Higher education abroad: the best options, the pros and cons of studying

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Higher education abroad: the best options, the pros and cons of studying
Higher education abroad: the best options, the pros and cons of studying

Foreign university, and even for free - sounds like a fantasy. Nevertheless, it is quite possible for every student to get a higher education abroad. This is the blue dream of many applicants. And with the introduction of a unified state exam in our country, which is extremely difficult to pass, getting higher education abroad is becoming more and more attractive. In the article we will list several countries that are ready to accept Russians in their universities. And also consider what you need to get a second higher education abroad, what package of documents will be required and other nuances.


Need a number of documents.

  • Certificate of Secondary Education.
  • Diploma (if any) from a Russian university, as well as a diploma supplement (copy) or an extract from the transcript.
  • Resume in CV form (autobiography in English).
  • A language test certificate ora similar exam, if not, you will have to take it.
  • Applicant's application form - educational institutions post the form on the website, you need to print and fill it out.
  • Recommendations from teachers of a Russian university, if any.
  • Motivation letter, in which you need to indicate your merits in different areas, sports awards, hobbies, share why you want to start studying abroad and consider higher education, not college, etc.
  • Study visa. This set of documents varies by country.
  • Documents of financial solvency.

Basic requirements for Russian students

There are many of them.

  • Package of documents.
  • Age over 17.
  • Knowledge of English and local languages. Many programs are taught only in the language of the country in which the university is located. This knowledge will help you get a higher education abroad for free or on good terms.
  • Annual university fee. The fact is that only knowledge is provided free of charge. Library, gym, meals, accommodation and travel will have to be paid by yourself. On the account of those wishing to receive higher education abroad, there must be an amount sufficient to cover the costs of the entire period of study. Students can work in their spare time, so the investment often pays off.
Students France


This country has become a very popular destination for student tourism in recent years. It is impossible to imagine that eighty years ago more than half of the Chinesedid not know how to read, and the education system practically did not work. With the advent of technology, China's economy has grown rapidly, and the government has begun to increase the level of knowledge of the population.

Today we see a well-established education system that is recognized throughout the world. The peculiarity of higher education in China is that in this country great attention is paid to discipline. Assignments and projects are given tight deadlines, student life is carefully monitored.


The government gives many grants to students, statistics show that over the past few years, more than ten thousand Russian graduates of schools and colleges have left to study in the Middle Kingdom. A grant can be obtained not only for education, but also for accommodation, food and other expenses. Preference is given to those applicants who know Chinese.

Language camp

Those who want to get higher education abroad and choose China start learning the local dialect and monitor educational institutions from the 6-7th grade of school. For this, language camps are opened on the basis of universities. The cost of education and living for Russians is low, about forty thousand rubles per month (2018 prices), but the amount varies depending on the prestige of the university.

Children can be in such a camp all summer or come for a few weeks. They accept students from 7-8 years old accompanied by adults and from 14 years old alone. Accommodation, food and education in such summer schools are very worthy: new campuses with all amenities, with a choice of housing levels, canteens with high-qualityproducts, a large library. Excursions, beach holidays and themed activities are also organized for children. Education focuses on languages ​​- Chinese (70%) and English (30%), on identifying the child's strengths and developing them.

universities in china

If you go to a language camp every summer, starting from the seventh grade, the applicant will be able to count on priority when entering the university where he studied during the holidays. This happens because the child gets used to the environment, makes friends among the local population, gets acquainted with teachers. An adapted, familiar with the situation and rules, a student is always preferable to a stranger.


The choice of an educational institution should be approached very carefully. After all, free higher education abroad for Russians is not only in China. China is a country with a very different climate. It happens that a language camp is chosen in a resort town so that the child can rest on the sea with benefit. But when he becomes a student of this university, the most interesting will begin.

There is winter in resort China. Yes, it is not the same as in Russia, the air temperature for a Russian person is simply ridiculous, it rarely happens below five degrees Celsius. But there is no heating, so students sleep, eat, study and relax in huge warm down jackets. Each room has an air conditioner that can be set to heat, but it quickly burns out oxygen. Therefore, you need to thoroughly approach the choice of a university: look at the climate, learn about local customs, listen to reviews. Possibly Chinawon't like it at all. In this case, there are several more places abroad where you can get a higher education for free.

Czech Republic

One of the most beautiful European countries. An excellent option to get higher education abroad for free for a Russian applicant. There are no strict requirements for applicants here, you can study for free at any of the thirty state universities in the country. But this is only for those who know the Czech language. Education in English or Russian is paid. It is not difficult to learn the Czech language, it is from the same group as Russian, it has many related words.

The best public universities in the Czech Republic are presented below.

Masaryk University in Brno

One of the top five universities in the country. The most famous professors of Europe and America, diplomats and politicians of international level teach here. Research institutes operate on the basis of the university. The university has nine faculties and more than two hundred departments, one and a half thousand speci alties. Here, unlike many countries abroad, where higher education is free, you can study in several directions at the same time.

education abroad

Prague University of Economics

One of the best economic universities in Europe. It boasts graduates - Nobel Prize winners. The university has 6 faculties and 79 economic programs.

Chemical-Technological University in Prague

This is just a paradise for those who want to do science. The largest chemical-technological university in Europe.The latest developments in the field of nano- and biotechnologies are created here. Among the teachers are world-famous scientists and Nobel Prize winners who are preparing a worthy replacement from among the students.

You can enter here without exams, but foreigners must pass a test in the Czech language. Any student has the right to choose a scientific project, complete an internship and get a job in the Czech Republic or another country.

Czech University

Palatsky University in Olomouc

Second oldest university in the country. It was created at the end of the sixteenth century. It has five faculties with different directions. It can accept up to 23 thousand students at the same time. The institution cooperates with many universities of the world.


Diplomas from this country are highly valued by employers around the world. The conditions for students are very good, the main requirement is knowledge of the German language at level B2. There are no strict deadlines for passing sessions and tests, students themselves set the training schedule. There are compulsory subjects, and there are optional ones. Abuse of freedom will not work, for students there are special counseling centers that help to properly allocate time. Russian students can study in Austria at record low prices - from three hundred euros per semester. Our country is one of the privileged ones, so Russian students often choose Austria for higher education abroad.

For foreigners there are preparatory courses where you can quickly learn the language. There are no entrance exams, except for medical,journalistic and psychological speci alties. After graduation, it is allowed to stay in the country for six months. This time is enough to find a good job and later stay in Austria for permanent residence.

Universities in Austria


This country has a huge advantage over the rest. Slovakia gives its students, including foreign students, a residence permit with the right to work. That is, a student can quite comfortably get an education and at the same time earn extra money in the evenings. If you manage to find a place according to your profile of study, then there are great chances to stay after graduation already as a specialist.

A diploma from Slovak universities is valued higher in Europe than a Polish or B altic diploma, which is why the country is so attractive to applicants. The Russian Federation participates in the student exchange program, which means that you can get a scholarship. In 2018, the amount of the scholarship was set depending on the location of the university, the standard of living in the region and the faculty. The more in demand the speci alty, the greater the scholarship. It ranges from 250 to 1000 euros per month.

Three universities in Slovakia are among the best in the world:

  • Comenius University in Bratislava, which has maintained a stable place among the best in the world for many years.
  • Technological University in Bratislava.
  • Technical University in Kosice.
Slovakia university


The policy of this European country allows Russian applicants to count on receiving a quota for free education. Most likelythere are those who enter the medical, technical and philological faculties.

A large Russian diaspora lives in Germany, ethnic Germans who have lived in Russia for a long time and know Russian. Therefore, it is not difficult to adapt there, and after graduating from the university, you can stay permanently.

Just like in Austria, in German universities the student makes his own study schedule. In addition, disciplines for study can also be selected. But the requirements for students are very strict, freedom is given not for idleness, but for self-education.

Training at the university for a German bachelor's degree lasts three years. If you wish, you can continue your studies at the magistracy, which will last another year or two.

After leaving school in Russia, you can enter the Studienkolleg. This is a special adaptation educational institution, like preparatory courses. You will have to study here for a year, combining classes with learning the language. For admission, knowledge of the German language at level B2 is required.

Students China

Online higher education

There is another opportunity to get a foreign diploma, suitable for those who are not interested in the experience of living in another country or the possibility of moving. Many educational institutions today provide services in an online format. You can choose an accelerated or slow program, a convenient time. Of course, by studying online, you will not get an equivalent life experience, but you can save on a foreign diploma.

To find out all the nuances of higher education abroad for Russians, you need to contact the departmentinternational cooperation of the Ministry of Education of Russia. Here, applicants and their parents will be explained the procedure and will be helped to submit documents correctly. They will even tell you where free higher education is abroad.

Where to go for advice

Now in the Russian market there are a huge number of different companies that offer services for processing documents for traveling abroad. Specialists will help you find everything: from the country to the workplace near the university. To enter European countries, you need a visa and many other documents. It is problematic to understand all the subtleties and nuances on your own. And the company already knows the beaten paths in its field, has more opportunities to quickly resolve the issue. Therefore, it is beneficial to contact one of these companies than to waste your nerves and time. Learn with pleasure!

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