Flimsy - what is it? Meaning of the word

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Flimsy - what is it? Meaning of the word
Flimsy - what is it? Meaning of the word

Flimsy is an adjective. It indicates the characteristics of an object or person. Not everyone can specify the meaning of the word "flimsy". It is often used in speech, especially in colloquial style. But what does this word mean? The following meanings are indicated in the explanatory dictionary of Efremova.

Flimsy and brittle, wobbly

This is how you can describe things that do not have sufficient strength. They break easily and wear out quickly. You can say the same about something unstable.

flimsy house
  • The structure was so flimsy that it fell apart at the first gust of wind.
  • The flimsy building threatened to fall apart, it wobbled and creaked.
  • After the flimsy barn crumbled, it was decided to build a cellar in its place.

Weak and frail, with a weak character

The figurative meaning of the adjective "flimsy". This is a characteristic of a person who has a weak will. He is unstable, cannot firmly express his opinion, constantly looks back at the others. But at the same time, the word "flimsy" can also indicate the physical characteristics of a person. Tofor example, poor he alth.

flimsy man
  • You can't be such a flimsy person and always give in to everyone.
  • Unfortunately, the child was so frail, constantly sick and tired quickly.
  • In order to somehow strengthen his flimsy nature, the guy signed up for karate, because this discipline tempers not only the body, but also the soul.

Synonym selection

The adjective "flimsy" is a word for which you can pick up the following synonyms.

  • Sick. He is so sick, so weak, it seems that even a fly will hurt him.
  • Weak. You are a weak person, you do not have a strong will to win.
  • Wonky. Walking on such a shaky bridge is only a test of fate.
  • Frail. Near the forest is a frail house with a leaky roof.

These are the synonyms for the adjective "flimsy". You must make the correct substitution so as not to distort the meaning of the statement.

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