Best Pedagogical Universities

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Best Pedagogical Universities
Best Pedagogical Universities

State Pedagogical University is a concept that combines various universities. Each educational institution that trains teachers has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider those educational organizations that operate in the capital and St. Petersburg and attract with their prestige, the modernity of the material and technical base. These are Herzen State Pedagogical University, Moscow State Pedagogical University, and Moscow City Pedagogical University.

Introduction to RSPU them. A. I. Herzen

RGPU im. A. I. Herzen - this is the designation of the Russian State Pedagogical University. It is located in St. Petersburg on the Moika Embankment, 48. This is one of the most famous universities in our country. It is believed that he appeared in the distant 1797. Initially, it was the St. Petersburg Orphanage, where orphans were given the basics of pedagogical education.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the orphanage was transformed into the Third Petrogradskypedagogical institute. It was created to train school teachers. Later, the university became the Leningrad State Pedagogical Institute named after A. I. Herzen.

Russian State Pedagogical University

Modern advantages of RSPU

Russian State Pedagogical University has achieved a lot over the years of its existence. High-quality long-term work has now ensured the entry of the university into significant rankings:

  • in the top 150 best universities in the BRICS countries (according to QS University Rankings);
  • in the top 40 best universities in the country (according to the RAEX agency);
  • in the top 3 best pedagogical universities in the Russian Federation in terms of the quality of admission in some areas of training, etc.

The Pedagogical University has formed a good material and technical base. It includes 60 buildings. Of these, the number of educational and laboratory buildings is 26. All these premises are equipped with classrooms, educational laboratories, and a library. In order to make the life of students interesting and not limited to study, a student club and gyms were created at the university.

International Activities of Herzen University

Russian Pedagogical University is engaged not only in educational activities. He is active in international activities, because it is an integral and important part of the development of the university. Agreements have been signed with educational organizations from different countries. These documents made it possible for the university to train newgenerations with modern knowledge and knowledge of foreign languages.

The university has a huge number of partners. They are foreign universities, scientific and educational centers, international organizations. More than 130 contracts have been concluded. Here are some examples:

  1. Cooperation is ongoing with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women's Affairs. Within the framework of this agreement, university teachers are trained in German.
  2. An agreement was signed with the Academic Mobility Center of a country like Finland to receive financial support for teaching Finnish culture and language.
Activities of the Russian State Pedagogical University Herzen

Educational activities of RSPU

The Herzen Pedagogical University is ahead of many higher educational institutions of our country in terms of the scale of its educational activities. It offers several dozen speci alties. Priority training programs are pedagogical.

Among the speci alties of the university there are also non-core ones, in which lawyers, economists, managers and other similar personnel are trained. The management of the university believes that the offer of non-core programs to applicants is one of the directions for the development of the educational institution. By the way, not ordinary economists or lawyers are taught at the Russian State Pedagogical University. Preparations are turning more clearly towards the education system and the social sphere.

What else does Herzen University offer

And the university also offers interesting activities in their free time. Worth it in the first placepay attention to sports. The university has a student sports club. He is the organizer of various events. For example, in 2016, thanks to the work of the student sports club, competitions in swimming, curling, bowling, a festival of sports games, a meeting among women's football teams, etc. were held.

Students of the Pedagogical University are always willing to take part in creative, intellectual events. Students declare themselves in tournaments “What? Where? When?”, in competitions for designers, fashion designers. Of particular note is the end of 2016, when students took part in the "Barrierless Creativity". This was the name of an inclusive festival in which people with disabilities demonstrated their talents.

Educational process in RSPU

What they say about RGPU

The Pedagogical University has trained a huge number of highly qualified specialists over the years. Their number is estimated at several thousand. Most graduates say warm words about the university. One of the main advantages is a wide choice of faculties and institutes that are part of the RSPU. From life safety to jurisprudence, from music, theater and choreography to foreign languages ​​- these are the areas with which the structural divisions of the university are connected.

The second important advantage that graduates talk about is the demand for specialists who have formed within the walls of the RSPU. The university has a special center for promoting employment. It regularly receivesrequests from the Committee for General and Vocational Education of the Leningrad Region, the Committee for Education of the Government of St. Petersburg, city and regional educational institutions.

Statistics show that it is easy to find a job with a RSPU diploma. The university analyzed the graduation of 2016. According to the information received, it became known that 99.4% of graduates were employed. Of this number, more than 70% of people connected their lives with the speci alty they received. Only 12 graduates were unemployed. At the time of collecting this information, they were unemployed and used the services of the employment center.

About Moscow State Pedagogical University

Moscow State University, and later - to the Pedagogical University.

Today MSGU is a large educational institution. It owns 32 educational and laboratory buildings, 7 dormitories. The university has branches in a huge number of cities - these are Anapa, Balabanovo, Derbent, Yegorievsk, Novosibirsk, Pokrov, Sergiev Posad, Stavropol, Shadrinsk.

Moscow Pedagogical State University

Features of Pedagogical University

Moscow State Pedagogical University is actively developing international cooperation. At the universitysigned a number of contracts:

  • with the Austrian School of Education;
  • with the Polish University of Hradec Kralove;
  • with Belgian University College;
  • with UK Durham University etc.

Another important feature of the university is to create comfortable conditions for students. Freshmen are encouraged to begin their studies with a period of practical orientation, periods of adaptation and immersion.

Institutes and faculties of the Pedagogical University

The university has 16 structural units. Some of them for example: the Institute of Philology, the Faculty of Geography, the Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education, the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. There is an unusually named unit in the structure - the Institute "Higher School of Education". It has been working since 2015 and is engaged in the training of highly qualified teachers and pedagogical retraining of specialists in non-pedagogical speci alties. There is only one direction at the bachelor's degree of this institute - psychological and pedagogical education.

A special structural subdivision of the Moscow Pedagogical University is the College of Moscow State Pedagogical University. He traces the history of his educational activities since 1994. There are few speci alties offered at the college - only 4. These are “construction and operation of buildings and structures”, “information systems (by industry)”, “hotel service”, “design (by industry)”.

Studying at MSGU

Pedagogical University Library

Important structural elementMPGU is a library. It provides students with all the necessary literature - information and reference, educational, scientific books, periodicals. The fund consists of a huge number of units, because the library was founded in 1873. It was created immediately after the opening of the Moscow Higher Women's Courses.

Now the library is a modern division. Its reading rooms are equipped with computers with Internet access. The library works in the automated information and library system ABIS Absotheque Unicode, acquires electronic network resources for students and teachers.

Extracurricular life of MSGU

Applicants, choosing Moscow Pedagogical University, are interested not only in the educational activities of the university. Extra-curricular life plays an important role for applicants, because no one sits forever at textbooks. A pedagogical team has been created at the university. It helps students develop leadership qualities, become socially active individuals. In the pedagogical team, students learn to organize recreation, leisure and employment for adolescents and children.

Since 2003, a rescue team has been working on the basis of the Pedagogical University (MGPU). For students who have joined it, in their free time, they conduct classes according to the program "initial training of rescuers". It includes the study of several very important disciplines - fire training, medical training, physical training, etc.

Reviews about MSGU

Reviews about Pedagogical University

Opinions about the universitythere are various. Some students say that MSGU provides a high-quality education and an opportunity to participate in a busy student life. The most important advantages in the reviews are always mentioned. They consist in the fact that a certain number of budget places are allocated annually at the university, and a hostel is provided to nonresident students.

Other students express completely opposite opinions. Among the shortcomings, they note the poor attitude of teachers and staff of the dean's office towards students, the presence of empty conversations in pairs.

And one more university…

Applicants planning to study in St. Petersburg or Moscow are given the opportunity to choose among pedagogical educational institutions. In addition to the above educational organizations, there is one more university. It is called the Moscow City Pedagogical University. His address is 2nd Agricultural Drive, 4.

This university is no worse than the rest. He has a good reputation, in his piggy bank a lot of positive reviews. The university is in the leading positions in the ranking for the quality of admission of applicants, it trains not only teachers, teachers, but also lawyers, sociologists, managers, designers, etc. The difference between this educational institution and those discussed above is youth. The university was founded in 1995.

Moscow City Pedagogical University

Which State Pedagogical University to choose from those considered? Both the first, and the second, and the third universities have certain advantages and disadvantages, therefore, inany of them can be done. There are budget places in educational institutions, a deferment from the army is provided to young men, scholarships are paid, places in hostels are distributed among students in need of housing, a state diploma is issued.

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