The meaning of the word "duck": synonyms and experiment

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The meaning of the word "duck": synonyms and experiment
The meaning of the word "duck": synonyms and experiment

It is difficult to find a person in our country who has never heard the word "duck". Especially this slang word is used by young people. You will not find the lexical meaning of the word "duck" in any serious source. Let's try to solve this linguistic riddle.

What does "duck" mean?

Many will find this word rude, dissonant and inconsistent. And not in vain. Usually this kind of words are used in their speech by “real boys” or local mafiosi.

So, the meaning of the word "duck": pathetic, stupid and loser, stupid. If you are an attentive reader, you will immediately understand that this neologism is empty in itself.

In fact, by calling another person a “stuff”, the offender-addresser rises a little above his addressee. This is a kind of instrument of influence. Simply put, if one calls the other a "duck", then he considers the opponent not as cool as himself.

meaning of the word duck

Theoretically, in the eyes of a gopnik-real kid, a nerd will look like a nerd.

The meaning of the word "duck" is a matter of values ​​of conflicting people.


Can this insult be in slangfind a synonym? Of course, based on the interpretation of the word. So, you should fulfill the language duty to the reader and provide alternative insult words:

  • shock mark;
  • loser;
  • moron;
  • schmuck;
  • goof;
  • stupid;
  • ushlepok;
  • loser;
  • fool.

The concepts of "smart" and "slicker" are linguistic "masterpieces". Few people can clearly articulate their meaning. It remains only to guess. Although these concepts are more associated with the drug industry. In sound, "duck" is similar to the word "junk".

Language experiment

We propose to conduct a small linguistic experiment. You can easily pick up synonymous curses for the word "duck". Some of the words don't make sense though. We bring to your attention synonyms, "saturated" with meaning, namely:

  • cigarette butt;
  • stub;
  • cinder;
  • small.

The principle is clear. If you use these words instead of the usual "duck". For example, a “real kid” will ask an ex-girlfriend: “What kind of cinder went with you yesterday?”. Funny, isn't it?

meaning of the word duck

Moreover, synonyms filled with so-called meaning end in "k". This is done in order to once again emphasize the relationship with the object of study. Try and you come up with synonyms. Perhaps the meaning of the word "duck" will sparkle with new colors, albeit funny ones. Good linguistic entertainment, don't you agree?

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