be your fault.

Qualifications and connection

But there are some non-standard duties of a teacher. For example, continuous professional development and self-improvement. Each teacher from year to year must necessarily increase his "baggage of knowledge". And if you are sent to advanced training, you should not refuse. Otherwise, you may be accused of failing to fulfill your duties.

ExceptIn addition, each teacher is obliged to maintain contact with the parents of the student. Or with his officials. This can be through calls (telephone conversations), personal conversations, or writing in a child's diary. It is impossible to avoid communication with parents.

Socialization and culture

Perhaps, there is one more direction, which is included in the duties of a modern teacher. This is especially true for the lower grades. And cases when new students from other schools come to you. What is it about?

official duties of a teacher in the federal state

On the socialization of children. It will have to be taught by teachers. After all, it is at school that children must learn to communicate, communicate with each other, find a common language, and so on. And the teacher is obliged to contribute to all this. Adapting a child to a new class and society is also your responsibility, according to the law on education.

As you can see, a modern teacher does not have as many rights as mandatory items. In principle, this does not mean that you will be powerless. It is enough just to know what you are en titled to and what you are not. Do not violate the rights of students and parents, observe the charter of the school, and educate your students morally and spiritually. Develop and improve. Then you won't have any problems. If your rights are regularly violated, feel free to contact the Ministry of Education. But first, try to resolve the issue within the school. And if this was not possible, stock up on evidence of a violation of your rights and feel free to contact the appropriateorgans.

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