What is opportunity? Opportunity Classification

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What is opportunity? Opportunity Classification
What is opportunity? Opportunity Classification

What is opportunity? How to give this concept a verbal description? If you pick up synonyms, it will become clearer. Opportunity is a case, a resource, a chance, a probability, a potential. Something that seems to exist, but at the same time does not exist, that exists under certain conditions, actions.

What is opportunity?

Possibility is a philosophical category. The study of being is based on its study. An opportunity is something that, under certain conditions, can appear, happen, etc. Distinguish:

  • abstract and concrete;
  • formal and real;
  • essential and functional;
  • progressive, regressive and variant;
  • qualitative and quantitative;
  • exclusive and coexisting possibilities.

Define your capabilities and goals, move forward, positively evaluating what is happening is the way to success.

opportunities open doors

May be or will be so

Formal possibilities appear by changing the links or properties between forms. That is, for something to happen (there is an opportunityoccur), certain conditions must be met. For example:

  1. To become a doctor, you need to graduate from a medical university.
  2. This mixture could become ice cream if the temperature was lowered.

Real ones are conditioned by the parties and connections of the object itself. This kind of opportunity is inevitable. For example:

  1. I am a child, I have the opportunity to become a teenager.
  2. If you bring snow into a room, it will melt.

Someday or now

Implementation of abstract features is delayed until the conditions necessary for this occur. They either appear in the future or not. For example:

  1. When the rush at work ends, I will have the opportunity to relax.
  2. I will lose weight if I exercise and diet.

For the implementation of specific opportunities, the conditions have already come. For example:

  1. I bought a book, I have the opportunity to read it.
  2. I'm in the store, I have the opportunity to buy something.

Essential and functional

This division is connected with the forms of being - essence and phenomenon. The first as a result of implementation can change or changes the very essence of a thing, object, being. For example:

  1. If you mix water, sand and cement, you get concrete for the foundation.
  2. If two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom enter into a coupling reaction, a water molecule will be obtained.

Functionals can change the property or state of an entity without changing the entity itself. Here, even without examples, everything is clear: washed - clean.

Progressive, regressive and variant

Progressives make it possible to change from small to large, from lower to higher degrees. Regressive - on the contrary.

And as a result of the implementation of variant, there are transitions from one specific form to another within a single level. For example, the concept of beauty is different for each nationality. Variant possibilities allow, for some reason, to consider someone beautiful, and someone not.

opportunity investment

Qualitative and quantitative

For example, if we take evolution, then the simplest have a qualitative opportunity to become a man. And quantitative - multiply.

Exclusive and coexisting

If you implement an exclusive possibility, the other one also disappears. This is "execution cannot be pardoned." It is possible to put a comma on your own. Coexisting possibilities, on the contrary, being realized themselves, allow everything else to be.

Classification of opportunities is conditional. The same one can match the description of several species.

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