Romanov Viktor Viktorovich - hero of Russia

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Romanov Viktor Viktorovich - hero of Russia
Romanov Viktor Viktorovich - hero of Russia

March 1 will mark 19 years since the day when Captain Romanov of the Guards performed a feat for which he was posthumously awarded the title of "Hero of Russia". He was only 28 years old, but he managed to take part in two Chechen battles, where he demonstrated military skill, courage and courage. While seriously wounded, he continued to carry out his duties of transmitting important data, on the basis of which the commanders made accurate fire adjustments.

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Viktor Romanov's years of life: 1972 - 2000. The hero of Russia was born on May 15 in the Sverdlovsk region, in the village of Sosva. There he studied and graduated from high school. The father thought that his son, like him, would choose medicine, but the young man preferred the career of a military officer.

In 1989, Romanov Viktor came to enter the Tbilisi Artillery School, where he was listed until 1991, until it was dissolved due to the fact that the USSR ceased to exist. Many cadets from the former republics that were part of the Union transferred to the Kolomna educational institution.

So Romanov in 1991 extended his studies in Kolomenskoye. Victorhe devoted all his time to his studies. He sought to learn everything that a military officer should know. Teachers have repeatedly noted the diligence and responsibility of the young cadet. Victor successfully mastered knowledge and quickly learned everything he needed.

Military service in an artillery regiment

In 1993, my studies ended. Military service began in Pskov, where Romanov Viktor Viktorovich was appointed commander of a platoon of a self-propelled artillery battery.

In the period from 1991 to 1994, the Chechen Republic became completely independent from the Russian Federation, so the President and the Government of the Russian Federation decided to restore order with the help of military force. Thus began the first Chechen war.

Chechen War

It was in it that since November 20, 1994 Romanov Viktor took part together with other units. The main goal of the military was to restore constitutional order. The largest and most serious operation in which Romanov participated was the assault on the city of Grozny on New Year's Eve. Having been wounded in the Chechen war, he was hospitalized in February. This ended his trip. For the bravery and courage that Viktor Viktorovich Romanov showed in battle, he received the Order of Courage, as well as the medal "For Military Valor", 1st degree.

Assault on Grozny

On September 20, 1999, the second Chechen campaign began. The reason for it was an attempt by militants Basayev and Khattab to conduct a military operation in the Dagestan Republic.

At the end of September, Russian troops entered the territoryChechnya.

At war

December 26, 1999 began the assault on Grozny, which ended on February 6, 2000.

The captain went on a business trip to Chechnya in early February. Even then, he took part in several skirmishes with militants.

Events preceding the feat of Captain Romanov took place on February 29 in the Argun Gorge. There, the pressure of the militants was held back by the 6th company of the 104th parachute regiment. Romanov expressed his desire to become a fire controller. In the battle with the militants, he not only urgently prepared, but also sent data to adjust the shooting to the headquarters, and also directed artillery fire at himself. Simultaneously with the transfer of materials, he scribbled from automatic weapons. Even after Romanov lost his legs from a mine explosion and was wounded in the stomach by shrapnel, he continued to make adjustments to the fire.

Place of fighting

Feat of a hero

According to the stories of Alexander Suponinsky, Victor, being wounded, helped other paratroopers as much as he could: he spoke encouraging words, filled his horns with cartridges and threw them to the defending soldiers.

When there were three left, Romanov ordered the remaining two to leave. Because of this, they were able to survive.

March 1, 2000 at 5 am Guards captain was shot dead by a sniper. Early in the morning, the militants rushed into battle, hoping to finish off the remaining wounded paratroopers. The forces were unequal, and all Russian soldiers died in this skirmish. The militants usually abused the bodies, but they did not touch Romanov, maybe because he was lying onstomach, and his face was not visible. When the body was examined by doctors, they found a large number of injuries and wounds.

The most bloody battle took place in the Argun Gorge. It killed 84 paratroopers.

Posthumous glory

The guards of Captain Romanov were buried at home. In memory of him and his feat, a street and a school in the village of Sosva were named. A museum of military glory has been created in the educational institution.

By Decree of the President, Viktor Viktorovich Romanov, as well as twenty of his comrades, was awarded the title of Hero of Russia posthumously.

Opening of the monument to the hero

The memory of the heroes will always live in the hearts of citizens and in the history of the country. In the homeland of Romanov, Victor is still remembered. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of his death, at school No. 1, where he once studied, a rally was held dedicated to those terrible military events and the feat of the brave Russian children. The guys released white balloons into the blue sky, which became a symbol of the memory of the Pskov paratroopers who died in a foreign land in the line of their direct duties.

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