Clarification is The meaning and synonym of the word

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Clarification is The meaning and synonym of the word
Clarification is The meaning and synonym of the word

Clarification - what is it? Despite the fact that this word can be heard quite often in everyday life, not all people understand its true meaning. If you are also one of them, then do not worry, there is nothing to worry about. Especially for people like you, we have created an article that contains detailed information about what clarification is. We recommend reading it from beginning to end so as not to miss anything interesting!

Meaning of the word

Let's not delay the answer, but get straight to the point. Almost all explanatory dictionaries of the Russian language give the following definition to the word discussed in the article: clarify is the same as "make more accurate", "make something more accurate".

clarification letter

Separate members of the sentence. Clarification and explanation

Isolation is a semantic highlighting or clarification of a part of a statement. Example: "Fog,similar to the smoke of a dying fire, enveloped the whole city. "Separate members of sentences are called secondary ones, which are highlighted intonationally and in meaning in order to give them independence in writing. In writing, such constructions are separated by commas.

Ranks of separate members of the sentence:

  1. Separate definitions. The largest group. They stand apart if they are after the word being defined: "Firs, wrapped in snowdrifts, were high"; if they refer to a personal pronoun: "Full of hopes and dreams, he climbed the mountain." Before the word being defined, they are isolated if concessions, conditions or reasons matter: "Wounded in the shoulder, the fighter did not leave the battlefield."
  2. Separate additions. As a rule, they are closely related to the words to which they refer, which is why they are not often isolated. Example: "No one came to the lesson, including the teacher himself."
  3. Special circumstances. They are expressed in participial phrases, participles, sometimes nouns or adverbs: "Having met my best friends, I immediately forgot about my plans."

Clarification and explanation

Besides, there is also intonation-semantic emphasis in Russian. There are two types of such isolation - clarification and explanation. With them, not only secondary, but also the main members of the sentence can be distinguished.

  1. Clarification is a narrowing of a concept, its limitation. As a rule, the clarification in the text is the circumstance of place and time: "I decided to go meekby, over the bridge".
  2. Explanation - this is the designation of one concept that is identical in meaning, but only in other words: "Dinner with my fiancee's parents was cozy, like a family."
Synonym for "clarify"

Clarification letter

When it comes to what a clarification is, it's impossible not to say a few words about a clarification letter. It is possible that you will need this information in the future, so we advise you not to skip this section and read it in full.

Writing a letter with updated payment details is required when company employees find an error in a document sent earlier. But how to write this letter? You can do this by following the recommendations below.

A clarification letter can be written either arbitrarily or according to a template approved by the company's accounting policy. In both cases, the following details must be reflected in the text:

  • Name of the company that wrote the text.
  • The address of her legal registration.
  • Information about the recipient of the payment - the name of the institution, last name, first name, patronymic and position of the head.
  • Number and date of creation of the payment order in which there is an error.
  • The essence of the violation.
  • Edited version with changes.
detailed information

If several mistakes were made when writing a letter, they must be described in separate paragraphs in the text.

Types of clarifying calls:

  1. Letter of clarification to the bank. If you find an error in the payment, be sure to notify the financial institution. This must be done in the form of a letter that can be written in free form. It must be signed by the same people who signed the payment.
  2. Clarifying letter to the pension fund. It happens that when paying insurance premiums to the PF, the company makes a mistake in the payment order, which is why the money does not go to the state budget. This mistake can be corrected by writing a letter to the Fund with clarification of the details. Such a letter in the PF does not have an officially established form, but it has a recommended one, created by the Foundation itself. A photocopy of the payment must be attached to the letter, the details of which must be known in advance.
  3. Letter of clarification to the Social Insurance Fund. A clarifying letter to the FSS can be written in any form addressed to the head of your territorial office. In the text, it is imperative to indicate the individual taxpayer number and the code of the reason for registering the insured, as well as the correct values ​​​​of the details in which the mistake was made. In the event that, due to the distortion of information, the money was transferred to the account of another state body, it would be best to write two clarifying texts at once. Send one to the FSS, and the other to the authority where the funds were erroneously sent.

How to write a clarification letter?

The legislation does not impose any special requirements on both the design of the letter and its content. The text can be written on a regular printed sheet or oncompany letterhead. Both printed and handwritten versions are allowed.

The only requirement is that the letter must be signed by the manager of the company or another employee who has the right to do so. It is not necessary to stamp the organization on the letter.

Refinement of details

How do I send a clarification letter?

Clarification text can be sent in several ways:

  • bring in person to the territorial office of the required authority;
  • use the services of a courier company;
  • send online;
  • send by mail with acknowledgment of receipt.

If the shipment is made via the Internet, the confirmation letter on the purpose of payment must be digitally signed by the company.


Clarifications in "Yandex.Direct"

Clarifications - what is this? Some people ask this question not because they want to know the meaning of this word, but because they are interested in the function of the same name in Yandex.Direct.

"Direct" is a single platform of "Yandex" company for placement of contextual and media advertising. This system makes it possible to build a sales funnel and solve marketing problems at all its levels.

Clarifications are small texts in which the advertiser can describe their features or positive aspects. Such comments will be displayed in an additional line at the bottom of the ad.

clarifications inYandex.Direct

Specifications have the following advantages:

  1. They help communicate additional information. In such small texts, the author can list the benefits of their services or goods sold, talk about special offers, or briefly explain how the client will benefit from working with him.
  2. Clarifications increase ad click-through. Studies show that by 3%.
  3. No complicated setup. The author of the ad does not need to sit for hours on inventing and editing texts. The same variation can be used across multiple ads and campaigns.

Clarifications can be added while writing or editing an ad. They must not violate moderation rules. If any clarification does not meet the requirements, it will be rejected.

Such text should not be longer than 25 characters including spaces, and its entire length should not exceed 66 characters. The author can show the callouts in any order.

The word "clarify": synonyms

We could not ignore this topic, even though the word discussed in the article cannot boast of a large number of synonyms.

Synonyms for "clarify":

  • Detail.
  • Specify.
  • Specify.
Updated data

Clarification - what is it? We think we have managed to give a complete and detailed answer to this question. On this we can put a bold point. We hope that our article was interesting for you and you learneda lot of informative facts!

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