Universities of Vladivostok: career prospects for students

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Universities of Vladivostok: career prospects for students
Universities of Vladivostok: career prospects for students

In the 21st century, education is becoming one of the most valuable resources, and the development of human potential in democratic states is paying more and more attention. The provision of educational services has become one of the most important sectors of the economy.

universities of vladivostok
universities of vladivostok

Vladivostok State University

Perhaps the most famous university in Vladivostok, recently transformed into a federal one, was founded in October 1899. Initially, it was called the Oriental Institute, so its main purpose was to train specialists for foreign policy.

Orientalists who graduated from the Far Eastern University in Vladivostok are in demand not only in the Russian labor market, but also in neighboring countries. For example, its certified branch operates in Japan. Moreover, no other universities have been able to open their offices in Japan.

Vladivostok State University trains specialists in demand in the largest corporations in South Korea, China and Southeast Asia.

For a long timeThe history of the university has undergone major changes: currently, among the faculties are the Faculty of Ecology and Economics, the Faculty of Culture and Sports, Psychology and Additional Education.

It can be said that specialists who graduated from the universities of Vladivostok have all the necessary skills to meet the economic, environmental and cultural challenges of the future.

medical university of vladivostok
medical university of vladivostok

Medicine does not go unnoticed

The main medical university in Vladivostok is called the Pacific State Medical University. The university began its history as a small faculty within the Far Eastern State University. The first hundred students began their studies in 1956, but two years later the faculty was separated from the university and received the status of an independent educational institution, called the Vladivostok State Medical Institute.

Today, the university has nine faculties, among which there is even a naval military center, which trains medical officers.

Those who wish to continue their academic career after receiving a diploma enter the university's graduate school, which has been operating since 1968. The dissertation council considers works on histology, nervous diseases, anatomy, pharmacology, therapy, microbiology and surgery.

Cooperation of the medical university with large medical centers of the city allows us to provide high-quality practical activities for students, interns andgraduate students.

The leadership of the university strives to constantly improve the skills of employees by sharing knowledge with other leading educational centers in the Pacific region.

State University of Vladivostok
State University of Vladivostok

Universities of Vladivostok. Prospects for international cooperation

Thanks to a renovated campus with a large number of venues for hosting events at the highest international level, Far Eastern Federal University has become one of the leading knowledge exchange centers in the region.

The high level of teaching and respect for ancient traditions attract foreign students from all over the world to the university. Due to its geographical proximity, the university is popular with Chinese youth. Students of Korean universities also come for short-term practice and exchange of knowledge. Russian students are sent to China, the Republic of Korea and Japan for internships, gaining additional experience and improving their foreign language skills.

Students from abroad willingly come for internships at the Medical University. Vladivostok has gained a reputation among its neighbors as a city with a high level of education and respect for traditions in the field of educational services.

Far Eastern University in Vladivostok
Far Eastern University in Vladivostok

Far Eastern universities in the service of progress

The accelerated pace of industrial process automation requires more and more highly trained technicians. The technicaleducation that can be obtained at specialized universities. In Vladivostok, these include the Maritime State University named after Admiral G. I. Nevelskoy. Here students from Russia and neighboring countries receive education in the following speci alties:

  • technics and technologies of transport;
  • applied geology and mining;
  • information security;
  • electronics and communication systems;
  • air navigation and aircraft operation;
  • shipbuilding technology;
  • economics and management;
  • sociology;
  • mechanical engineering;
  • technosphere safety and environmental management;
  • psychology;
  • computer science;
  • history and archeology;
  • management in technical systems;
  • jurisprudence;
  • physical culture and sports.

Such a close sea…

In close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the universities of Vladivostok cannot fail to provide services for the training of sailors. In 1930, the city opened the first university to train personnel for servicing fishing vessels and their land-based infrastructure.

The University was named the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University. The educational institution occupies a leading position in the training of crews for trawlers and other types of sea and ocean vessels. Like other universities in Vladivostok, the Fisheries University meets the most stringent requirements for Russian universities.

universities in vladivostok
universities in vladivostok

Vladivostok as a center of gravity

Universities of various specializations make Vladivostok one of the main centers of education not only in the Russian East.

The universities of Vladivostok and the entire rapidly developing educational industry are attracting more and more students and graduate students who want to start scientific activities in this region.

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