Graceful is The meaning of the word "graceful"

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Graceful is The meaning of the word "graceful"
Graceful is The meaning of the word "graceful"

In everyday life, you can often hear the word "elegant" addressed to someone or something. This word is not new for most Russian-speaking peoples, but only a small part of people will be able to give it a correct definition. Who and what is characterized by the word "elegant"? What is its meaning? If you don’t have Ozhegov’s thick dictionary lying around at home, then sit back comfortably. The article will answer both of these questions.

General information

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First of all, let's remember the Russian language course and characterize the word. Graceful is an inanimate adjective whose gender, number and case can change. Let's take as an example the change by birth: graceful, graceful, graceful. Plural would be graceful.

This word comes from the noun "grace". Denotes subtle, strict conformity, artistic proportion of forms, exquisite beauty.

So wede alt with the morphological component. It's time to move on to the meaning of this word.


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Graceful is a person or an object that has grace, that is, refined, graceful, characterized by proportionality and subtle correspondence of forms. Simply put, aesthetically beautiful.

If you are still not entirely clear who or what is called graceful, then perhaps synonymous words will help you:

  • luxurious;
  • exquisite;
  • aesthetic;
  • graceful;
  • refined;
  • elegant and many more.

As examples for better understanding, consider the following sentences:

  1. She had an incredibly delicate hand, which was not a burden to kiss in a respectful kiss.
  2. All his gestures were graceful and, at the same time, so careless that it caused me internal dissonance.
  3. I didn't know what to say, but I didn't even dare to look away from her graceful figure, afraid that she would disappear at the same moment.
  4. The outfit was surprisingly elegant. It was unexpected to see his father in him.

In history

Don't think that the characteristic "graceful" arose recently - in the last century or the year before. This word appeared in Ancient Russia, but was written as "izyachny". In ancient Russian writing, "graceful" is "a chosen, best, outstanding person or object in every sense." It corresponded to the "high" book style and was surroundedhalo of a church-cult epithet. In many old manuscripts you can see this word more than once. For example, "exquisite courage" or, in later ones, "miracle worker is graceful, wonderful and merciful".

Now, without even opening the Ozhegov dictionary, you can say what the word "graceful" means, and you will no longer be caught off guard.

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