Can a person exist outside of society? People who grew up outside society: examples

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Can a person exist outside of society? People who grew up outside society: examples
Can a person exist outside of society? People who grew up outside society: examples

In this article we will discuss a very interesting question. Can a person exist outside of society? This is a rather important topic that will allow a broader look at the problems of the individual and society.


Let's start our consideration of this topic with the fact that each individual is in any case a member of society. It doesn't matter if he admits it or not, whether he wants to or not. The difference between people lies in how actively they participate in public life. Someone is actively involved in this area and feels like an important participant in the process. Someone, on the contrary, eschews everything, wanting to remain in the shadows and not leave their cocoon. This question is quite relevant in the modern world, and it is definitely worth it.

It should be noted that people in society today are divided into two groups standing at different poles:

  • The first group are those who always crave attention and recognition.
  • The second group are those who want to remain in the shadows as often as possible. They love a quiet and closed life. Most often, these people are closed. However, sometimes they can be active, cheerful and joyful people. But suchthey are only in their chosen circle of trusted people. In a new team or just in the company of 2-3 new people, such personalities are silent and withdraw into themselves.

It is impossible to say what is bad and what is good. The only thing we know for sure is that extremes are always bad. Do not be completely closed person or too open. A person should always have some kind of personal space that no one has access to.

can a person exist outside of society


One must understand that a person is unthinkable outside of society. Despite this, purely physically, he can survive alone. However, in this case, he will lose his humanity and a certain level of development. Such cases in the history of mankind are repeated. We will talk about them in more detail below.

All people are part of society, so they must be able to find a common language with each other and negotiate. However, too much exposure to the influence of this system ultimately leads to the loss of traits of one's individuality. Very often a person is unthinkable outside of society, since he sets certain limits for himself. In this case, he either drops out of the system or becomes dependent on it.

Can a person exist outside of society? Yes, but with difficulty. Falling out of the system of social relations, a person simply loses his bearings in life. He considers himself a scum and often seeks death. It is a completely different matter when the established system of relations is unpleasant for a person, and she wants to break out of it. In this case, a person feels liberation,after breaking all ties. Over time, he forms around a certain circle that shares his interests.

a person is unthinkable outside of society

Through the ages

At the same time, one must understand that in history, excommunication of a person from society has always been a severe punishment. We also understand that if a person can do without other people, then society cannot do without individuals. People often say that they like to be alone with themselves. They are better off with books, technology, nature. But such people do not always understand the full importance and depth of their words.

The fact is that without society in general, a person feels normal only if he leaves it consciously and feels the strength in himself to create a new environment. If the excommunication occurs by force or as a result of some kind of guilt, then it is very difficult to survive such a situation. Not everyone is able to withstand it, so depression or an obsessive desire for suicide sets in.

person outside society examples


The conflict between society and a person arises when a person does not want to obey or accept certain norms. Man is a social being, therefore, under equal conditions, he needs other people. Communicating, we gain new experience, solve our internal problems by projecting them onto others. And the main importance of all the people around us is that they solve our problems, and we solve theirs. Only in the process of interaction can all this be understood and felt. Analysis and psychoanalysis is possible only on the basis of some experience. Myselfon its own, it carries nothing.

Conflict in society is very common. However, it is of a certain nature, which does not allow going beyond the established framework. A person can solve this problem in different ways. In fact, no one can forbid us to leave for another country, change our minds, transform the society around us.

human development outside society

In Literature

The development of a person outside of society we can observe in many examples in the literature. It is there that one can trace the internal changes in the personality, its difficulties and successes. An example of a person outside of society can be taken in the work of M. Yu. Lermontov "The Hero of Our Time".

Note that Grigory Pechorin comes into conflict. He feels that society consciously lives according to simulated and false rules. At first, he does not want to get close to someone at all, does not believe in friendship and love, considering it all a farce and satisfaction of his own whims. But at the same time, Pechorin, without noticing it, begins to get closer to Dr. Werner and even falls in love with Mary.

He deliberately repels those who reach out to him and whom he reciprocates. His justification is the desire for freedom. This pitiful man does not even understand that he needs people much more than he needs them. As a result, he dies, never understanding the meaning of his existence. Pechorin's trouble is that he was too carried away by the rules of society and closed his heart. And you should have listened to him. It would find the right path.

people who grew up outside of society

People who grew up outsidesociety

Most often these are children who grew up in the wild. From an early age, they were isolated and did not receive human warmth and care. They can be raised by animals or simply exist in isolation. Such people are very valuable for researchers. It has been proven that if children had some social experience before their feral life, then their rehabilitation will be much easier. But those who lived in animal society from 3 to 6 years will practically not be able to learn the human language, walk straight and communicate.

Even living next years among people, Mowgli cannot get used to the whole world around them. Moreover, there are frequent cases when such people escape to their original living conditions. Scientists say that this only once again confirms the fact that the first years of his life are incredibly important for a person.

So, can a person exist outside of society? A difficult question, the answer to which is different in each case. We note that everything depends on the specific conditions and circumstances, as well as how a person feels about his isolation. So can a person exist outside of society?..

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