Belarusian University of Economics: description, speci alties and reviews

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Belarusian University of Economics: description, speci alties and reviews
Belarusian University of Economics: description, speci alties and reviews

Education of an economic profile is fashionable, in demand, and prestigious. Many applicants dream of getting it and choose the appropriate educational institutions and speci alties. There are 2 universities in Belarus, which are considered the leading economic educational institutions in the country. We are talking about the Belarusian Economic University (BSEU) in Minsk and the Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperatives (BTEU) in Gomel. What speci alties do they offer? What are the passing scores in these universities?

About Belarusian State Economic University

BSEU, located in Minsk, is considered the most important economic institution of higher education in the country. Applicants opt for it in the first place because training is carried out here in a wide range of areas. Annually from the walls of the universityspecialists in accounting, finance, taxes, management, marketing, international economic relations, and law come out.

Belarusian University of Economics also attracts applicants with its developed infrastructure. There are more than 10 faculties, 2 institutes, several branches. The head university has educational and scientific laboratories necessary in the educational process. Classrooms are equipped with modern technology that makes educational information more accessible and understandable for university students. Several halls are equipped for sports and physical culture. Non-resident students enrolled in the university are provided with places in 8 comfortable dormitories on campus.

Belarusian Economic University

BSEU Speci alties

The Economic University of Minsk has a fairly large list of areas of study. Here are just a few:

  • "Marketing".
  • "Advertising".
  • "Business Administration".
  • "Economic Policy".
  • "Economic informatics".
  • "Management".
  • "Public Administration".
  • "Legal support of foreign economic activity".
  • "Accounting, analysis and audit".
  • Insurance.
  • "Political management".
  • "Psychology of Entrepreneurship".

If we analyze the results of the 2016 admission campaign conducted by the Belarusian Economic University, we can conclude that the maximumthe number of applications submitted was in the direction of "Finance and credit" with a reduced period of study (ie, on the basis of secondary specialized education) - 316 people expressed a desire to study. In second place in terms of the number of applications submitted is the direction of "Accounting, analysis and audit in non-profit organizations." 220 applications were submitted here from applicants.

Belarusian Economic University passing scores

Student life at BSEU

There are a lot of opportunities for students at the Economic University of Minsk. They can participate in various competitions of scientific works, show their knowledge, find new solutions to pressing problems. The university also provides various options for spending time outside of school for the purpose of creative self-realization - circles, sections, clubs of interest. For example, the university has a theater studio, a show ballet, a youth chamber choir, a vocal studio, a variety dance ensemble, and a literary and drama studio.

For those who prefer sports, the university also has something to do. University owns:

  • gym;
  • aerobics room;
  • swimming pool;
  • hall for team sports.
Belarusian State Economic University points

Belarusian State Economic University: passing score

Based on the results of the 2016 admission campaign, the Belarusian Economic University calculated the passing scores. For review, they are presented on the officialuniversity website:

  • on the budget form, the maximum passing score is noted on the "Linguistic support of intercultural communications (foreign economic relations)" - 357 points;
  • in second place can be put the direction "Business Administration" - it was scored 354 points;
  • 339 points – passing score on the World Economy.

The easiest way was to enter the budget places in the direction of "Psychology", which has the Belarusian State Economic University. In 2016, the points needed to qualify for the competition were 184.

Reviews about BSEU

A lot of reviews have been left about the Belarusian Economic University, functioning in Minsk. Students and graduates note that the institution provides quality education. The teachers are very strict, so here you won’t be able to somehow cheat in order to get a positive grade. You will need to learn everything.

a variety of books, manuals, magazines and newspapers.

There are also negative reviews about the country's leading economic university in Minsk. However, in most cases they are left by those students who do not cope with the educational program, do not want to study and think that quality education anda sought-after speci alty can be easily obtained.

Belarusian State Economic University passing score

About the University of Trade and Economics in Gomel

BTEU is an educational organization that is Belarusian. The University of Trade and Economics is considered the second leading economic university in the country. It has been leading its history since 1964. This organization, which is Belarusian, has a huge number of advantages:

  • Trade and Economics University has a good material and technical base, which plays an important role in the educational process and extracurricular activities;
  • there is the necessary economic literature for various speci alties in the library of a higher educational institution;
  • there are reduced programs in a wide range of speci alties (for persons with secondary specialized education);
  • there is a distance learning form - a new format of the educational process.

Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperatives is actively involved in international activities. It has a huge number of partner universities in other countries. Thanks to its connections, the university offers students to receive a diploma of education of a European standard (in addition to the Belarusian one). Such a document opens up additional career opportunities, allows you to find a prestigious job in your home country or abroad.

Belarusian Trade and Economic University

Available speci alties at BTEU

Trade and economic university in Gomeloffers applicants 12 speci alties related to the following areas:

  • commercial entrepreneurship and commodity science;
  • Checking the activities of enterprises, performing audit activities;
  • provision, promotion of products, services;
  • credit and financial sector;
  • commercial activities;
  • e-commerce;
  • accounting, analysis and auditing;
  • logistics;
  • management;
  • organization management and economics;
  • world economy;
  • management of information resources.

Education at a trade and economic university is carried out on a paid basis. Those applicants who have the appropriate direction are admitted to places financed from the funds of consumer cooperation organizations.

Student life at BTEU consumer cooperation

Student life is diverse at this university. Students who want to do good, join the volunteer movement. Its tasks include organizing charitable projects, holding campaigns calling for a he althy lifestyle. As part of the activities of the volunteer movement, topical problems of the modern world are often covered.

A sports club operates on the basis of a trade and economic university. It holds classes in various sports: basketball, volleyball, badminton, football, table tennis, athletics, arm wrestling, aerobics, chess, handball.

Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperation

Passing score in BTEU consumer cooperation

On paid places enrollment in the university is carried out by competition. During it, the Belarusian Economic University determines the passing scores. In 2016:

  • on full-time studies, the maximum results were in the areas of "Accounting, Analysis and Audit" (136 points), "Logistics" (135 points) and "World Economy" (133 points);
  • on the daily abbreviated form, a high passing score was determined on "Accounting, analysis and audit" - 204 points.
Belarusian Economic University of Consumer Cooperation

Reviews about BTEU consumer cooperation in Gomel

Belarusian Economic University of Consumer Cooperatives, like any other educational organization, has both positive and negative reviews. Some students praise the university. Among the advantages, they note the ease of admission, the availability of various speci alties, the use by some employees of a creative approach in teaching, building the educational process.

In negative reviews, students write that they regretted entering this educational organization, which is Belarusian. The Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperation, according to some people, does not appreciate smart people. The main role is played only by the money that students pay for higher education.

Belarusian University of Economics in Minsk and Belarusian Trade and Economic University of Consumer Cooperatives in Gomel are worthy higher educational institutions of the country. Which one ofchoose them - it's up to the applicants to decide. Of course, BSEU is in the lead in comparison with BTEU, because it is not for nothing that it is called the country's leading economic university. However, the University of Trade and Economics also has its merits. BTEU strives not to be inferior to other universities in anything. It periodically improves the material and technical base, makes adjustments to the educational process, and strives to produce highly qualified competitive specialists.

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