Nice - how is it? Meaning and suggestions

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Nice - how is it? Meaning and suggestions
Nice - how is it? Meaning and suggestions

There are things that give us positive emotions, but there are those that, on the contrary, disturb us and fill us with excitement. The second we call "unpleasant", and the others - "pleasant". Naturally, in the language, in addition to the adjective, there is also the adverb “nice”. This will be our object of study for today. Let's talk about the origin and meaning.


Tom Cruise, still a nice young man at 55

According to the logic of the story, you need to start with a story. So let's do it. Moreover, the etymological dictionary provides us with full support in this sense. The adjective "pleasant" was borrowed from Old Church Slavonic. In the language of our ancestors there was the word "acceptable", that is, "pleasing". And “accepted” was formed from the verb “accept” - “accept”. Other dictionaries make significant additions to the meaning of the object of study. Pleasant is "worthy of acceptance." Of course, the content is the same as that of "pleasant", but the detail of the meaning allows you to better understand the word.

Meaning and sentences

Flowers on the windowsill

The meaning of the adverb“pleasant” is something that cannot be considered common with an adjective, although parts of speech intersect in some meanings. But let's look at the data of the explanatory dictionary:

  1. Same as nice.
  2. Assessing a situation or someone's actions as causing a feeling of pleasure, satisfaction.
  3. Assessing something as attractive, likable, affectionate.

Expand the first position of the list.

  1. What gives pleasure.
  2. He who attracts likes.

One thing is clear: nice is good. Now let's consolidate the result and make sentences with the object of study:

  • A pleasant floral scent wafted through the house.
  • A nice young man entered the room. He immediately attracted the attention of all the girls in the room.
  • I was pleased that my son did his homework before nine o'clock.
  • I was pleased with his courtship, and it was noticeable in the response.

As you can see, there is nothing special or complicated. You always want to talk about the positive, but not about the negative. It only remains to say that everyone has their own understanding of pleasant and unpleasant. Some like cold showers and hard beds, while others prefer hot water and soft mattresses. Remember: there is a dictionary meaning for the word "pleasant", but no one has yet canceled the variety of tastes.

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