The edge of the forest - what is it?

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The edge of the forest - what is it?
The edge of the forest - what is it?

A picturesque border surrounds green groves and wild taiga forest edge. This is the best place for country walks and picnics - here, in the transparent space between the thicket and fields, mushrooms and berries grow among various shrubs and trees, there is a lot of sun and shade, for this reason animals and birds love it. What is the difference between an edge and a full-fledged forest, you should find out more.

Edge - what is it?

The word itself originates from the original meaning of "trimming the edge of clothing with something fluffy." So it is, the edge of the forest is its fluffy edge. The dictionaries have a clear definition of this picturesque forest object - a narrow, no more than 100 meters wide strip along the border of the forest, which differs from the forest in its vegetation. The abundance of light and partial shade allows the full development of those plants that often lack sunlight in the deaf. The vegetation is dominated by light-loving shrubs and low-growing trees. The diversity of herbs and flowers is supported by representatives of neighboring natural communities. Sometimes the edges along the forest are plantedartificially, to protect the forest from the destructive action of open spaces. There is expanse for bees, in such conditions various honey plants grow well. Among the abundance of all kinds of plantations, various representatives of the animal world coexist perfectly.

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Ecosystem Boundary

The edge of the forest is a transitional line between two complete ecosystems. In fact, this is a separate geobotanical community that has absorbed the main biological features of neighboring ecological systems and united them in its structure. Vegetation smoothly passes from one zone to another. Not only flora, but also fauna changes significantly. The predominance of the lower tiers of forest vegetation provides natural shelters for all kinds of birds and rodents. Many birds prefer to live on the edge of natural areas, and not inside the forest thicket, where there are many predators and not enough sunlight. A transitional strip of low shrubs also serves as protection from violent winds that can bring down trees. Gusts of wind break on undersized plantings, which he cannot pull out due to low windage. This protective band of transition is a complex system of closely related elements of nature.

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The edge of the forest in creativity

Forest is an integral part of the human spiritual world. In Russian literature and art there are many poetic lines and paintings depicting the edge of the forest. Mentions of her are found in Russian folklore - songs,fairy tales, proverbs. The charm of the forest image is presented in abundance in literary work. The forest edge often acts as an ideal of harmony in the landscapes of great artists.

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What is the edge of the forest - this is the place where the charm of massive thickets and the open expanse of meadows and fields have gathered together. It has its own special animal world, whose representatives easily find shelter in the transparent undergrowth. The developed transition zone serves as an excellent protection for the forest itself.

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