Corny - is it public or just boring? Both

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Corny - is it public or just boring? Both
Corny - is it public or just boring? Both

"Corny, uninteresting, I've seen it all before!" - the girl complains, passing on the words of her disgruntled boss. “This is banal, and this should be expected,” the young girl sighs, without waiting for a phone call from her loved one. What does this mean? So, in our today's publication, we will study the meaning and ways of using the word "banal". In addition, we will describe some fairly typical situations when you can use such a term.

Meaning of the word, or Situation 1

Let's consider the word "banal" in two meanings. Firstly, they say so in cases where someone or something is devoid of originality, individuality, originality. Synonyms for this word are such terms as “template”, “knocked down”, “worn out”, “boring”.

word banal

Let's give some examples as an explanation. So, we can often hear the expression "banal love situation." This expression is usedin the case when people from time to time tend to repeat mistakes according to the scenario of a love triangle, and each of the parties knows in advance about the options for solving the problem.

Or let's take an example. You are a young, beautiful, smart, successful girl. You want to make a strong impression on colleagues, friends, especially on rivals and envious people at a social event. Of course, you will make every effort not to hear in response: “Pretty stereotyped. This is corny!”

The use of a word in this sense always contains a touch of disdain, since the use of well-known cliches can speak of you from an unsightly side. It is quite possible that people will draw the following conclusions about you: at best, they think that you are overly cautious, and at worst, you are not smart enough if you allow yourself to use a downed, well-known and therefore already such an uninteresting approach.

Situation 2, or the Games we play

Secondly, continuing our topic, we note that in the process of communication between people from time to time, from year to year, so familiar situations are repeated that it is easier to describe them in one word - trite!

Let's take an example. So, every time you meet friends or strangers, because of your sociability, you say: “Hello! How are you?" And always invariably answer: “Hi! Everything is fine!" This situation is called banal.

banal what does it mean

What will happen next, according to what scenario your conversation will go on, is no longer important. Something else is important and interesting: two sidesknow what to say and what to answer. This is a kind of greeting, you say. Of course, you are sincerely interested in the affairs of another person, although sometimes not very much. And your friend in 9 cases out of 10 will answer you that everything is fine with him, even if it is not so.


In conclusion, summing up what has been said, we note that banal is a kind of tacit definition of the situation, which is given by the people themselves. Moreover, it is interesting that they, as a rule, were born in the same historical era. Indeed, for our today's kids, everything around them in this world is so new, interesting and certainly not commonplace. It is possible that the words "banal" can be attributed to the group of terms that can determine the degree of maturity of a person.

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