The amazing story of Just do it expression

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The amazing story of Just do it expression
The amazing story of Just do it expression

Throughout the history of mankind, many different popular expressions have been invented. Some of them became a symbol of some event, others united people to achieve some goal. Usually such expressions are short and clear, so that it is easier to remember and distinguish between concepts. Some of the expressions led people to war, while others died in the war. Lately, the real struggle is between competing companies, each of which wants to outdo its opponent. Everyone knows the slogan - Just do it. This article will tell the unusual fate of this slogan.

Just do it - translation

To understand this wording, it is enough to translate the expression literally. Just - simple, do - do / do, it - this. There is another version of the phrase in a different tense: Just did it. Translation - "Just did it".


just do it

At the end of the last century came the fashion for sneakers and sports style. At that time, the leaders in the sports shoes marketwere Nike and Reebok. In 1987, Reebok overtook its rival in sales thanks to ads that featured sports greats. Nike, on the other hand, opted to support light runs.

Nike executives decided they needed a completely different approach to advertising their product. Then they realized that a special slogan was required for effective sales, and they turned to the advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy with this order. Unfortunately, the employees of this agency did not immediately manage to achieve the desired result. On the last day before the presentation of the order, Dan Wyden came up with 5 slogans, but he realized that all these invented expressions would not cause jubilation from customers. Nevertheless, at the last moment, he came up with the sixth and main slogan: Just do it. At the conference, Nike executives approved it, and the slogan became the main symbol of the well-known company. After this acquisition, Nike took the sports industry by storm.

Dan Wieden photo

Let's do it

Dan Wieden, who came up with the slogan for Nike products, was inspired by the story of an American criminal. Gary Gilmour, a native of Waco, committed two murders after being jailed for 20 years. Then he was punished for a series of robberies and murders. At 35, he was sentenced to death after the massacre of a gas station worker and a hotel receptionist. On the day of execution (January 17, 1977), the criminal, before his death, surprised everyone present with his statement, instead of asking for pardon or repentance, he said hislast words: Let's do it! ("Let's do it!").

Gary Gilmour criminal

Advertiser Dan just had to change the first word. No one could have imagined that the basis of the slogan for the sports giant would be the saying of a criminal leader. Therefore, the Nike slogan fits well into the sports industry.

I would like to give Gilmour respect for his words if I could, but I shouldn't.

In 1988, the company ran an ad featuring actor W alt Stack, then 80 years old. The man talked about his life, about sports, and at the end of the video, the entire public got acquainted with the new slogan.

Since then, Nike has been a serious competitor to its opponents and emerged victorious with a turnover of up to $9 billion. A year ago, without a well-known slogan, sales reached 876 million.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf meme

In 2015, a video appeared on the Web in which a Hollywood actor motivates people to change with the phrase Just do it. In Russian - "Just do it."

The actor was originally filmed for a student project, where he reflects, rests and meditates on a green background for 30 minutes. This project is designed to enable students to use his sayings before defending their graduation papers. Soon the video was published on the Vimeo portal.

A month later, user Mike Mohamed uploaded a one-minute snippet to YouTube titled “Shia LaBeouf delivers the most powerful motivational of alltimes!" The video quickly reached 27 million views before being deleted.

Users of social networks turned the video into a popular meme of yesteryear. Since the actor was filmed on chromakey, he could easily be inserted into any background, video, advertising. Most often it is used in humorous videos in which people cannot decide on some act.

Shia LaBeouf's "Just do it" excerpt has made great strides on the Internet. Craftsmen mount his video into clips with songs, in which the actor suggests not to give up and not give up. Some insert it into famous movie scenes. The most popular of these passages: Shia supports Skywalker, prepares the inhabitants of the Earth to confront the aliens, motivates the Avengers.

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