Gorilka - what is it?

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Gorilka - what is it?
Gorilka - what is it?

Gorilka - what is it? This word is familiar to all Ukrainians, which cannot be said about the inhabitants of Russia and many other countries of the former Soviet Union. Most likely, the readers of the article belong to the second category, otherwise they would hardly be interested in it.

In the presented article, the meaning of the word "vodka" will be discussed in detail, as well as interesting facts on this topic will be presented. Interested? Then start reading soon!

Gorilka - what is it?

We will not beat around the bush, but will immediately give an answer to your question. If we speak in the most simple and understandable language, without going into deep details, vodka is a Ukrainian alcoholic drink, which is in many ways similar to Russian vodka. Many people think that gorilka and vodka are no different, but this is not entirely true. We will talk about the main differences between these two drinks a little later.

Ukrainian gorilka


The term "hot wine" in the old days meant a drink that had the ability to burn. This concept was widespread on the territory of the Slavic states as early as the 17th century, but due to the peculiarities of the Russian language in modern Russia, it never took root. And all because, due to the variety of interpretation options, the term changed in every possible way (burnt, burning, combustible), because of which, in the end, it lost its original meaning. Only one form of this word has survived to this day - "hot drink".

But in Ukraine, on the contrary, this term has become fixed, because all Ukrainians understood it the same way. And the reason for this is again the peculiarities of the national language. Gorilka is a derivative of the verb "to burn". The well-known Soviet scientist William Pokhlebkin wrote about all these nuances and historical circumstances in his work "The History of Vodka".

Vorilka, as a rule, was drunk in taverns and taverns. Taverns and taverns are a kind of bars that were common in Ukrainian lands several centuries ago. In addition to drinking alcoholic beverages, it was also possible to spend the night there. Thanks to Ukrainian merchants, vodka first appeared in Russia in the 16th century. The Russians called this drink "Cherkasy wine". In those days, the inhabitants of Ukraine were called Cherkasy, and most alcoholic drinks were called wine.

If we talk about the word "vodka" that has taken root in Russia, then, according to professional linguists, it comes from the Polish"wudka". Vudka is an abbreviated form of the expression "aqua vita", which means "living water" in translation.

in a tavern with godfather

Differences between vodka and vodka

As mentioned earlier, vodka and vodka are not the same thing. The main difference between these drinks is that they were made from different ingredients. The composition of the original Russian vodka includes rye, sometimes with the addition of barley, wheat or oats. Gorilka was made only from wheat, and a little later from potatoes. In addition, the Russians filtered their vodka, and the Ukrainians simply interrupted the pungent smell of unrefined vodka with herbs.

The processes of making modern vodka and modern vodka also differ in many ways. Vodka producers from Ukraine claim that they use only natural artesian water to make their product. Russian vodka is made from distilled water.

High quality vodka is made from m alt alcohol. The composition of vodka contains alcohol produced by an enzymatic method. On top of that, vodka undergoes a so-called "silver" filtration process, which eliminates the strong taste and smell of the drink.

The meaning of the word gorilka

Taste features of gorilka

According to experts, Ukrainian vodka has a milder taste than Russian vodka. And the reason for this is the modern production technology of this product and the natural ingredients used in the manufacture. Thanks to this, when using gorilka, you can catcha light aroma of bread or honey, depending on what ingredients the manufacturer made his drink from. Today, the obvious taste of alcohol or vinegar is a sign of poor-quality vodka.

Gorilka with appetizer

Now you know what the word "gorilka" means, and also what is the method of production of this drink and its main differences from Russian vodka. We do not promote alcoholism in any way and provided this information for theoretical information only. Remember that alcohol can cause irreparable harm to your he alth!

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