Thesis defense: how to prepare for "excellent"

Thesis defense: how to prepare for "excellent"
Thesis defense: how to prepare for "excellent"

Each of us at least once in a lifetime has to defend a diploma. This event brings a lot of stress and sleepless nights into our lives. How to prepare for someone who has a diploma defense on his nose? What does it take to impress the audience, and especially the commission? Let's figure it out.

Thesis defense in English

In this article, I want to consider two main aspects of this topic. The first relates directly to the thesis, and the second is related specifically to speaking in front of people.

So, you have your work in your hands. Did you write it yourself? It is better if the answer is positive. I believe that such an occupation cannot be called study, where essays, control, term papers and even theses are ordered and repurchased. This is not study. But we digress. So, you have written a work and you know it almost by heart. The only thing left is the defense of the thesis. As we know, this process takes about ten minutes, and during this time one standard sheet of printed text will hardly fit. You need to shrink. Do you know what it says inwork, what studies were conducted, what conclusions were drawn. This is what needs to be told. First, you should state the relevance of the chosen topic, then talk about the work done and the methods used. But the main component of your report is the practical part and conclusions. Here it is worth dwelling in more detail on several issues that involve defending a diploma. The presentation will be just the way.

Thesis defense: presentation

It's good to have handouts as well. Then all members of the commission will be able to have all the figures directly before their eyes, it will be easier for them to catch the subject and essence of the speaker's words. If the speaker begins to notice that he has extra time, he should simply comment on the presentation slides a little longer, supplementing his conclusions with some generalizing phrases.

But what should one do if the upcoming defense of the diploma causes genuine horror because of the fear of speaking in front of an audience? Here, experienced psychologists advise the following:

- prepare for the performance in advance, carefully rehearse everything up to possible questions; if you have to defend your diploma in English, then properly “pull up” this language to a more or less decent conversational level;

Protection of the diploma

- you need to be able to do without papers with text: all information should be in the head of the speaker; and it is desirable that it be there in a systematic way, that is, a “perfect” report plan is needed;

- to reduce the effects of adrenaline on your body,which rages in him during stress, you need to imperceptibly strain some muscles, for example, on your back or legs, to keep your posture;

- complacency is a great solution, but not always effective: here, experts advise talking to yourself and convincing in the end that there is nothing to be afraid of and everything is fine.

Bonus advice - practice. For one speech (whether it is the defense of a diploma or a presentation of a project, a word at a parent meeting or a toast at a wedding table) it is impossible to become a good speaker. Try to "talk to the audience" more often - and she herself will gradually teach you how to behave.

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