Spelling: like or like?

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Spelling: like or like?
Spelling: like or like?
like or like

Often when filling out forms of documents, submitting applications and creating other text documents, we face the question of the correct spelling of the words used.

Do you like it or do you like it?

So, for example, many make a mistake or doubt about how to write correctly: do you like or do you like? Both options may appear to be correct. Of course, you can use various spell check resources in case of disputes, but this is not always convenient. In addition, the electronic device necessary for carrying out these manipulations, or a dictionary, may not be at hand at all.

Spelling verbs

So how do you spell: do you like or do you like? Let's find out.

First you need to define the part of speech. In this case, we are dealing with a verb (“what are you doing?” - “like”). Because it is clearly about one object, then we have a verb in the singular.

Next is the face of the verb. Again, it is necessary to resort to formulating a question to which the given word answers:

  • what am I doing? what do we do? (like, like) - 1st person;
  • what are you doing? what you are doing? (like, like) - 2nd person;
  • what does it do? what do they do? (like, like) - 3rd person.

As you can see, we have a second person verb. You can also check this using the table. Here are the endings of the verbs of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person.

face unit number pl. number
1st -y, -yu -em, -im
2nd -eat, -eat -ee, -ite
3rd -no, -it -yut, -ut, -at, yat

The tense of a verb can be determined by the tense of the question it answers. "What are you doing?" (now). As you can see, this verb is present tense.

how to spell like or like


According to the rules of the Russian language, the verbs of the present and future tenses, the second person, which are in the singular, are written with a soft sign. Thus, to the question “What is the right thing - do you like it or do you like it?” the correct answer would be the first option - "like".

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