Installation College of Chelyabinsk: speci alties, address, reviews

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Installation College of Chelyabinsk: speci alties, address, reviews
Installation College of Chelyabinsk: speci alties, address, reviews

Everyone chooses for himself who to be, what to be, what profession to study, what field to serve. But if the soul lies more in technology, construction, computer technology, landscaping, then you can safely choose an assembly college in Chelyabinsk. Even the website of the institution is technical and logical. All information is detailed and user-friendly. For applicants, statistics of past admissions, average and passing scores, ratings are indicated. A short story has been compiled about each of the speci alties, helping to better navigate the world of professions. To submit documents, you need to get to the tram stop "Installation College" in Chelyabinsk. Institution address: st. Gorky, 15.

About South Ural State Technical College

YURGTK is the abbreviation of the name of the college today. But most citizens still call this educational institution an assembly college or technical school. It is located in the Traktorozavodsky district of Chelyabinsk and is the largest educational institution for the training of mid-level specialists inSouthern Urals. The college is famous for its history, the labor successes of graduates, the preservation of traditions significant for the team, and positive aspirations. For almost 80 years, a team of teachers and students has proven to be excellent in the education market.

Assembly college students

Here is the best educational environment, cooperation with employers is established, our own certified education quality management system is in place - this is the best confirmation of the impeccable training of specialists in the installation college of Chelyabinsk. In addition, retraining of personnel is carried out here in forty vocational education programs, special advanced training courses, certification for construction specialists and electricians are held.

Achievements and successes

SURTK volleyball team

The history of the college began in the 40th year of the last century in the Sverdlovsk region, when a construction college was opened in Verkhnyaya Salda. A year later, the institution was relocated to Chelyabinsk. Today's SURTK is a multi-level, multi-profile, multi-functional educational institution that trains specialists in programs of basic and advanced levels and retrains them. The best results of the Assembly College of Chelyabinsk since 2006 are as follows:

  • twice among the winners of the annual rating "100 best Russian colleges";
  • successfully presented and implemented in the national project "Education" (2007) its own program for the training of competitive specialists, which allowedsignificantly modernize laboratories, classrooms, material and technical base and improve the qualification level of teachers;
  • SURTK won a federal grant
  • received a certificate of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on the quality of education;
  • became a diploma winner of the Russian competition (2008) "Quality systems for the training of graduates of educational institutions of vocational education";
  • won a number of victories in regional and Russian competitions, olympiads, exhibitions, won the international Grand Prix "Education: strategy-2020";
  • received the diploma "The best educational institution of vocational education" in the Chelyabinsk region (2013).

Training areas

SURTK open day

The best way to find out about the work of the college and the prospects for studying in it is by visiting an open day. There, they will conduct excursions for applicants, tell about the hostels, about the available sections and circles, about bright extracurricular student events and, of course, about the main thing - about the prospects for studying in a particular speci alty. Assembly College of Chelyabinsk prepares specialists in the field of:

  • machine-building and metallurgical industry;
  • construction and installation of buildings and structures;
  • automotive industry;
  • modern information technology;
  • switching and communication networks;
  • water supply and disposal;
  • landscape construction;
  • economy and others.
  • Architectural Modeling RoomSURTK

The college educates future technicians, architects, mechanics, programmers, network and system administrators, accountants, technologists, information systems technicians, programmers, website and multimedia developers, specialists in telecommunications, property and land relations and other. The term of study depends on the number of classes completed at school, on the chosen speci alty, on the form of education (full-time or part-time) and ranges from 2 years 10 months to 4 years 10 months. Free and paid education is provided.

Conditions for admission to the Assembly College of Chelyabinsk

Admission to education is publicly available, carried out on the basis of applications from persons who have completed grades 9 or 11. At admission, the average score of the certificate is important. The serial number in the list of enrolled students depends on it. In fact, if there are more applicants than the budget places provided for in the plan, then enrollment will be carried out according to the competition of certificates. Entrance tests are provided only for applicants entering the speci alty:

  • "Architecture" - drawing exam.
  • "Gardens and landscape construction" - interview.

Documents are submitted to the selection committee, an application is written there. Russians bring a passport, a certificate, 4 photos (3×4 cm), a he alth certificate and vaccinations.

Reviews about the Assembly College of Chelyabinsk are very positive. Not in vain, after all, according to the results of a sociological study, the college became the owner of the certificate "Reliablereputation". Young people study in this institution with pleasure, the years of student life are exciting and bright. Graduates receive competitive diplomas and are always in demand in the labor market!

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