Ancient Russia: culture and its features

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Ancient Russia: culture and its features
Ancient Russia: culture and its features

Ancient Russia, whose culture was a bright phenomenon in the development of the country, was famous for its beautiful architectural monuments and literary creations. What influenced its development? How has the worldview changed? All this needs to be sorted out.

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Ancient Russia: culture and its features before and after the adoption of Christianity

As you know, the ancient state was subordinated to a pagan religion, as a result of which we can talk about several characteristic features of that society. First, oral folk art prevailed. It was then that epics, songs and fairy tales began to emerge. People passed on from generation to generation the most important information that has come down to our days. Secondly, wooden architecture was developed. Then in Russia there were no stone buildings, but after that there were strong wooden temples and huts known to the whole world. Thirdly, there were no written sources. Yes, before the adoption of the new faith, there were no such monuments of art on the territory of our country. Fourthly, there were a lot of pagan gods. Features of the culture of Ancient Russia after the adoption of Christianity have changed a lot:

  • appearedbook business and great literary works began to appear actively;
  • stone architecture began to develop (the most striking example is St. Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, which was built in honor of the defeat of the Pechenegs);
  • new forms of art, which did not exist before, appeared - fine art, as well as jewelry.
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Ancient Russia: culture and its incarnations

The whole culture of that time can be conditionally divided into three areas: writing, architecture and fine arts. So let's start with literature. The first kind of messages to each other (and this can be called the birth of literary works) were found in Novgorod, where they were called birch bark letters. After the adoption of Christianity, the Tale of Bygone Years, Illarion's "Sermon on Law and Grace", as well as the "Ostromir Gospel" appeared (authorship is attributed to the scribe Gregory). In addition, one cannot fail to recall the fact that the alphabet was created by the great brothers, Cyril and Methodius, also at that time. The history of the culture of Ancient Russia, in particular, stone architecture, is the richest heritage of the whole country. What are examples of the cross-domed style: St. Sophia Cathedrals in Novgorod and Kyiv and the Kiev-Pechersky Monastery. It is impossible not to recall the one-domed creations of Andrei Bogolyubsky: the Assumption and Dmitrovsky Cathedrals, the Golden Gates, the Church of the Intercession on the Nerl. All this is the property of our Motherland. As for the fine arts, it is worth mentioning such creations as the mosaic "Our Lady of Oranta", the icon"The Annunciation of Ustyug", as well as the fresco "Prophet Zachary".

features of the culture of ancient Russia

Thus, Ancient Russia, whose culture laid the foundation for the development of the Russian soul, became an example for subsequent creators. We study her works and rejoice at the achievements of that time until now, and this is one of the main reasons to be proud of our history.

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