Teplotechnical Institute of Chelyabinsk: past and present buildings with a "star"

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Teplotechnical Institute of Chelyabinsk: past and present buildings with a "star"
Teplotechnical Institute of Chelyabinsk: past and present buildings with a "star"

Those who worked at research institutes in the 70s and 80s remember how enthusiastically the employees promoted science, wrote articles, and introduced new inventions into promising projects. The perestroika of the 1990s made adjustments in the life of Russians. Little remains of the Chelyabinsk Thermal Engineering Institute: the empty premises of a huge building with the name Research Institute, a huge order "star" on the facade, and even the unofficial name of the city district. The institute has been preserved, but now it occupies only one floor. The main part of the premises is occupied by sports and dance clubs, development centers, sewing studios, service bureaus, offices, retail outlets or for rent. Address of the Chelyabinsk Teplotekh: Pobedy Ave., 168.

Order on the facade of Teplotech

The building of the Institute is impossible to imagine without a huge Order Star. Decorativethe shield "Order of Victory" is updated for the anniversaries of Victory Day. The new owners of the Teplotech building tried to hide the order under an advertising banner, but this caused outrage among the townspeople. Therefore, the famous symbol was taken into municipal ownership in 2013 and is now supervised by the Center for Historical and Cultural Heritage.

Image"Order of Victory" on the building of Teplotech Chelyabinsk

“The Order of Victory” is lit in the evenings during the May holidays and on June 22. He reminds the townspeople that Chelyabinsk is a city of labor glory. During the Second World War, the capital city of the Southern Urals, then called Tankograd, made a great contribution to the Victory over fascism.

Recognizable urban area

The district of the Thermal Engineering Institute is considered a popular and crowded place in the regional center. This part of the Kalininsky district of Chelyabinsk got its name due to the building of the research institute located here. Although the building contains the Ural Thermal Engineering Institute, which is associated with the development of science and technology, mainly shops and commercial firms work there.

District of the Thermotechnical Institute of Chelyabinsk

In fact, "Teplotech" of Chelyabinsk is an office center or a shopping complex. Trades are everywhere here. There are many trade pavilions, all kinds of shops, stalls near the institute building. The entire underground passage in front of the office building and the territory located near the subway exits are filled with retail outlets. The area of ​​the Chelyabinsk Thermal Engineering Institute is known to many motorists, passengers of fixed-route taxis, city buses and trams.nodal stopping points. Many routes start and end here.

What is known about the Research Institute

Fuel use in thermal power engineering

The contribution of employees of the Ural Thermal Engineering Research Institute to science is very significant. These include the following:

  • participation in the development and promotion of major projects of intra-industry and government programs;
  • formation of a new policy in the technical direction;
  • creation of innovative technologies and modern equipment.
  • practical promotion of new inventions in specially equipped production areas;
  • creation of unique stands, mainly at the sites of city and regional power plants.

Today's activities of the scientific institution, located in the building of the Chelyabinsk Thermal Engineering Institute, are connected with the solution of issues of heat, fuel and thermal power engineering. The branch of the Ural VTI (Moscow Institute) became part of the OJSC "Engineering Center for Energy of the Urals". The office of the organization is located in the building, on the fifth floor, detailed information is on the website.

Teplotech Trade Complex

Shop "Wedding Boom"

It is known about the shopping center that it is located in a six-story building of the former Chelyabinsk Thermal Engineering Institute and has more than 13 dozen companies, offices and organizations. Visitors to Teplotekh can count on profitable purchases and the provision of various popular services here. Convenient for customers located in the shopping complex: supermarketMagnit, ATMs of various financial organizations, fashion studios, repair shops, rental shops, the popular Subway food establishment and other useful departments. It is unlikely that there are citizens who have not been at least once in the Teplotech district of Chelyabinsk, many are familiar with the Wedding Boom and Holiday Boom stores located in the shopping center. A wedding is undoubtedly a special event for everyone, and the store has a wide range of products for such a celebration.

No matter what important circumstances bring you to the Teplotech shopping center, this visit will not remain uninteresting. This building brings together different stories: the past, the present, and possibly the future. Moreover, the concept of "scientific boom" has been heard more and more often lately.

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