Crowd is a word with three meanings

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Crowd is a word with three meanings
Crowd is a word with three meanings

Tolcheya is a native Russian noun. It comes from the verb "crush". This language unit is present in many Slavic languages. It is still found in speech, which is why it is so important to know its interpretation. In this article, we will indicate what meanings the noun "crush" is endowed with.

The following definitions can be found in explanatory dictionaries.

Crush or crush

This can be called the chaotic movement of a large number of people in different directions.

Crowd can occur during the evacuation of the population, when people tend to exit. A large crowd of people is concentrated in public places. For example, at train stations.

Let's make some sentences:

  1. Several people were injured during the evacuation from the burning building due to the overwhelming crowd.
  2. The crowd in the bazaar was explained by the fact that a new product had been delivered, so everyone rushed to the counters.

A device for pushing something

So you can call a special device for pushing things. That is, the crush is a small hand mill.

Crowd of wood

It can be used to grind grains and other dry foods. For example, a millet crowd looks like a wooden mortar with a lever. In modern Russian, the word is not used in this sense.

You can make sentences like this.

  1. You can turn grain into flour with a wooden crush.
  2. Small sized crushes were used for various culinary purposes, such as chopping ingredients.

Water waves

Crowd is also the excitement of the water. It occurs near the shore, short in time and harmless to humans.

small waves

Most often the crowd is observed between two stones. Waves hit them, and therefore there is a slight disturbance of the water mass.

The crowd cannot be compared with the shaft. So called very high waves. On the contrary, a slight wave of water that occurs near the coastline is emphasized.

Illustrate this meaning with sentences:

  1. The crowd near the shore did not pose a danger to bathers, people continued to swim in the warm Black Sea water.
  2. We launched paper boats, one of them got into a small crowd, it was enough for one paper boat to sink.

Now you know what the word "crowded" means. It is worth noting that in modern speech it is most often used to describe a large number of people who move in a chaotic manner. All other values ​​apply extremelyrare.

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