"To drag out a miserable existence" - how is it? Meaning and synonyms

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"To drag out a miserable existence" - how is it? Meaning and synonyms
"To drag out a miserable existence" - how is it? Meaning and synonyms

It is not so difficult to interpret the phrase "to drag out a miserable existence", how then to understand: what, in fact, is meant by this common formulation? Where is the criterion that would help separate a successful person from a loser and vice versa. And if success is so sweet and failure so bitter, why is both accompanied by deviant behavior?

A verb that explains everything

drag out a miserable existence

In fact, lovers of the Russian language will easily understand what it is about. But suddenly there are many beginners among us. Then we will say that the phrase being analyzed is almost completely in the explanatory dictionary in the definition of the verb "vegetate": "To lead a miserable, poor or meaningless, aimless life." No, we did not deceive the reader in any way, but it seems that the definition given in the dictionary is not too different from "eke out a miserable existence." The explanatory dictionary is an official source, so it cannot afford such harsh formulations, and the object of study is still, no matter howcool, rough in shape.


We could paint or describe the phenomena of "miserable existence", but it is better to give examples in the form of sentences, this will be clearer:

  • Now he drags out a miserable, I must say, existence: monotonous work, eternal debts, no wife and children. Do you remember what he was like when his parents were alive?
  • Here they say "a miserable existence." And they usually add "drags." But the thing is that such an assessment depends on the observer. Perhaps a person is doing his best, and they say "eating" - horror, huh?
  • Martin Eden was also among or in the class of outcasts, eked out his miserable existence, but in the end who he became. Of course, it burned out, but these are the details.
Jack London

If there's anything life teaches, it's that there's nothing final about it. Today a person mourns his fate and indistinct existence, but tomorrow he is lucky, and his being changes radically. Utopianism? But at least this is believable.


Man is perhaps the only creature that can enslave himself on his own. But it would be unfair to say that a miserable existence is always just a series of wrong choices. Sometimes a person basically starts from a very low position in the rankings, and his life is hard.

A. Schopenhauer, in his landmark work The World as Will and Representation, said that the life of most people is reduced to banal survival. The fame of a pessimist was entrenched in the German philosopher, so no one is surprised by hisposition. However, even if everything is desperately bad, you need to fight for a chance to fix everything. And it’s worth starting with education, that is, with replacements for the object of study. We learned what it is to drag out a miserable existence. Synonyms follow:

  • smoking;
  • rot;
  • turn sour.

There are no surprises here, but sometimes they are not needed.

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