Debri - what is it?

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Debri - what is it?
Debri - what is it?

If any word causes you questions, it is better not to beat around the bush, but to find out its meaning. Of course, you can't know all the words in the world. But you need to constantly work on your vocabulary and tirelessly expand it. This article will focus on the word "wild". Is this a familiar word? Have you met him in speech? Even if now you see it for the first time, it will not be superfluous to find out what this word means.

Lexical meaning

Let's get down to the lexical meaning. If you experience any difficulties in determining the meaning of any speech unit, be sure to use an explanatory dictionary. If you do not have a paper version at hand, an electronic one will do. In it you will find the most accurate definition of the language unit you are interested in. Wilds is a word that has several meanings:

impenetrable wilds
  1. Places overgrown with impenetrable forest. Remember the forest thicket. Various shrubs and small trees grow there. If you wandered there, then you willquite difficult to move around. The jungle is also a remote or inaccessible area that is difficult to get to.
  2. Difficult or little explored areas of something. This can be said about science, technology and other things. There are many areas where a person feels insecure. For example, all the secrets of space have not yet been revealed. Not every scientist will be able to understand the wilds of higher mathematics.

Sample sentences

Let's make some sentences to illustrate the meaning of the word "wild":

  1. We suddenly wandered into an impenetrable jungle where no sunlight even penetrated.
  2. Only a brave scientist can fearlessly climb into the intricate jungle of physics.
  3. Forest wilds are fraught with many secrets, it is better not to go to too remote places.
  4. Dense thickets in the forest
  5. The Academic Council got more and more into the theoretical jungle, but few thought about how to translate ideas into practice.

Several synonyms

Let's pick up a few synonyms for the noun "wilds". This is necessary so that you can replace this word in the text:

  1. Wilderness. Nothing good grows in such wilderness, only some bushes and moss.
  2. Thickets. In the dense juniper thickets, I scratched all my hands, and I almost got lost.
  3. Outback. Carefully follow the route, if you get into the outback, overgrown with dense bushes, you are unlikely to be able to get out on your own.
  4. Bear corner. I somehow managed to wander into such a bearishcorner that I barely found my way back.

You can replace the noun "wilds" with these words in a sentence.

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