Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps: reviews, address, admission

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Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps: reviews, address, admission
Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps: reviews, address, admission

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg is the first educational institution of this type in the modern history of Russia. Over the 20 years of its existence, KMKK has become one of the leaders in terms of training future sailors and patriots of the Motherland.

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps
Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps

History of Creation

The Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps (KMKK) was established in 1995 by the efforts of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who was then vice-mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Alexandrovich Sobchak, the mayor of the city, and Igor Vladimirovich Kasatonov, the first deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy. The birthday of the corps was a significant date for thousands of students and graduates - 1995-22-11.


Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps is located in four military camps in the city of Kronstadt with a total area of 8.32 hectares. The educational and material base meets all the requirements for a general education institution. The required conditions for living and comprehensive provision have been createdpupils, conducting educational work.

Thus, a new attraction appeared on the legendary island-fortress - the Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps. Address of the institution: Kronstadt, Zosimova street, building 15. Communication with the administration: (812)311-6000, (812)311-1464. You can get to KMKK by buses No. 101, K-405, K-407.

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps address
Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps address

Training base

The necessary training and laboratory facilities are equipped for training sessions. The Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps has 28 classrooms, 24 classrooms. Of which:

  • 8 – foreign language;
  • 2 language laboratories;
  • 3 – mathematics;
  • 2 - Russian language and literature;
  • 2 – informatics and ICT;
  • 1 – chemistry;
  • 1 – fine arts;
  • 1 – geography;
  • 1 - history and social studies;
  • 1 - Life safety and basic military and naval training;
  • 1 – Biology;
  • 1 – chemistry;
  • 1 – car class;
  • 2 methodical cabinets.

Chemistry, physics and biology classrooms have laboratories equipped with modern equipment. A carpentry workshop and a modeling workshop are used to conduct labor lessons and circle work. The assembly hall for 200 people allows holding general events.

Sports base

The Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps is equipped with everything necessary for the development of physical culture and he alth improvement. Feedback from parents and teacherstestify that children during training become stronger physically and psychologically, hardy, their working capacity, perseverance and discipline increase. Many guys over the two decades of the existence of the cadet corps have shown themselves worthily at sports events of various levels.

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps boasts a full-length athletics stadium with a closed treadmill. The complex includes: a mini-football field, a 60x40 m football field with artificial turf, a basketball field, two rubber-coated volleyball courts, two gymnastic camps for junior and senior cadets, and a hockey rink.

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg
Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps in St. Petersburg

Serving the Fatherland

In addition to physical education, cadets are drilled, including in the fresh air. For the organization of classes in general military training, the corps has a parade ground. Classes promote he alth, discipline and a sense of responsibility, allow students to feel that they are part of a single close-knit team, a large family called the Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps.

Conversations on military-patriotic topics are regularly held with students. Various events are organized, the largest of which are: Victory Day, Navy Day, February 23, KMKK Birthday. The institution is regularly visited by respected high ranks, among the guests of the corps: President V. V. Putin, Minister of Defense S. K. Shoigu, high military command, politicians, veterans,foreign guests (in particular, the Minister of Defense of Sweden).

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps
Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps

Advanced Learning

The Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps is equipped with the most modern educational equipment. Feedback from students shows that it is interesting to study at the institution. The corpus has created the possibility of using innovative technologies (including Internet technologies) in training in full. Involved in the educational process:

  • 28 Workstation (Workstation for Teachers);
  • 63 interactive whiteboards;
  • 39 MFP (multifunction printer);
  • 22 printer;
  • 2 scanners;
  • 584 laptops (cadets use personal devices);
  • administrative staff provided with 118 computers.

In the case there is a local network based on Windows Server 2008. Internet services are provided by Rostelecom at a speed of 10 Mbps. The created conditions make it possible to involve parents living in other regions of the country in the educational process.


Despite the rapid development of the Internet, books remain the basis for the full acquisition of knowledge. The Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps has an excellent library with a reading room for 50 people. At present, the library of the KMKK from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has 24,524 copies of books registered, of which 23,097 are educational literature. The main fund is 1427 copies. Over the past year, the library fund has increased markedly.

Kronstadt MarineCadet Corps KMKK
Kronstadt MarineCadet Corps KMKK


KMKK provides children with all the necessary conditions for round-the-clock living. On the territory of the building there is a large dining room, which provides the possibility of simultaneous eating for all students and teachers. If necessary, medical care will be provided in their own medical center with a 10-bed infirmary. The equipment of the pupils' sleeping quarters complies with the requirements of SanPiN and the Charter of the Internal Service of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Organization of the educational process

The educational process in the building is regulated by the relevant program, curriculum and class schedule. Education is conducted from the fifth to the eleventh grades. The curriculum implemented in the building defines the following areas of activity for the team:

  • implementation of educational programs of general basic and general secondary education (profile level);
  • improving the quality of education by attracting highly qualified specialists, expanding the range of educational services, introducing effective pedagogical technologies;
  • providing the opportunity for pupils to receive a wide range of non-core additional education;
  • competence-based approach, providing a variety of levels, variability of the proposed training programs.

Studying at KMKK is a special stage of the child's socialization, which he enters with his established system of relationships with the environment, life stereotypes, attitudes, value orientations.

Kronstadt Marine Cadetcase: what to do

A feature of KMKK when applying for training is the focus on children who find themselves in a difficult life situation or live in remote regions. Priority candidates for admission are:

  • orphans;
  • children without caregivers;
  • children whose parents serve in remote garrisons;
  • children of contract servicemen or retired servicemen with a total experience of 20 years or more;
  • children of the heroes of the USSR and the Russian Federation;
  • children of military personnel, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other services who died doing their duty.

At the same time, all future cadets must be fit for he alth reasons, have an appropriate level of education and apply.

Application and documents can be sent by mail (address: 197760, Kronstadt, Zosimova, 15) until June 1 or in person (the selection committee is open on weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00). The package of documents is extensive. Papers, as a rule, are sent (certified) by the directors of the institutions where the candidates previously studied (lived), or by the commanders of the units where the parents serve.

Required documents

The list of documents includes:

  • birth certificate;
  • insurance pension certificate;
  • medical record and vaccination information;
  • medical insurance policy;
  • permission of parents (guardians) to engage in sections;
  • copies of parents' passports and other data.

The full list is available on the official website of the KMKK.

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps reviews
Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps reviews

Servicepsychological support

In order to ensure social adaptation and operational coordination of the activities of students and teachers, an emergency social and psychological service was formed by order of the director of the corps. It includes pedagogues-psychologists of the educational department and a methodologist for social work of the department of educational work of the corps.

The creation of a non-staff social and psychological service made it possible to ensure the coordinated activities of all participants in the pedagogical process in pedagogical support for the social adaptation of a new set and the promptness of decision-making on problematic issues, to unite the efforts of a team of teachers in solving specific practical problems.

Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps photo
Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps photo

21st century building

Modern trends in the development of society and information technology pose new ambitious tasks for the cadet corps. Thanks to worthy funding, the Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps is equipped with the best examples of modern technical teaching aids. To date, 100% of classrooms are equipped with modern interactive whiteboards, computers and multimedia projectors, each cadet has a laptop at his disposal. The institution operates around the clock wireless Internet, content filtering of unwanted information is configured.

Interaction with parents has changed qualitatively. With the help of the LMS-school system, any current issues are quickly resolved. Parents can see grades with teacher comments,recommendations of experts. There is an opportunity to communicate in the "question-answer" mode with any specialist representing the Kronstadt Naval Cadet Corps. Photo circle, music, literature, sports sections, modeling - each of the pupils can realize their ambitions.

Teaching staff

During the previous academic year, the qualitative composition of the team has changed significantly. Laboratories of educational innovative technologies and technical teaching aids were created, new specialists were involved in solving complex methodological problems, engineering and technical support of the educational process was established.

All this allows you to organize the smooth operation of technical teaching aids, provide constant methodological support to the team, and teachers - to be more creative in the process of teaching cadets.

High hopes are placed on the teaching staff, because it is the teacher who can and should interest students in the content of his subject, instill in cadets a desire to independently acquire new additional knowledge. Decent working conditions and remuneration make it possible to make the work of teachers prestigious, to create a creative competitive environment in the team that contributes to the overall development of the corps.

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