A curiosity is something amazing. Interpretation of the word and synonyms

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A curiosity is something amazing. Interpretation of the word and synonyms
A curiosity is something amazing. Interpretation of the word and synonyms

The world is full of amazing things that defy description. Everything is impossible to comprehend. There will always be puzzles to think about. There are many curiosities in the world, things that cause real surprise. For example, the paintings of the surrealists. Not everyone can understand them. In this article, we will reveal the meaning of the word "curiosity" and indicate in which speech situations this noun is used.

The lexical meaning of a language unit

To begin with, let's figure out what a curiosity is. This word can be found in a number of speech situations. For example, when a person is surprised by something.

Let's turn to the explanatory dictionary. A curiosity is usually called an unusual, unprecedented and strange thing. This word can refer to both objects and living beings.

The dictionary states that "curiosity" is a diminutive form of the noun "curiosity". That is, you can use both options.

Curities in life

What could be a curiosity? This is how they characterize a concept that arouses keen interest, seems unique and unprecedentedhitherto.

singapore zoo

If a person has never been to a zoo, then all exotic animals will be a novelty for him. Previously, a computer was considered a curiosity, on which literally a few people could work.

Some works of art also seem to be a curiosity. This is especially true for various kinds of abstractions.

Abstract painting by Pablo Picasso

Examples of usage

To remember the meaning of the word "curiosity", let's give examples of sentences. So the interpretation of the noun will be remembered many times faster:

  1. I used to think the rhinoceros was a curiosity, because I only saw it on TV.
  2. Archaeologists have found a strange curiosity, perhaps an ancient artifact.
  3. One hundred years ago, television was a real curiosity.
  4. Have you seen such a curiosity? Pretty curious, isn't it?
  5. The arrival of the magician in our city was a real event, everyone wanted to take a look at this curiosity. And I couldn't resist either.
  6. It's not unusual for me to jump with a parachute, for me it's not extreme anymore.

Synonym selection

You can replace the noun "curiosity" with similar words.

Stunts in the circus

Here are some options:

  1. Miracle. What a miracle: here the circus performer showed such a tricky trick that all the spectators simply gasped with delight.
  2. Unseen. They also found me, they didn’t see it, but in every city there is a hot spot to which some kind of supernatural is attributedaura.
  3. Wonderful. This radio used to be a diva, but now it is no longer listened to.

Now you know in what situations the word "curiosity" is used. You also learned how to use it in sentences and replace it with synonyms.

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