Figurative - what is it? What are figurative expressions and how to use them?

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Figurative - what is it? What are figurative expressions and how to use them?
Figurative - what is it? What are figurative expressions and how to use them?

Figurative means figurative. Rhetorical, allegorical, expressive. There are countless synonyms to choose from. Unfortunately, in our time, “figurative” is nothing more than an introductory word. What is the real meaning behind it?

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Figures of speech

This word comes from such a term as “figure of speech”, which, in turn, defines a wide variety of turns of speech. They give it a special stylistic and rhetorical significance, expressiveness, imagery, one might even say - zest. Figures of speech can make a speech much more beautiful and change its emotional coloring.

They are divided into syntactic and semantic ones. The latter include those that are formed by combining phrases, words and sentences. Often in such sentences one can observe comparisons and artistic figures: “Under him is a stream lighter than azure” (M.Yu. Lermontov). Some phrases are rather comical: “A lady who is not afraid of the Devil himself and even a mouse” (M. Twain). And the syntactic figures of speech are those that are formed by a special constructiona sentence that carries a specific meaning. Incomplete statements (“Here she will find out, and then …”), silence about the first part of the sentence (for example, not “Vladimir Ivanovich”, but “Ivanovich”), combining several phrases into one (“There is a person sitting waiting for you”).

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In general, there are a lot of such examples. Figurative is beautiful, expressive. Although in this version, this term is rarely found. Much more often, this word is used in the feminine and neuter gender - in relation to quotes, phrases and expressions.

And they are used almost everywhere. But most often - in everyday life, in everyday life. At an official meeting in the office, it is unlikely that someone will speak in beautiful artistic phrases or insert comical expressions - they will simply be perceived as a non-professional. No, this is only appropriate in places where the official or business style of communication is not fixed.

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Speech diversity

A figurative expression is what will help to significantly refresh and diversify speech. In addition, such quotes make it much more interesting and original. Many are interested in: figuratively - how is it? Actually it's different. Figurative expressions can be lyrical poetic statements, with the help of which some creative individuals recreate whole pictures. In the same way, these are original and unusual expressions that look more like a joke, for example: “It was raining and three students, the first in a jacket, the second ininstitute, the third is in a terrible mood.”

In addition to the fact that statements of this kind are a way to decorate colloquial speech, they can also be a good technique for creating interesting texts. Writers, critics and, of course, journalists - these are the people who are incredibly close to the word "figurative". This is a way to make your articles, reviews and reviews more popular and readable. Indeed, it is much more interesting to read not the usual dry text written in the standard language, but something fresh, unusual and exciting.

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