Kazan medical institutes and universities

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Kazan medical institutes and universities
Kazan medical institutes and universities

There are 2 medical higher educational institutions in Kazan: KSMU, as well as KGAVM. Educational institutions offer applicants educational programs, most of which are represented by a speci alty degree. The duration of the specialist's degree is 10 semesters. Kazan Medical Institutes over the long history have proven the high level of education provided.

medical students
medical students

Kazan State Medical University

KSMU is currently a modern multifunctional medical educational institution. The educational institution became a university only in 1994, and before that it had the name of the Kazan Medical Institute. S. In Kurasheva. By the way, the educational institution became an independent university back in 1930. But the medical faculty for the first time in Kazan was opened in 1814 as a structural unit of the KazanImperial University.

KSMU logo
KSMU logo

In total, over 6,000 people study at the Kazan State Medical Institute. The teaching staff of the university includes doctors of medical sciences, professors, and in total, more than 1,500 employees work in the educational institution, including the administrative staff.

Faculties of the Kazan Medical Institute include:

  • medical and preventive;
  • healing;
  • dental;
  • medical-biological, and others.

The number of departments of KSMU includes the following:

  • Russian and Tatar languages;
  • Latin language and medical terminology;
  • epidemiology;
  • medical biology and genetics;
  • childhood infections;
  • neurology and rehabilitation, and others.

All university departments are divided into theoretical and clinical.

Information for applicants to KSMU

Kazan Medical Institute approved the minimum number of points that must be obtained in each subject of the Unified State Examination for possible participation in the competition for educational programs of bachelor's and specialist's degrees. For example, to participate in the competition for the direction "General Medicine" you need to get more than 65 points in the Russian language, more than 65 points in the biology exam and more than 65 points in the unified state exam in chemistry.

State Medical University
State Medical University

To participate in the competition for the direction "Pharmacy" you need to get at least 45 points in the Unified State ExaminationRussian language, as well as biology, more than 50 points in chemistry. Full information about the minimum scores for all areas of KSMU is presented on the official website of the educational institution in the section for applicants.

Also, all applicants can get information about the number of applications already submitted for a particular educational program. To do this, you must also go to the official website in a special section for applicants.

Passing scores at KSMU

The passing score in 2017 for the specialist's program exceeded 222. At the same time, the number of places at the expense of the federal budget this year amounted to 50. In order to enroll on a paid basis, it was required to score more than 150 points. There are 45 places in total on a contractual basis. The cost of education, for example, at the Faculty of Pediatrics is 145,000 rubles a year.

The highest average passing score in the Kazan Medical Institute was recorded in the direction of "Pharmacy" and amounted to 82. The average passing score on a paid basis was fixed at 48. There are 30 state-funded places, paid 25. The cost of education is 135,000 rubles a year.

KSMU students
KSMU students

In order to successfully pass the competition for a budget place in the direction of "Medical Biochemistry", applicants on average need to get more than 265 points in total for three state exams. Places with payment at the expense of federal funds are allocated 10. If an applicant does not enter a budget place, he can apply for a paid place. Passing score on a contractual basis - more than 171. Contract places15. Tuition for this educational program exceeds 182,000 rubles per year.

The highest passing score was recorded last year in the direction of "General Medicine", it exceeded the value of 283 for the sum of three unified state exams. The passing score for a paid basis was 199. The number of state-funded places was 135. The number of places paid for by students was 115. The cost of the educational program "General Medicine" is 180,000 rubles a year.

KSMU Alumni League

The Alumni League of the Kazan Medical Institute annually organizes meetings of all graduates of the educational institution. For the convenience of graduates, a separate website was created, which contains complete information about upcoming meetings. In addition, a separate tab contains information about KSMU graduates of different years. Those who wish can register an application for the search for one or another classmate, as well as apply for the preparation of a meeting of graduates of their year of graduation. Many alumni are looking for their student friends as well as teachers.

Medical students. university
Medical students. university

Reviews about KSMU

Graduates of the Medical University note the high professionalism of the teaching staff. In most cases, graduates of educational programs of the specialist again entered KSMU to continue their studies in residency. It is also worth noting that a diploma, and most importantly, the knowledge gained, allows graduates of a medical university to successfully find a job in their speci alty.

Kazan StateAcademy of Veterinary Medicine

In 1873, the Kazan Medical Institute of Veterinary Care was opened, it was he who became the basis of the State Academy of Veterinary Care, which exists today.

Veterinary Academy
Veterinary Academy

The structural divisions of the academy include the following faculties:

  • veterinary medicine;
  • biotechnology.

The following departments work on the basis of the faculties:

  • anatomy and histology;
  • veterinary organizations;
  • zoohygiene;
  • physical education;
  • biological and organic chemistry, and others.

Admission to the Academy of Veterinary Medicine

The admission committee of the Kazan Medical Institute is located at 35 Siberian Trakt.


To participate in the competition, applicants must submit a set of documents to the selection committee within the time period established by the regulatory documents of the university, including:

  • passport and military ID;
  • diploma of secondary education;
  • photos of appropriate size;
  • medical certificate form 086;
  • document indicating the individual taxpayer number.
Vet Academy. medicine in Kazan
Vet Academy. medicine in Kazan

For admission to the undergraduate and specialist programs of the Kazan Medical Institute, it is necessary to provide certificates of successful completion of the exam to the admissions committee. For applicants who cannot provide USE certificates,entrance examinations are carried out in specialized subjects. In addition, for admission to the magistracy and residency, applicants also need to pass the entrance exam.

Passing scores in KGAVM

The average passing score for the program "Veterinary and Sanitary Expertise" last year was 47. At the same time, the number of state-funded places in the current year was 45. The tuition fee for admission on a contractual basis is 25,000 rubles a year.

The passing score for the direction of training "Veterinary Medicine" last year exceeded the value of 166 for the budgetary basis of education. For admission to a paid basis, it was required to score a little more than 104 points. The number of budget places is 225. The number of paid places is 135. The cost is 25,000 rubles per year for distance learning.

The passing score for the program "Storage and processing of agricultural products" was 100 points last year. There are no budget places for this program. Number of places on a contractual basis 40. The cost of training in the direction of "Storage and processing of agricultural. products” is 25,000 rubles per year (in absentia).

KGAVM Reviews

The Academy has existed for quite a long time and has managed to produce tens of thousands of qualified specialists. Academy graduates, in most cases, speak positively about the once chosen higher educational institution. Passing scores for admission to the academy reach high values, which indicates that this university is popular with applicants.

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