The best universities in London: overview and photos

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The best universities in London: overview and photos
The best universities in London: overview and photos

All high school graduates try to choose only the best universities for higher education. London has succeeded in this regard, since it is in this metropolis that the most prestigious and popular institutions of higher education are located. London universities are famous everywhere for their effective teaching methods, highly professional teachers and individual approach to each student. The English city is simply oversaturated with educational institutions of the highest class. An education received in one of them is a solid foundation for creating a dizzying career in any country in the world.

University Birkbeck

If you are looking at world capitals with the best universities, London should be your first consideration. It is here that about 40 prestigious institutions providing higher education are concentrated. One such institution is Birkbeck College, which is part of the elite association "University of London". Birkbeck is a world-class educational and research institution that allows you to study in the evening with working professionals in London. Daytimeremains free to prepare for the educational process and work practice.

Birkbeck University was founded in 1823. Today it offers students more than two hundred speci alties and a huge number of faculties. Birkbeck is included in the list of the top 100 universities in the world in such areas as philosophy, English literature and history. Psychology, law, geography and linguistics are taught at the highest level here. This institution is located in the academic center of the British capital, in the Bloomsbury area.

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Imperial Technical University

When considering European cities that have good universities, London should be considered first. And not the last place in the list of noteworthy applicants for educational institutions is occupied by the Imperial College London, which is considered the most excellent technical science-intensive university on the planet. The main specialization is engineering, medicine and science.

The institution is located in South Kensington, and therefore students can not only get an excellent education, but also fully enjoy the unforgettable and vibrant student life in England. The college was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, in 1907, and not so long ago it celebrated its 100th anniversary. Then he separated from the popular University of London. Notable graduates of Imperial College London include Sir Ernst Chain and Alexander Flameng, who discovered penicillin.

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Explore Art

For those who want to study art, alwaysUniversity of the Arts London opened. It consists of six colleges, which are located in different parts of the capital of England. All of them are oriented towards different directions. Giles Deacon, a modern popular designer, and Alexandra Shulman, editor of the glossy Vogue edition, teach at the university. The university has graduated from such world famous persons as Jimmy Choo, Pierce Brosnan, Stella McCartney and others.

University of the Arts London is Europe's largest university offering programs in the performing arts, fashion and design. It is also one of the most prestigious and popular universities on the planet. The university has six colleges in which students from more than 120 countries of the Earth study. They teach courses in illustration, stagecraft, graphic and digital design, cosmetology, painting and many other areas. The educational institution focuses on the creative individual development of each student.

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New East Metropolitan University

The University of East London was opened in 1970 as a polytechnic college. In 1992, North East London Polytechnic was granted university status. It has been recognized as a comprehensive and successful educational institution in England itself and far beyond its borders.

This university is a versatile and modern institution that regularly develops its curricula, teaching methods and research. Students are also provided with 800 rooms equipped with allnecessary amenities. The rooms are located on a campus that only opened in 2007.

The University of East London has the following departments:

  • Education.
  • Psychology.
  • Architecture.
  • Business.
  • Master.
  • Right.
  • Distance learning and others.

A university for kings

One of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UK is the Queen's University of London. It was established in 1829, and therefore is the fourth oldest institution of higher education in England. The establishment was founded by the Duke of Wellington and King George IV. It is located in the heart of London.

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The university has eight basic faculties. He is known for his research activities. More than 26 thousand students from 140 countries of the Earth study here. The college is on the list of the seven best universities in England and the 20 best universities in the world. The university has four campuses, each with its own library.

The institution has gained a special reputation in the field of medicine, dentistry, social and human sciences, as well as law. Six medical research centers are based here.

Modern university with a long history

Studying in London at the London Metropolitan University is very popular among applicants, which has gained its popularity due to the widest choice of programs. College historybegan in the century before last, when the University of North London and London University Guildhall were opened.

Only in 2002 they were merged into a large educational institution, which today has several libraries, its own museum and archive. Education takes place on the basis of two campuses. One of them is located in the northern part of London, the second - in the center of the English capital.

For a wide range of disciplines and for high academic standards, London Metropolitan University in 2011 won the prestigious Quality Assurance Agency award.

The university has branches in Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan and other countries.

City University

The best higher education can only be given by a university that has proven itself over the years, a college. London is the city in which a huge number of old institutions of higher education that have been formed over decades are concentrated. City University belongs to just such a category of universities.

The history of the university dates back to 1894, when The Northampton Institute was founded, which received university accreditation only in 1966. The highlight of the institution is that its management involves university life, projects and research in the professional activities of commercial organizations in London.

The institution is located in the heart of the business part of London - the City. This location contributes to the fact that 40% of students from other countries come here to study. City University itself from other universitieshas the distinction of having the highest graduate employability of any university in the UK.

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One of the first universities for women

In the capital of England are truly royal universities. London is a city of kings, and therefore many institutions (universities, hospitals, theaters, and others) were organized precisely by royal people. For example, Royal Holloway University of London is an educational structure founded in 1886 by Queen Victoria. Founder's Building is the main building of the institution, which is considered one of the most beautiful educational buildings on Earth.

The University, opened by the Queen, became one of the first universities in England where the fairer sex had the right to enter. Since then, a lot of time has passed, and Royal Holloway has become a university with more than 20 academic areas. And for more than a century it has been considered part of the University of London.

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The best of the best

We have presented almost all the best universities in London. But there are still a few establishments that I would not like to forget about:

- Middlesex University - located in the northern district of the capital Hendon. The University of Middlesex was founded in 1878 and over time seven more colleges were added to the institution, and in 1973 it became the Middlesex Polytechnic Institute. The university institution was only announced in 1992.

- University of Greenwich in 2015 celebrated its125th anniversary. The main buildings of the institution are built on the banks of the River Thames, in Greenwich. The University of Greenwich conducts a wide variety of research, to which the most modern and innovative approaches are applied.

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- The University of Westminster was founded in 1838. Then it was the Royal Polytechnic Institute. The university officially became known as a university in 1992. Languages, design and art are taught here at the highest level. In addition, students are offered the largest range of foreign languages ​​in the UK.

Wishing to graduate in Europe, consider London as a potential city to fulfill your dream. After all, there are really many first-class universities here.

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