Industrial-Pedagogical College (Minsk): address, speci alties, reviews

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Industrial-Pedagogical College (Minsk): address, speci alties, reviews
Industrial-Pedagogical College (Minsk): address, speci alties, reviews

After leaving school, applicants face a difficult choice not only of a profession, but also of an educational institution to receive it. One of the oldest educational institutions is the Industrial and Pedagogical College of Minsk.

Discovery history

After the end of the war, it was necessary to restore the destroyed country. The capital of Belarus was practically wiped off the face of the Earth. Builders of various speci alties were massively required. So, in 1947, the Industrial College was opened in Minsk.

At first it was located in the building of the former vocational school. Downstairs, on the first floor, there were workshops and a dining room, on the second - the administration and classrooms, on the third there was a hostel.

The first sets consisted of ninety people. The first applicants became joiners, carpenters, masons, specialists in cold working of metals.

Student practice

Then itreprofiled only for the release of masters of industrial training. Since 1978, they began to produce a set of foreign citizens. In the same year, the technical school moved to a new building on Matusevicha Street. It has one of the most modern facilities among colleges in Minsk after grade 11.

College Infrastructure

Industrial-Pedagogical College of Minsk has its own canteen, hostel, library. He actively participates in cultural work, holds competitions with other educational institutions.

The dormitory is located next to the college in the city of Minsk on 36 Matusevich Street. The building is being modernized in a timely manner, in particular, the insulation and painting of the facade, the replacement of the necessary plumbing and electrical equipment in the premises at the expense of the college.

The library replenishes its own funds with modern specialized literature. In addition, the reader's room has access to free and unlimited Internet. Access is provided to the regulatory and technical base, state standards online.

college library

There is a canteen in the building of the educational institution, which provides hot and inexpensive meals to students.

College majors, terms of study

UO RIPO "IPK" provides full-time and part-time education, on a paid or free basis, after receiving a general secondary education or after graduating from colleges.

The main speci alties of the Industrial Pedagogical College of Minsk are:

  1. Production economics. Applicants who have completed eleven years of high school are studying.
  2. Tourism. Those who have completed secondary education can get this profession.
  3. Technical labor. Yesterday's student can become a teacher of labor or technical drawing after receiving a certificate of secondary education.
  4. Maintenance of residential buildings. This profession is taught to employees of housing maintenance services.
  5. Equipment, technological processes of welding production.
  6. Furniture production technologies. Admission to the last three speci alties is possible only with a referral from an organization that requires qualified workers.

The profile specialization of the college is the direction of the speci alty "Industrial, civil engineering". Admission of applicants is carried out on the basis of secondary or vocational technical education, on a full-time or part-time basis. The training period is thirty-four months.


To obtain the qualification "Teacher" upon admission to the speci alty "Technical work", you must unlearn 22 months at the full-time department.

After training in the speci alty "Maintenance of residential buildings", the student becomes a master in complex maintenance of residential buildings. There are twenty-one months to study the profession.

Training in the speci alty "Technology of welding production" is twenty-two months. The qualification "Master of productiontraining.Technologist-technologist.”

Welding technology

To study the speci alty "Equipment and technologies of furniture production" it is necessary to unlearn two years and ten months. After that, the qualification “Master of Industrial Training. Master of furniture production.”

The college provides training in the speci alty "Economics of Production" with the qualification "Technist-Economist" for a fee. The training period is 22 months.

For a fee, you can get the profession of a travel agent, a tour guide after completing training in the speci alty "Tourism and hospitality". The term of study is two years.

Submission of documents

For admission to the Industrial and Pedagogical College of Minsk, citizens of Belarus must submit the following documents:

  • six photos 3 x 4 cm;
  • medical certificate of the established form;
  • original education documents, transcripts with marks;
  • application of the established form with a request for admission to an educational institution addressed to the head of the institution.

If it is impossible for an applicant to submit documents personally for a good reason, this can be done by parents, other legal representatives of a minor or other persons on the basis of a notarized power of attorney.

Additionally can be served:

  • conclusion of medical commissions on the absence of contraindications for the chosen speci alty;
  • extract (copy) from the work book; This applies to applicants applying foreducation at the correspondence department at the expense of the budget.

Passing marks

Admission to the ranks of students of the Industrial and Pedagogical College of Minsk is carried out on the basis of the average mark of the certificate of education or the average mark for the entrance tests passed.

To enter the full-time department on the basis of secondary education, you need an average mark of the certificate above 7 with a competition of 1, 2-1, 4 people per place.

In the college library

Significantly lower marks for admission to the paid correspondence department. The average score in the last admission campaign ranged from 3.4 to 5.7 points, depending on the speci alty, with an average competition of 1.1 people per place.

Student feedback

Students leave positive feedback about the Industrial-Pedagogical College of Minsk. Many agree on the strong practical side of education in this educational institution. Some were not satisfied with individual teachers, their teaching methods.

Educational process

Address of the Industrial Pedagogical College in Minsk

The building of the educational institution is located in the city of Minsk at the address: 24 Matusevich Street. You can get there from the Sportivnaya metro station by buses No. 11, 29, 41 to the Tekhnikum stop. You can also take buses No. 46, 49, 78, 107.

Among the colleges in Minsk, after the 11th grade, the Industrial and Pedagogical College stands out. He has been working on the educational services market in Belarus for over 70 years. Profilespeci alty is "Industrial, civil construction". Training takes place on a full-time and part-time basis, for a fee and free of charge. The college provides a hostel. The building has a cafeteria and a library. A secondary specialized institution accepts students after graduating from secondary schools or colleges.

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