Extraterrestrial life. Do aliens really exist? Living planets

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Extraterrestrial life. Do aliens really exist? Living planets
Extraterrestrial life. Do aliens really exist? Living planets

Extraterrestrial life causes a lot of controversy among scientists. Often ordinary people think about the existence of aliens. To date, many facts have been found that confirm that there is also life outside the Earth. Do aliens exist? This, and much more, you can find out in our article.

Space exploration

An exoplanet is a planetoid located outside the solar system. Scientists are actively exploring space. In 2010, more than 500 exoplanets were discovered. However, only one of them is similar to the Earth. Small-sized cosmic bodies began to be discovered relatively recently. Most often, exoplanets are gaseous planetoids resembling Jupiter.

Astronomers are interested in "living" planets that are in a favorable zone for the development and origin of life. A planetoid that can host human-like creatures must have a solid surface. Another important factor is a comfortable temperature.

"Living" planets should also be located away from sources of harmful radiation. On theplanetoid, according to scientists, must be present pure water. Only such an exoplanet can be suitable for the development of various forms of life. Researcher Andrew Howard is confident in the existence of a huge number of planets similar to the Earth. He claims he wouldn't be surprised if every 2nd or 8th star has a planetoid that looks like ours.

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Amazing research

Many are interested in whether there is an extraterrestrial life form. California scientists working in the Hawaiian Islands have discovered a new planet around the star Gliese 5.81. It is located about 20 light years from us. The planetoid is located in a comfortable zone for living. None of the other planets has such a fortunate location. It has a comfortable temperature for the development of life. Experts say that, most likely, there is clean drinking water there. Such a planet is suitable for life. However, experts do not know if there are human-like creatures there.

The search for extraterrestrial life continues. Scientists have found that a planet similar to ours is about 3 times heavier than the Earth. It makes a circle around its axis in 37 Earth days. The average temperature fluctuates from 30 degrees of heat to 12 degrees of frost on Celsius. It is not yet possible to visit it. In order to fly to it, it will take the life of several generations. Of course, life in some form is definitely there. Scientists report that comfortable conditions do not guarantee the existence of sentient beings.

Other planets similar to Earth have been found. They are on the edges of the comfortableGliese zone 5.81. One of them is 5 times heavier than the Earth, and the other is 7 times heavier. What would beings of extraterrestrial origin look like? Scientists say that the humanoids that can live on planets near Gliese 5.81 are likely to be short and wide-bodied.

They have already tried to make contact with the creatures that may live on these planets. Specialists sent a radio signal there using a radio telescope, which is located in the Crimea. Surprisingly, it will be possible to find out whether aliens really exist around 2028. It is by this time that the message will reach the addressee. In the event that extraterrestrial beings answer immediately, then we can hear their answer around 2049.

Scientist Ragbir Batal claims that in late 2008 he received a strange signal from the Gliese 5 region. 81. It is possible that extraterrestrial beings tried to make themselves known even before planets suitable for life were discovered. Scientists promise to decipher the received signal.

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About extraterrestrial life

Extraterrestrial life has always aroused the interest of scientists. Back in the 16th century, an Italian monk wrote that life exists not only on Earth, but also on other planets. He argued that beings living on other planets may not be like humans. The monk believed that there is room in the universe for various forms of development.

The fact that we are not alone in the universe, thought not only a monk. Scientist Francis Crick claims that life on Earth could have originated thanks to microorganisms that came from space. Hesuggests that the development of mankind can be observed by the inhabitants of other planetoids.

NASA experts were once asked to describe how they represent aliens. Scientists argue that planetoids, which have a large mass, should be inhabited by flat crawling creatures. It is not yet possible to say whether aliens really exist and what they look like. The search for exoplanets continues today. 5,000 of the most promising cosmic bodies favorable for life are already known.

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Signal decoding

Another strange radio signal was received last year on the territory of the Russian Federation. Scientists claim that the message was sent from a planetoid, which is located 94 light years from Earth. They believe that the strength of the signal indicates an unnatural origin. Scientists suggest that extraterrestrial life cannot exist on this planetoid.

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Where will alien life be found?

Some scientists suggest that the first planet on which extraterrestrial life will be found will be Earth. We are talking about meteorites. To date, it is officially known about 20 thousand alien bodies that have been found on Earth. Some of them contain organic matter. For example, 20 years ago the world learned about a meteorite in which fossilized microorganisms were found. The body is of Martian origin. It has been in space for about three billion years. After many yearstraveling meteorite ended up on Earth. However, evidence that could allow us to understand its origin has not been found.

Scientists believe that the best carrier of microorganisms is a comet. 15 years ago, the so-called “red rain” was observed in India. The bodies found in the composition are of extraterrestrial origin. 6 years ago it was proved that the obtained microorganisms can perform their vital activity at 121 degrees Celsius. They do not develop at room temperature.

Alien life and the Church

Many have repeatedly thought about the existence of alien life. However, the Bible denies that we are not alone in the universe. According to Scripture, the Earth is unique. God created it for life, and other planets are not designed for this. The Bible describes all the stages of the creation of the Earth. Some believe that this is not accidental, because, in their opinion, other planets were created for other purposes.

A huge number of science fiction films have been made. In them, anyone can see what aliens might look like. According to the Bible, an intelligent extraterrestrial being will not be able to receive redemption as it is only for humans.

Extraterrestrial life doesn't agree with the Bible. It is impossible to be sure of a scientific or ecclesiastical theory. There is no hard evidence that alien life exists. All planetoids are formed by chance. It is possible that some of them have favorable conditions for life.

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UFO. Why is there a belief in aliens?

Some believe that any flying object that cannot be recognized is a UFO. They claim it's an alien ship. Of course, in the firmament you can see something that cannot be recognized. However, it can be flares, space stations, meteorites, lightning, a false sun, and more. A person who is not familiar with all of the above may assume that he saw a UFO.

More than 20 years ago, a program about extraterrestrial life was shown on TV screens. Some believe that the belief in aliens is associated with a feeling of loneliness in space. Extraterrestrial beings could have medical knowledge that would cure the population of many diseases.

Alien origin of life on Earth

It's no secret that there is a theory about the extraterrestrial origin of life on Earth. Scientists argue that this opinion arose because none of the theories of earthly origin has not explained the fact of the appearance of RNA and DNA. Evidence in favor of the extraterrestrial theory was found by Chandra Wickramsingh and his colleagues. Scientists believe that radioactive substances in comets can retain water for up to a million years. A number of hydrocarbons provide another important condition for the emergence of life. The missions that took place in 2004 and 2005 prove the information received. Organic matter and clay particles were found in one of the comets, and a number of complex hydrocarbon molecules were found in the second.

According to Chandra, the entire galaxy contains a huge amount of clay components. Their number significantly exceeds that contained on the young Earth.The chance of life in comets is more than 20 times higher than on our planet. These facts prove that life may have originated in space. So far, carbon dioxide, sucrose, hydrocarbons, molecular oxygen, and more have been found in interstellar space.

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Pure aluminum in the find

Three years ago, a resident of one of the cities of the Russian Federation found a strange object. It looked like a piece of gear that had been inserted into a piece of coal. The man was going to heat the stove with them, but changed his mind. The find seemed strange to him. He took it to the scientists. Experts examined the find. They found out that the object was made of almost pure aluminum. According to them, the age of the find is about 300 million years. It is worth noting that the appearance of the object would not have happened without the intervention of intelligent life. However, mankind learned to create such details no earlier than in 1825. There was an opinion that the item is a part of the alien ship.

Sandstone statue

Is there extraterrestrial life? The facts that some scientists cite as examples make us doubt that we are the only intelligent beings in the universe. 100 years ago, archaeologists discovered an ancient sandstone statue in the jungles of Guatemala. Facial features were not similar to the features of the appearance of the peoples who lived in this territory. Scientists believe that the statue depicted an ancient alien whose civilization was more advanced than the locals. There is an assumption that earlier the find hadtorso. However, this has not been confirmed. Perhaps the statue was created later. However, the exact date of occurrence is impossible to know, as it used to serve as a target, and now it is almost destroyed.

Mysterious Stone Item

18 years ago, computer genius John Williams discovered a strange stone object in the ground. He dug it up and cleaned it of dirt. John discovered that a strange electrical mechanism was attached to the item. By its appearance, the device resembled an electric plug. The find is described in a large number of publications. Many argued that this is nothing more than a high-quality fake. At first, John refused to send the item for research. He tried to sell the find for 500 thousand dollars. Over time, William agreed to send the item for research. The first analysis showed that the object is about 100 thousand years old, and the mechanism located inside could not be man-made.

Forecasts from NASA

Scientists regularly find evidence of extraterrestrial life. However, they are not enough to verify the alien existence. NASA experts say we will know the truth about space by 2028. Ellen Stofan (head of NASA) believes that over the next ten years, humanity will receive evidence that will confirm that life exists outside the Earth. However, weighty facts will be known in 20-30 years. The scientist claims that it is already clear where to look for evidence. He knows exactly what to look for. He reports that several planets are already known today that have drinking water. Ellen Stefan emphasizes that histhe group is looking for microorganisms, not aliens.

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Summing up

Extraterrestrial life raises many questions. Some believe that it exists, while others deny it. To believe in extraterrestrial life or not is a personal matter for everyone. However, today there is a large amount of evidence that makes everyone assume that we are not alone in the universe. It is possible that in a few years we will know the whole truth about space.

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