Keep your tail with a gun, the meaning of the term

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Keep your tail with a gun, the meaning of the term
Keep your tail with a gun, the meaning of the term

Everyone of us has difficult moments in life, when it begins to seem that a whole series of troubles is falling on you. It can be both troubles at work, in the household, and problems in personal life. But it is precisely at such moments that the attitude of those around you clearly comes through, some will try to move away from you so as not to have business with you, while others, on the contrary, will say that keep your tail with a gun. It is the support of loved ones at a difficult moment that matters, and not empty words at the festive table or anywhere else.

What does the expression mean?

In principle, any person understands deep down that the easiest thing in a difficult moment of life is to break down and lose heart. But not everyone will be able to withstand all the tests and find a solution to existing problems.

hold your tail with a gun what does it mean

In order to somehow cheer up and instill self-confidence, it is acceptedexpress your support with a phrase such as "keep your tail with a gun", which means - get together and do not be discouraged, everything will work out. And sometimes it's these words that really have a positive effect on the person they are addressed to.

Where did this term come from?

Humanity has long been observing the world around us, and those events that were repeated cyclically or had some special meaning for people often turned into proverbs and sayings.

As a simple example, swallows fly low over the ground before rain. This was noticed by people and resulted in a well-known omen.

The same applies to the expression "hold your tail with a gun", the meaning of which can be paraphrased as "keep your heart up". People saw that animals (dogs, cats), when everything is good with them, keep their tail high, and when difficulties arise, they lower it. From this observation came the saying.

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When is it appropriate to use it?

The above example illustrates how this expression is commonly used in conversation. But this does not mean that it can be used only for such cases. It is quite applicable in a normal friendly conversation.

Let's say two friends meet who haven't seen each other for a long time and who have something to talk about. They sat in a cafe, talked about everything they wanted, and it's time to say goodbye. And then one another says finally: "Keep your tail with a gun." Andit will be quite appropriate.

It will only mean, as if she said that you need to continue in the same spirit, that is, keep your affairs at the same level. In such a situation, both of these phrases will be relevant, and will mean the same thing.

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