Presentable appearance, its meaning in life

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Presentable appearance, its meaning in life
Presentable appearance, its meaning in life

"Presentable appearance" is an expression that is increasingly appearing on the pages of various publications, it is heard from TV screens. However, this phrase causes difficulties due to the fact that the adjective included in it was considered obsolete by linguists until recently. What does "presentable appearance" mean, and why is it so important in today's life?

Dictionary interpretation

To understand the meaning of the expression under study, you should look into the dictionary, where you can find the following definition. "Presentable" is a colloquial obsolete word meaning "good looking", "representative". Synonyms for it can be such words as: “decent”, “decent”, “attractive”, “correct”.

The studied lexeme comes from the French adjective présentable in the same meaning. Most often it is used in the phrase "presentable appearance." Here we are talking about both clothes and other external signs, such as various accessories, hairstyle. BUTalso refers to the manner of behavior, speech.

When applying for a job

Presentable view

It is especially important to keep a presentable appearance when a person gets a job. After all, no one has canceled the rule that they are greeted by clothes. The most effective way to fit into the appropriate dress code is to find out as much as you can about the company the person wants to work for.

In this case, presentability is the ability to match the image, which helps to be much more successful in life. It is necessary to convey to the employer that a person corresponds to the image of the company, can become a part of it, join its mechanism. That is, you need to become not just an applicant, but to become “one of your own”. And a presentable appearance that inspires confidence and interest will help a lot in this. In addition, there are a few more rules

Presentation and style of behavior

In the office - not suitable

The way a person talks, how he carries himself, his gestures and facial expressions are also included in the concept of "presentable appearance". Therefore, it is necessary to monitor not only your clothes, but also your behavior. This is also important in personal communication, for example, when a guy wants to please a girl, and vice versa. This is also important if you want to interest the employer, to draw his attention to your person.

Among modern business people, such qualities are valued as: the ability to choose the right words, possession of professional terminology, soft timbre of voice and its melodiousness, moderatepace of speech. Correct speech is, as they say, a matter of technique. It can and should be developed by trying to read a lot, eliminating speech defects, if necessary, with the help of a speech therapist. It is good to memorize and recite poems.

Present appearance and clothes

Dress code

Of course, it's always nice to look at a decently dressed person, to communicate with him. But it is equally important to understand some of the details in order to look appropriate when going to an interview. And it is best to consult a stylist before that. This will be a good help in choosing the ideal option in a given situation.

Presentative appearance, in addition to business qualities, is one of the important criteria by which personnel are accepted into a serious company. As mentioned above, you need to figure out the dress code so as not to look like a black sheep. After all, the same objects at home and in the office look completely different. Therefore, it is important not to cross the established boundaries.

For example, if you come to the office in a tracksuit, even if it is branded, it will be out of place and will cause bewilderment of personnel officers. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be included in the list of top applicants for a job in the company.

It would also be inappropriate if a girl, getting a job in a serious institution, appears in full "war paint", with an abundance of jewelry, in flashy clothes, albeit super expensive. Thus, to have a presentable appearance means to match the environment with your outfit and manner.behavior.

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