What subjects should I take to be a chef? Culinary College

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What subjects should I take to be a chef? Culinary College
What subjects should I take to be a chef? Culinary College

Cook is a promising profession. And this despite the fact that the profession has its drawbacks. There are more benefits to doing this. It is because of this that schoolchildren think about what subjects should be handed over to the cook. And where do they go for further education. The thing is that in reality everything is not as simple as it seems. In universities there is no such direction as "Cook". This means that you will have to look for a place for further education after graduation from school. What should every applicant know about mastering this speci alty? What items will have to be handed over in one case or another? How long does the training last? All this will be discussed later. If you think about the questions in advance, then admission will not seem like a difficult process.

what subjects should be taken to be a chef

Profession Description

What subjects should I take to be a chef? Before you understand this topic, you need to understand what speci alty we are talking about. What do chefs do?

Cooking is a profession that requires creativity and ingenuity.Students will have to … cook. The cook is engaged in preparation of this or that food. Depending on the direction, he can either engage in general practice, or give preference to a particular food. For example, Chinese (wok), pastries and sweets (confectioner), pasta (pasta master) and so on.

Being a chef requires serious effort. After all, such an employee will have to stand on his feet for a long time. Therefore, one should not think that mastering a profession and working in a speci alty is easy. If the upcoming work does not scare you, you can think about what subjects you need to hand over to the cook.

Teaching Methods

The answer to this question depends largely on the chosen teaching methodology. The thing is that, as already mentioned, in the university you can not find the orientation "Cook". There is no such higher education. Where to apply to be a chef? This question should be of interest to the student in the first place. Later it is worth finding out which exams are taken in one case or another.

learn to be a chef

Today it is possible to learn by the following methods:

  1. Self-learning. A self-taught chef can work for himself, but for official employment you will have to receive either a certificate of mastering the profession or a diploma of higher education.
  2. Training in private courses. Organized by various educational institutions. There are no entrance tests. The applicant pays money for training, at the end of the process he receives a certificate indicating the acquired skills. Mosta common option that occurs in the form of additional education.
  3. Entering universities. Many universities offer post-secondary education. For example, "Plekhanov" University, MGUPP, MSUTU. In universities, you can often get higher education related to cooking. For example, the speci alty "Technology of food products" or "Technology of confectionery production" is suitable.
  4. Enrollment in technical schools and colleges. You can enroll in a specialized culinary college. Similar organizations exist in every city. Upon graduation, the student receives a diploma of secondary vocational education. The most common type of mastering a speci alty called "Cook".
  5. Passing advanced training / retraining courses. Organized by labor exchanges or employers. In practice, this form of training is rare.

Specialized Culinary College is the best solution for those who decide to dedicate themselves to cooking. Typically, these establishments offer a very wide range of activities.

culinary college

How much to study

And how much to study in the chosen direction? As with exams, there is no single answer. Much depends on the particular educational institution. And from the form of education.

Study to be a cook at the university (higher education) is offered for 4 years, and in college (or at a university on the basis of secondary vocational) - from 2 to 3 years. To be more precise, usually 1 year 10months study after grade 9 and 2 years 10 months - after 11.

Self-taught will study to be a cook for life. He is constantly improving. Retraining courses last up to 6 months (but usually about 1-2). If you give preference to visiting private educational centers, you will have to study for about a year. Occasionally, courses require 2-3 months of study.

Nothing needed

What subjects should I take to be a chef? If we are talking about private centers, advanced training / retraining courses, colleges, then, as a rule, nothing but documents for admission is required. No exams. Just go through an individual interview. College applicants are often asked to:

  • application for enrollment;
  • passport;
  • school certificate.

The list ends here. But this does not mean at all that you will not have to take any exams at school. In Russia, by law, there are compulsory subjects that are necessary to obtain a certificate. Therefore, they will obviously have to be turned in.

what exams to take to be a chef

Required subjects

What is it about? The thing is that every student must pass the Unified State Examination (in grade 11) or GIA (in grade 9) in order to be issued a certificate of secondary education. To date, there are only two items. Namely:

  • Russian;
  • math.

Now there are talks about obliging schoolchildren to take exams in a foreign language, as well as in geography. But in 2016, only math is enough and"Russian". Moreover, the level may not be profile. As practice shows, universities require applicants to have a few more passed subjects. What specifically?

Other exams

What subjects should I take to be a chef? Depending on the university and the chosen speci alty, in addition to the Russian language and mathematics, they may require the presence of the Unified State Examination by:

  • chemistry;
  • physics;
  • biology.
where to apply to be a chef

In practice, the most common combination is:

  • physics;
  • Russian;
  • chemistry;
  • math.

And Russian is not taken into account when enrolling. It is required for graduation from school. The profile subject is either physics or chemistry. This information is best specified in a particular university or culinary college. From now on, it is clear which exams to take as a cook in one case or another.

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