Big brow ridge. Pronounced brow ridges

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Big brow ridge. Pronounced brow ridges
Big brow ridge. Pronounced brow ridges

A person's face attracts attention in the first place. The impression of the masculinity or femininity of the image is made up of gestures, facial expressions and facial features. Superciliary arches have a great influence on the perception of a person. With pronounced eyebrows, a person seems brutal, without them, the face becomes feminine.

The brow ridges and frontal ridges

The front of the skull consists of the maxillary and zygomatic bones, which form in pairs. There is a single bone of the lower jaw. Most of the face is occupied by the frontal bone, above which there are frontal tubercles, and under them are the superciliary arches. Along the edges of the arches, the bone ends with the eye sockets and bridge of the nose.

deep arches

Men have more pronounced brow ridges and frontal bumps. In women, facial features are softer and calmer. The difference is due to the fact that the sexual development of boys and the period of active growth occurs later. During this period, men increase the production of the male hormone testosterone, which contributes to an increase in the development of severesuperciliary arch.

The difference between a male face and a female one

The structure of the skeleton of a man and a woman is different. Male bones are generally wider than female bones. A similar comparison can be made for the bones of the skull. The male skull has more pronounced temporal arches, cheekbones and jawbones.

The main difference between both sexes is noticeable in the upper part of the face. The female forehead is less developed, the brow ridges are less pronounced. Women's eyebrows are set high, raised above the eyes and curved.

When drawing a line from the edge of the hair to the area of ​​the superciliary arches, it becomes noticeable that the female forehead is slanted more strongly than the male. The distance from the hair on the head to the eyebrows is greater in men than in women. When looking at the photo of the superciliary arches, it becomes clear that the eyebrows of men hang over the eyes, which makes the forehead massive.

brow ridges

Symbol of aggression

Western scientists came to the conclusion that the external structure of the skull can determine the character of a person and behavior. Particular attention in the study of the issue was paid to the dependence of the forehead and superciliary arches on the amount of testosterone in men.

Study of the skull of an ancient man, a descendant of Pithecanthropus, led to the conclusion that the shape of the skeleton and skull changed as a result of evolution. The changes lasted for several millennia and contributed to the development of communication skills in ancient man.

Square jaw and large brow ridges are considered to be striking features of a man's ancestors. These traits have been passed on to the modern man in a moresoft form. A person with a pronounced chin and eyebrows seems more masculine and strong.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the main reason why the skull developed in this way was the demonstration of aggression and leadership among similar ones. The one who seemed scarier and more gloomy turned out to be stronger.

ancient man

An analogy can be drawn with male mandrill monkeys. Dominant males have bulges on the head of a bright color. It is worth noting that these monkeys have high testosterone levels compared to other monkeys. This indirectly indicates that pronounced brow ridges appear due to the high level of the male hormone in the body. Such a man has leadership qualities and masculinity.

Eyebrows and testosterone

American anthropologist and researcher Helen Fisher believes that the brow ridges and some other facial features of men grow under the influence of testosterone. Thanks to this, you can find out how courageous a man is. According to his method, a man with a massive jaw is a strong and powerful person, ready to fight under any life circumstances. Such a person is a leader who is used to subjugating others.

Women evaluate the appearance of men, paying attention primarily to the face. The overall impression has an impact on the opposite sex, but the face will give more social information. In appearance, one can assess physical strength, before which fear or admiration may arise. A person with large facial features looks more menacing. woman appreciatingman, intuitively decides whether he can become the protector of her and her offspring. A person with pronounced brow ridges seems more experienced and stronger in confrontation with other people.

brow ridges and testosterone

Thus, testosterone is the main cause of masculinity, brutality and the culprit of large facial features.

Eyebrows in men are an indicator of strength

Helen Fisher believes that a woman chooses her man by the top of her face. The assessment is incredibly accurate. Masculinity is the main choice for a woman. Evaluation occurs even if the rest of the body is hidden from view. From the photo of the superciliary arches and eyes, women intuitively understand the character of a man.

The female gaze analyzes and critically perceives the information received. Pronounced brow ridges indicate a high amount of male hormone, sufficient strength and a strong human immune system. According to studies, such men are less likely to get sick and take vaccines better.

forehead and brow ridges

Causes of pain in the eyebrows

In some cases, there is pain in the superciliary arches. As a rule, this is due to the development of sinus diseases: sinusitis, rhinitis or sinusitis. Inflammation is associated with the development of viruses or bacteria in the sinuses. Consult your doctor to determine treatment.

Bacteria are the most common cause of sinusitis. The reason for the development of inflammation may be as follows:

  • adenoids;
  • deviated septum;
  • not completelycured viral diseases;
  • allergic reactions.

Nasal congestion and lack of discharge indicate inflammation, copious discharge from the nose indicates the onset of the disease.

Pain in the eyebrow area can be caused by excessive stress on the body. Rest will help restore strength and relieve discomfort. In any case, you can not let everything take its course, with prolonged pain, you must seek medical help. The earlier treatment is started, the better the prognosis. With advanced sinusitis, the pain in the eyebrow area will intensify and, without treatment, will turn into a bacterial form.

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