Growth - what is it?

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Growth - what is it?
Growth - what is it?

The article presents the meaning of the word "shoot". It is often mentioned in speech. This noun has several dictionary meanings. This word can be used in a variety of contexts. To better consolidate the information, we will give several example sentences with the word "growth".

Lexical meaning

As you know, the meaning of all words in Russian can be found in the explanatory dictionary. The definition of all language units, including the word "growth", is fixed there. This noun has the following interpretations.

Shoots that grow from stumps, trunks or roots. For example, when a tree is cut down, it leaves a stump. Over time, young shoots begin to grow from it

the meaning of the word overgrowth
  • Sprouts of any crops. A shoot is a seed that has sprouted from the surface of the earth.
  • Young forest or bushes. Trees, unfortunately, cannot be eternal. Gradually they die. But instead of them, young shoots appear, which will eventually turn into a mighty forest.
  • Hairline to the person. growth -this is a word that can be called, for example, the hair on the head or stubble.
  • Offspring or the younger generation. This is the name of a set of people of a new formation who are endowed with a common vision of the world and represent new views.

Examples of use in sentences

Now let's make some sentences with the word "growth":

  • The growth on the stumps must be constantly removed, otherwise in a few weeks there will be a thick, impassable thicket.
  • On the field, barley growth is visible to the naked eye, fortunately, frost did not harm it.
  • Spruce growth needs to be thinned out from time to time.
shoot it
  • What is that growth on your face? Why don't you shave?
  • Now a new generation of entrepreneurs has gone: everyone is thinking about income, not about consumers.

Now you know that "growth" is a polysemantic word.

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