What is "shroud": interpretation and examples

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What is "shroud": interpretation and examples
What is "shroud": interpretation and examples

In this article we will tell you what a "veil" is. It is a noun that can have multiple dictionary meanings. It all depends on the context in which the noun "shroud" is used. For better assimilation of information, we will make some simple sentences with this word.

Polysemantic concept

In order to understand what a "shroud" is, you should refer to the explanatory dictionary. It provides a precise definition of the word. It is worth noting that the noun "shroud" is considered polysemantic. It has four meanings:

  • Cover. It must be indicated that this is an obsolete meaning and is not used in modern speech.
  • blue bedspread
  • A solid cover of something that envelops from all sides. This can be said, for example, about the fog that spreads above the ground.
  • Diapers. Only the plural form (shroud) is used. From here came the stable phrase "from the veil", that is, from childhood, from an early age.
  • Lower edge of a roof or eaves. In this sense, the noun"shroud" is used colloquially.

Now you know what a "shroud" is. Some meanings, however, have lost their relevance in modern speech.

Examples of usage

Let's make some sentences. They will help illustrate what the word "shroud" means.

  • Snow covered the cooled earth with a fluffy veil.
  • I saw the world around through a translucent veil.
  • The shrouds were patches of soft and pleasant fabric on the body.
  • Veil is used on those roofs where there is an upper gutter.
  • I could catch fish from the veil, my father taught me. He helped me make my first rod.
  • Children catch fish
  • After the thick fog cleared, we could clearly see the wide valley.
  • The sky was covered with a veil of clouds, it completely hid the sun.
  • Prepare the burial sheets.
  • You need to take a responsible approach to the processing of roofing shroud.

As you can see, the word "veil" can be used in a variety of situations.

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