What is pedagogical testing

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What is pedagogical testing
What is pedagogical testing

The modern educational system is constantly evolving and improving. With the spread of new technologies, learning is gradually taking on the form of a continuous, flexible and dynamic process. There are a lot of new things and innovations these days. Pedagogical testing is considered one of the popular achievements of this century. What is it?


A pedagogical test is a set of tasks presented to any student in order to measure certain personal characteristics. This procedure is designed to assess the knowledge and personal qualities of students. It consists of a system of text tasks, a method for carrying out a procedure and processing data.

Pedagogical testing is a highly standardized method used to examine certain characteristics of students. This procedure is carried out in special and controlled conditions equally for all trainees. Pedagogical testing allows in practice to obtain the necessary objective and reliableresults.

pedagogical testing


The term "testing" appeared in the Russian dictionary not quite long ago. The word comes from the English noun test, which translates as "trial, test." The lexical meaning of the term has changed little over time. Today, the word is included in many colloquial dictionaries of the known languages ​​of the world. The main synonyms of the term are the nouns test, research, diagnostics.

Historical facts

The English scientist Francis G alton can be called the ancestor of testing. At the end of the 9th century, in his laboratory, he conducted small studies for visitors: he determined height, weight, reaction speed, etc. In addition, for a fee, he assessed some of the psychological properties of his patients.

By the beginning of the 20th century, the concept of testing had changed. In foreign pedagogy, new tasks have appeared for an objective assessment of students. In Russian-speaking countries, testing of teachers has long been used in psychological and pedagogical diagnostics in order to study the physiological abilities of a person. Today, the technique is used in many educational institutions to check student progress.

Computerization of the educational process, the introduction of modern, advanced technologies requires an increase in the competence of specialists. Participation in the All-Russian Pedagogical Testing is a great opportunity for teachers to prove their creative skills.

diploma of the All-Russian testing of teachers

Distinguishing Features

Pedagogical testing is a tool whose purpose is primarily to assess the level of formation of students' knowledge. The form and content of the procedure depends on its purpose. The structure of any diagnostic can be very diverse.

The main indicators of the quality of any pedagogical test are: reliability, validity, standardization, reliability of results. Instructions for use are attached to any pedagogical test, which contains the purpose of the procedure, a description of the results obtained, and a diagnostic technique.


Pedagogical testing can be different. Modern experts classify tests according to special features. The form of the procedure depends on certain factors, the main of which are the purpose, content and target audience. The choice of the type of pedagogical testing is greatly influenced by the following components:

  1. Goal. Experts divide the procedure into informational, motivational, diagnostic, training, certification.
  2. Form of task: open and closed type.
  3. A way of mastering knowledge. This process can be dynamic, stochastic, deterministic.
  4. Technology of conducting. The procedure can be carried out orally, in writing, remotely, etc.
  5. Feedback form: traditional and adaptive type.
  6. Method of the procedure. This process may be standardized and notstandardized.

Modern functional experts distinguish the following main types of tests: intellectual; personal; diagnostics of achievements, interests, values, attitudes, etc. Didactic, experimental, psychological tasks are very popular in pedagogy. That's what testing is. Certification of teaching staff gradually acquired paramount importance for the Russian educational system.

oral pedagogical testing


Psychological and pedagogical testing is used to obtain preliminary data on the initial progress of students; formation of the final general and final results of the assessment of the acquired knowledge by students. This diagnostic performs several basic functions, which include: educational, teaching, diagnostic.

Educational function is to periodically control the implementation of the procedure. It is designed to discipline, direct, organize the attention and activity of students. This helps to identify gaps in students' knowledge, to form a desire to develop their abilities.

The learning function is to motivate students to learn new material, to activate independent work. For this purpose, various additional measures are applied to stimulate trainees. Namely: preparing questions for the seminar, joint analysis of new material, etc.

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The diagnostic function is a test of students' knowledgeon practice. This is the main form of pedagogical testing, which surpasses other functions in accuracy, speed and objectivity.

Specifics of the event

Competently and competently to carry out pedagogical testing in practice allows knowledge of the basic general rules and recommendations. The procedure for carrying out the procedure includes several stages. All of them determine the effectiveness of pedagogical testing. Namely: the choice of text tasks, instructing students, monitoring the completion of tasks, processing the data received and summing up.

The results of diagnostics are determined in accordance with the instructions of the students on a special instrument scale. Methods of pedagogical testing are a set of similar methods and methods of measurement aimed at obtaining certain characteristics. These include the following main ways of putting the procedure into practice:

  • methodological;
  • experimental;
  • theoretical;
  • analytical.
computer pedagogical testing


Pedagogical testing is considered a more objective way to measure students' knowledge. This process is achieved by standardizing the procedure for conducting diagnostics, which puts students in the same conditions, excluding the subjectivity of the assessment. Pedagogical testing is a more accurate, economical and efficient procedure compared to other methods. It allows you to assess the level of preparation of students not only in certain categories, butand throughout the subject as a whole.

Despite the undeniable advantages, there are some disadvantages. Pedagogical tests do not allow assessing the sublime knowledge associated with creative abilities. Students are given less time to answer than other traditional surveys.

advantages and disadvantages of pedagogical testing

When carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to ensure the confidentiality of the task. When repeating the diagnosis, it is necessary to make changes to the questions. In any pedagogical test there is always an element of chance. The modern pedagogical testing tool still contains many gaps that require further development and improvement.

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