Cool corner for grade 5: rules, requirements, tips

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Cool corner for grade 5: rules, requirements, tips
Cool corner for grade 5: rules, requirements, tips

The task of the class teacher is to rally the team. Responsibilities include extracurricular activities. You can unite students with the help of common ideas. A cool corner for grade 5 is designed according to certain rules in order to visually show their work and attract the attention of the children.

Cool corner: what to place on the booth

Common work for team building

Depending on the age, the stand will also differ. For acquaintance place normative documents, rules of behavior of pupils at a lesson, at a break. It is recommended to post the schedule of consultations, psychological and pedagogical recommendations for doing homework, the schedule of lessons.

With the help of the stand, the teacher will show how harmonious class life is. Making a classroom corner for grade 5 takes place with the children. Collaboration helps to find a common language in the process of communication. Children will show talents and creative approach to business. Students solve problems and find compromises. The corner becomes an assistant for the class teacher. With it, the results are constantlyrising.

Despite the fact that this is an individual process, certain rules must be followed. The stand should be bright and beautiful, the design is neat and competent. Only relevant information is posted. They select material that reflects different aspects of the team: sports achievements, birthdays, awards, training moments. In the class corner for grade 5, topics are selected according to the age and preferences of the children. The corner must be "live". To do this, constantly update the information on it.

Cool Corner Design Rules

Creative workshop to create a stand

The design of a class corner in the 5th grade is carried out with students to interest them, to find out what kind of information they want to see. Adhering to the rules, create a stand that will attract the attention of students and parents. The important points are:

  • aesthetic;
  • creativity;
  • the interests of the guys;
  • selection of information by maximum importance;
  • availability of training material.

This will allow you to post articles, pictures, tables and graphs. An excellent addition would be a group photo of the class. It should not be small, and the faces of the students should be clearly visible.

Information about class activities

We are designing a class corner for grade 5 in such a way that there is information about what students will be doing for the next month and the whole quarter. This includes excursions, holidays, shifts. Photographs, collages are used as a demonstration of effectiveness.To get the kids interested, they use a scoring system.

The classroom corner for 5th grade should have a list of students and their birthdays. Letters of appreciation are also posted here. There must be room on the stand for positive results.

How to make a stand with your own hands: algorithm

Live communication helps in work

A class corner for grade 5 with the right information placed contributes to the achievement of certain goals. It will broaden the horizons of the children as much as possible, help in working with parents, and improve the results of educational and extracurricular activities. The stand helps to unite the class and foster collectivism.

The manufacturing process includes several steps:

  1. Selecting a theme: direction and genre with a color scheme.
  2. Number of sections.
  3. Creating a pattern on paper.
  4. Selection of materials.
  5. Work in progress.
  6. Installation and installation.
  7. Filling with information.

Draw a layout on paper with pencils or felt-tip pens. Children are involved in the design.

Students are connected to update information. Each is assigned a specific section. Photos are also offered by the students themselves, which will increase the participation rate in the work. It will be easier for the teacher to maintain order, and the work will be successful and of high quality. Creativity and imagination will be the key to successful cooperation in the future.

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