Good - it's great and wonderful

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Good - it's great and wonderful
Good - it's great and wonderful

Everyone is familiar with the adverb "good". We use this simple word every day and more than once. And at the same time, we hardly think about what this adverb means when we answer with consent to someone's request or to the question "How are you?" or we positively evaluate the work done.

Good: what does this word mean

We know almost everything about this adverb, let's try to put this knowledge on the shelves.

this is good

Good is:

  1. An adverb formed from the adjective "good": "The girl sang so well that everyone cried."
  2. Similar to the school four: "Boris wrote the test well, but was not satisfied."
  3. Satisfactory assessment of the result of someone's work: "Well, you did it!"
  4. Expression of pleasure, feeling of pleasantness: "How good it is here!"
  5. Designation of consent: "Okay, let's go."
  6. Threat: "Okay, try to get back at me, we'll see what happens."


In order not to overload speechexcessive repetition, we call for help from synonyms.

good mark

Good is:

  • in good faith;
  • great;
  • not bad;
  • good;
  • thumbs up;
  • not bad;
  • ok;
  • let;
  • satisfactory;
  • quality;
  • worthy;
  • favorable;
  • positive;
  • order;
  • preferred;
  • anywhere;
  • nice;
  • just right.

Sentences with the word "good"

The meaning of any word is best known in context.

  1. Fellow soldiers had a good time, remembered the glorious old years, commemorated the fallen.
  2. Most of the class was rated good.
  3. Things are going well in our glorious kingdom.
  4. The cross-stitch turned out well, but the satin stitch did not quite work out.
  5. It would be nice for you to go to the sea for the summer, the s alty air is very good for sick lungs.
  6. The fur coat presented by the master warmed well, but my heart was still disgusting.
  7. At home they asked to learn the famous poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky "What is good and what is bad".
  8. Okay, let the walls be lilac.
  9. I feel good with you, it's a pity that this wonderful fairy tale will end soon.
  10. Good!

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