What is a violation: interpretation of the word, synonyms

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What is a violation: interpretation of the word, synonyms
What is a violation: interpretation of the word, synonyms

Is it boring to live by the rules? It is difficult to find an unambiguous answer to this slightly philosophical question. On the one hand, the rules regulate life and equalize all citizens in rights. Remember at least the rules of the road. They prevent chaos on the roadway. On the other hand, sometimes rules have to be broken. And not just because the person wants to. It's just that situations are different, so you have to resort to violating the canons. It is about the word "violation" that will be discussed in the article. We will reveal its lexical meaning, give examples of its use in sentences and indicate several synonyms.

Interpretation of the word

Violation is a noun. It belongs to the middle class. Plural - violations. Now we will tell you what "violation" is, what is its true definition.

In the explanatory dictionary of Efremova it is indicated that the noun "violation" indicates the action performed by the verb "violate". That is, first we must learn the interpretation of the verb, and then understand what the noun means.

So, the verb "break" means:

  • disturb the flow eitherinterrupt something;
  • not comply or transgress (law, rules, etc.).
  • handcuffed hands

Now we can define what the noun "violation" means. This is a hindrance or non-compliance with the rules, laws.

Examples of usage

To remember what "violation" is, let's give examples of the use of this noun in sentences.

  • Breaking the law carries severe pen alties.
  • Due to impaired blood supply, the skin on the hands may become bluish.
  • Violation of the code of conduct led to the fact that the raging man was asked to leave the event.
  • Disruption of the kidneys leads to changes throughout the body, including swelling of the limbs.

Several synonyms

Now let's pick up synonyms for the noun "violation". You can use several options in speech.

  • Disorder. Mental disorder can be cured with careful therapy.
  • Destruction. The responsibility for the destruction of a normal working atmosphere should be taken by the director, who himself provokes squabbles within the team.
  • Failure. Failure in the work of the mechanical engineering department is due to the fact that the necessary parts were not delivered on time.
  • Machine building department
  • Non-compliance. Failure to follow the rules of behavior in society indicates that you do not care what others think of you.

Such synonyms can replace a noun"violation". Please note that the word must fit harmoniously into the sentence and not contradict the context. Otherwise, you will not be able to convey your thoughts correctly.

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