"Won't Go Anywhere", or Three Ways to Keep Your Husband

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"Won't Go Anywhere", or Three Ways to Keep Your Husband
"Won't Go Anywhere", or Three Ways to Keep Your Husband

It just so happened that most modern girls are sure that the easiest way to keep a man is pregnancy, the birth of a child.

"He won't go anywhere, fall in love and get married" - this is how they reason, and this often leads to rash actions and hasty decisions on the part of naive and frivolous ladies.

The real problem is to keep a husband, a person with whom much is connected and life has already been established, there is a family. As a rule, before marriage, couples worry and cherish each other's feelings, trying to please the partner and maintain interest in him. After registering the relationship, both relax. They are sure that feelings and love will not go anywhere, and there is no point in straining anymore, since the main goal has been achieved - an official union has been concluded, a mutual promise of fidelity has already been given. Why waste your energy on winning a partner who is already completely yours by right?

There are three secrets that will help keep relationships and keep your loved one.

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Caring for the little things

We stop doing the simplest and most necessary things, not because love fades away, but because we start to be lazy. Creating home comfort, small but sweet common traditions is also a concern. Therefore, do not forget to show it in small things, make pleasant surprises.

Sophia Loren once said a very good phrase: “There is no better love potion than ordinary coffee brewed by oneself. Once a man tries it, he's not going anywhere." And this doesn't just apply to coffee! Many things acquire a completely unique taste and give much more warmth if they are made by hand. No fashionable scarf will warm like the one that was associated with love and presented to us by a loved one.

Give your husband a feeling of warmth in a relationship, try not to allow the accumulation of resentment and innuendo.

Work on yourself

Another common occurrence is the complete dissolution of a woman in her man, children or household chores. At such moments, she completely forgets about her hobbies, interests and development, ceases to be interesting. Your daily duties will not go anywhere, they will always be with you, learn to find time for yourself, this is very important.

Always communicate and develop together. If one of the partners outgrows the other, then such an alliance is in most cases doomed. Try to stay interesting, stay active, be the person you want to be around.

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Don't try hardcontrol your man, re-educate him and impose your point of view in everything from buying tiles for the kitchen to choosing a car.

Each of us needs a certain freedom, in our own personal space, there is no escape from this. From love and relationships that take up absolutely all your free time, you get tired very quickly. It is in this relationship that husbands hide in a garage or a bar.

Therefore, try to take a break from each other more often, learn to trust your partner and do not arrange total control over the phone. This only exacerbates the fatigue and desire to move away from the woman.

If the question "got square"?

And it's not just about a slight coolness in a relationship, but about a real battle for a husband with a rival? It's worth thinking a thousand times if it's worth holding on to.

There is an old Indian proverb that teaches you to stop in time: "The horse is dead - get off."

This tells you not to try to revive a dead horse, it's useless. The only right decision would be to leave her alone. As a rule, if a woman has already forgiven adultery once, then adultery is likely to happen again. It's just a matter of time. You can’t get away from the truth, cheating really happens quite often on the male side, but this is not a reason to accept it as a completely normal phenomenon.

Is it even worth saving a family in this case? Can you restore trust in the relationship?

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In such a situation, there are always more questions than answers. Importantremember that there are no two absolutely identical families, as well as two identical cases. There is always a downside to cheating - its causes. Why did it happen? What was the reason?

It is not always possible for couples to figure this out even with an experienced psychologist.

Therefore, try to cherish the love that unites you from the very beginning. The best way to keep a loved one close is to make him not want to leave.

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